Sunday, November 13, 2016

Aggression Wrestling News and Notes from Shelby on November 11

From Jeff Richards:

Aggression Wrestling drew less than 80 at the historic City Park Gym on Friday, November 11th. Big story of the night was all the cancellations. The biggest one of all was ROH's Adam Page, who neither called, texted or messaged that he was going to be absent. From a promoter's standpoint, that is very unprofessional.

Six cancellations plagued the show and created scenarios for wrestlers having to work twice. Two paid fans came out of the stands, drove home, and got their gear. Just to have five matches on the show. Kevin Phoenix & Zuka King (car broke down), Abel Adams (medical testing at Baptist Hospital), and Myles Long (working late) were at least explainable.

The main event went off without a hitch, as Mikael Judas won the Russian Chain match over Aaron Biggs (Aaron Smith) in 9:41. Biggs had Judas (Michael Cole) in a reverse neckbreaker or "hangman", and while the "Rampaging Beast" was touching all the corners, so was Judas. A quick kick to an injured calf muscle gave Judas the opportunity to swivel and slap corner #4 before Biggs could recuperate.

In the opener, Tyler Gaines ("The Other White Meat") upset former Anarchy Wrestling Heavyweight Champion BJ Hancock in 7:30. Hancock staged a formal sit-down protest (non-violent) after match #2 and was met in-ring by another former Anarchy champ Billy Buck (Dustin Simes).

Buck needed a tag partner, as his no-showed the show as well (Bo Ikard). So, Hancock worked a second time, helping Buck to down Brute Force (Roger Gleaton & Austin Hayes) in 11:57. This match had to be restarted as alternate referee Mark Henderson noticed the wrong Brute Force member was being pinned. Buck then superkicked the correct one to secure the victory.

Gaines was the other worker who appeared twice. After his win over Hancock, the Brutes (Mark James & Jimmy Parker) rushed the ring and ganged up on the light heavyweight. He was saved by Jacob Ryan, who received his booking the morning of the show. The Brutes won this contest in 8:26 (James pinned Ryan).

Rex Rumble and his much lighter brother Kid Chaos worked the popcorn match. Rumble pinned the heeling Chaos in 10:12. There was a 100 lb weight difference between the two participants, something that Aggression Wrestling had never done or wanted to do.

NOTE: Aggression Wrestling returns to the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium in Gibsonville, NC on Saturday, February 11th for "Battle of the Bullies." Judas debuts in Gibsonville against a familiar foe, Geter. The other Big F'n Deal member, Brian Blaze, is set to face CWF Mid-Atlantic phenom Snooty Foxx. In the finals of the North American Tag League tourney, the Brutes will now face Buck & Hancock ("Wrestling's Odd Couple"). Also, the first ever North American Light Heavyweight Conqueror will be determined between Jeremy Foster and Kameron Kade.

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