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NWA Southeastern Results from Pavo on December 17

December 17, 2016
Pavo, GA

“Sometimes we need to lose the small battles in order to win the war” is a famous quote from a very famous man. That man is Sun Tzu. For three men, this statement speaks volumes as it seems that, thru wins and losses, only one battle will be the one that matters most. Those three men are Tony Storm, Effy Gibbs, and the NWA Deep South Heavyweight Champion Mason Price. For two of these men, Effy & Mason, their past battles seem only a precursor to the one that will take place in January…for the Title! For one man, Storm, the outcome of that match could very well determine what lies ahead for him in the future.

However, before any of these men could get to Night of Champions, there were a few questions still left unanswered going into the December 17th show for NWA Southeastern.

Those answers started coming immediately as the show began and out the ring came…Effy Gibbs. He reminded everyone that not only was he to get a Title shot next month at Night of Champions…but after he had defeated Mason last month, he now had the opportunity to add another stipulation to what is already slated to be one of the biggest matches in NWA Southeastern history.

Before he announced that stipulation, though, he said that he wanted to set the record straight with someone. That man was Tony Storm. Upon hearing his name, Tony came to the ring in hopes of finding out what the Weapon of Sass Destruction had to say.

Effy reminded him of his actions a few months ago in the “I Quit” Match between Storm & Price. In that match, it was Gibbs who had run out and rescued Tony’s wife from the vicious intentions of Mason while Tony had been forced to look on. Effy continued by saying that he did this, not for Tony, but because he is a fighter for ALL women! He is the Feminist Icon!

Tony responded by thanking Effy for what he did and that he realizes that they may never see eye-to-eye…but on that night, Gibbs had done right by Storm and his family…and he felt he owed a debt. He then reminded Effy that last month it was his distraction that helped Effy earn the win over Mason…and in his mind, his debt was paid.

Gibbs stated that in his mind, neither of them owes the other anything. At this point, the old adage of “the enemy of my enemy…is my friend” seem to come to mind as Effy finally announced that the stipulation he was making for the Deep South Heavyweight Title match next month. He said that there would be a special guest referee for that match. The special guest referee would be…Tony Storm?!

Almost on cue, this announcement brought out the NWA Deep South Heavyweight Champion Mason Price. He let it known that he felt Effy was overstepping his bounds by naming Tony the special guest referee…as Gibbs’ win, last month was to merely make the stipulation. He said that there would now be a special guest referee for their match next month, but that if Tony wanted to be that referee…he would need to EARN it! He said that he could do so if he was able to win a battle royal that would take place…right at that moment!

With that, men began to file out from the back and enter the ring to join Storm; some familiar faces and some unfamiliar as well.

The bell rung for the opening match of the evening to begin and immediately bodies began flying over the top rope. Two men who were already set to do battle on this night, Johnny Romano & Dark Rage, eliminated each other from the match and battled to the back. The same happened for the teams of the Society & the Punkadelics, who cost each other in this match and looked to continue their fight later in the evening.

As the number of competitors dwindled down, the match came down to two men. Those men were Tony Storm and a newcomer to NWA Southeastern…Jonhnny Maverick. They traded shots back and forth until somehow Storm was able to send Maverick over the top rope without also letting his feet touch the floor too. As the sole survivor in this match, it was made official that the Tony would now be the Special Guest Referee in the Deep South Heavyweight Title match at Night of Champions in January.

As the dust settled around this revelation, Ring Announcer Will Hall stepped into the squared circle to introduce the next contest. After Romano stole a pinfall the month prior to winning the NWA Deep South Cruiserweight Title, it was set to be the contractual rematch for that Title for Dark Rage. Both men stepped in and went at it as they had on numerous occasions. Late in the contest, the PopStar grabbed a chair and prepared to use it on the former Champion. However, Referee Clinton Emerson quickly relinquished him of the foreign object. With the referee momentarily distracted, Johnny grabbed the Title, tossed it to Rage, and fell to the mat. As the referee turned, he was met with the sight of Rage holding the Title and Romano seemingly knocked out on the mat. With no other choice, the referee called for the bell and declared that Romano would remain the Champion via disqualification. After this travesty of justice, will Rage get a fair shot in January or will someone new be given a Title shot against the Popstar at Night of Champions?!

Up next, it was a battle of the secret identities as two masked individuals stepped into the ring. These men were the Wounded Warrior & the Avenger. Both men attempted to get the upper hand, but it was Warrior who went off the top rope with a corkscrew moonsault that earned him the victory.

It was then time for the mid-show main event as two teams who know each other all too well stepped into the squared circle to do battle once again for the NWA Deep South Tag Team Titles. This time, however, the match would be a little different. It was announced that this match would be fought under Texas Tornado rules, which meant that all four men would be legal from bell to bell. This also meant that there would be no disqualifications and no count outs. There would for sure be a winner. They continued their brawl from earlier in the evening and used whatever they could find around the ring to try and take down their opponents. The rules seem to favor the Society, though, who are no strangers to using dirty tactics to get the victory. They subdued James long enough to tie him to the ring post and forced him to watch as they double-teamed his partner…and his brother! It was then short work from them to regain their Titles as Preston Veston III took Vinny and hit him with the DDT on a chair for the win.

As the Society celebrated their newly won titles, Punkadelic James got himself free, grabbed the mic and told them that it seemed like they was only one way their war was ever going to stop. He said that their feud has to end and challenged them to one final match in January at Night of Champions. He then said that the winning team would, of course, win the Titles. However, not only would the losers NEVER get a Title shot again…not only would the losers have to disband as a team…but the man who got pinned…would be gone from NWA Southeastern!

This made the Society very happy…and they quickly accepted. For a feud that has gone on for the better part of 2016, it seems that this is the only way to bring it to an end!

Will Hall stepped back into the ring to reiterate the huge match that had just been made for Night of Champions. Unfortunately, his words were quickly silenced by the arrival of…Mason Price and the newcomer Johnny Maverick. The Champion got on the mic and stated that his Plan A, involving Tony Storm, had not gone exactly as he had planned. He said that he had another plan for tonight…that involved Effy Gibbs. He stated that Effy has said on many occasions that Price has never been able to defeat Gibbs before. Mason’s response to this was that he planned to dispel any doubt that he could beat Effy…tonight. He then challenged Effy to find a partner to face himself…and this backup, Johnny Maverick!

After a brief intermission, it was time for the match that had received much ballyhoo since it was first announced, for many reasons. Not only were we being graced with the NWA North American Champion, Tyson Dean. But, it also marked the return of an NWA Southeastern favorite, Big O. As the two men sized each other up, it was quite clear that O was not taking this Title shot lightly. On a few occasions it was Dean who grabbed Referee Dubbya’s attention as his manager, Kurt Kilgore, attempted some dastardly deeds on Big O. As the match drew to a close, O picked up Tyson and hit a devastating move out of the corner that looks to win him the Title had not Kilgore got involved again, pulling the referee out before Dubbya could count the 3. As Kurt got up on the apron, Big O quickly knocked him back down to the floor. This gave Dean the chance to roll up O and, as Dubbya counted O’s shoulders to the mat, grab the tights for some added leverage to retain the NWA North American Title. Despite his loss on this evening, Big O was given a hero’s return ovation and was happily welcomed back to NWA Southeastern by its fans.

With that, it was time for the main event. The Champion, Mason Price, made his way to the ring with his new heavy in the form of Johnny Maverick and awaited the arrival of his challenger, both on this night and at Night of Champions. As the all too familiar tones of Gibb’s music played, the Weapon of Sass Destruction made his way down to the ring to a huge crowd reaction. He was followed to the ring by none other than The Hardway Brother himself, Marcus O’Reily! The two men headed to the ring, their introductions were made, and the bell was rung to start the match.

Price & Maverick made their strategy known quickly as they singled out O’Reilly and used quick tags to one another to keep him isolated from the Feminist Icon’s corner. It seemed every time Effy would get into the match, he was quickly thwarted by the ref and forced to get back on the apron, due at times to unseen tags made. As the match began to wind down, Mason was whipped into the corner and Effy prepared to give him a big boot. Referee Dubbya, however, always trying to stay close to the action, was pulled into the corner, and was inadvertently taken down with as boot to the face. With the referee down, Mason grabbed Effy’s Title shot briefcase and prepared to knock out Gibbs with it.

However, Tony Storm made his return and took the briefcase away from Mason. Tony then looked to take out Price with the case, but Mason sidestepped him and Tony’s shot struck the Feminist Icon instead.

As Tony looked on at his mistake, Mason grabbed the mic and told Tony that if he wanted to show that he would be a fair and impartial official next month…he could do it tonight. Price then made Storm the new referee, grabbed the shirt of Referee Dubbya, handed it to Storm, and went back over to the unmoving Effy. Mason picked him up, spiked him on his head with a package piledriver, and made the cover. Storm reluctantly put on the shirt, dropped down, and hesitantly made the count. He slowly counted the 1, the 2…but was unable to count the 3 as Gibbs was able to shoot as shoulder up just before Tony’s hand hit the mat.

Visibly upset, Price quickly got to his feet and looked on as Gibbs struggled to his knees, seemingly on pure adrenaline. Getting a running start, Mason smashed Effy with a running knee to the temple and made another pin attempt. As Tony slowly counted the pin, he seemed to stop for a long time before feeling forced to count the three and award the match to his biggest foe.

As if this were not humiliating enough, Mason forced Tony to raise his hand or else he would “get rid of him” immediately if he did not. Reluctantly, Storm did as he was told and the show ended on a very sullen note.

The NWA Southeastern faithful now look to January 21st in hopes that it will be the saving grace that they have been waiting for.

Who will finally be declared the undisputed Deep South Tag Team Champions? Which team will be forced to disband? More importantly, which man will be forced to leave NWA Southeastern?!

Will Dark Rage get a fair rematch for the Cruiserweight Title he never really lost or will that match go to someone new?

Finally, will the tyrannical reign of Mason Price as Deep South Heavyweight Champion finally come to an end at the hands of the challenger Effy Gibbs and the special guest referee Tony Storm?

Hopefully, these questions and more will be answered on January 21, 2017, at NWA Southeastern Night of Champions!

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