Sunday, January 22, 2017

Platinum Championship Wrestling Report from Porterdale on January 21

From Alicia Stockton:

Platinum Championship Wrestling opened 2017 with a packed house, and a fiery crowd. Matt Hankins proclaimed about the main event, a Porterdale street fight, at the start of the show. "It ain't on me if you get in the way"

Match 1: Stunt Marshall vs. Johnny Nixx
Winner: Stunt Marshall

Nixx made an excellent showing in his return match from a knee injury that had him sidelined for the better part of 2016. Marshall's really honed the meanness in his persona, and his strikes were menacing. Marshall focused on taking out Nixx's injured knee for a good part of the match. Marshall performed a gorgeous bridging suplex. Nixx hit Marshall with a hurricanrana. Marshall hit Nixx with a spinebuster, then tied up Nixx's leg. Nixx made it to the ropes. Nixx countered Marshall with a tornado DDT, then hit Marshall with a gorgeous crossbody from the top rope, but only managed a two count. Nixx dropkicked Marshall, followed with a rolling centon, but Marshall had the ring awareness to get his foot on the rope. Marshall's meanness seeped through again as he attacked Nixx with vicious boots to the face. Nixx tried to get Marshall with a sunset flip, but could not get him down because he was holding the rope. Nixx's shoulders were down, so Marshall got the pin, because the referee didn't see him holding the rope.

Match 2: Jake the Stake and Domnic Demento vs. Big F'n Deal (Brian Blaze and Geter)
Winners: Big F'n Deal

The place just about came unglued when Big F'n Deal entered. Blaze began the match trouncing Domnic Demento. Geter knocked down Jake the Stake like he was nothing. Geter chopped the guy, and the crowd yelled "One More Time". He finished that sequence with a huge knee in the corner. Blaze hit Demento with gorgeous belly to belly suplex. Geter slams Demento, then holds him up for Blaze to hit him with a top rope cutter. Geter grabs the microphone, and crows triumphantly "When you call out Blaze and Geter, you're calling out Big F'n Deal."

Match 3: Cameron Jackson vs. Brian Kane
Winner: Brian Kane

Jackson came in sporting lovely new Friday the 13th themed gear and a mask. Jackson stayed on Kane's shoulder for most of the match, since the brace Kane wears makes it an easy target. Kane went after Jackson, but Jackson dodged his offense, and Kane barreled into the ringpost. Kane fought hard even though he favored his shoulder throughout. Kane fought with one armed strikes. Jackson kicked Kane, and followed it with a neckbreaker for a two count. Kane went for a move, but Jackson caught him. Kane countered with a suplex, but Jackson got his foot on the rope. Kane went up top, and Jackson followed. They fought on the top turnbuckle, Kane knocked Jackson down, and hit him with a blockbuster from the top securing a pin.

Match 4: Gunner Miller w/Jeff G. Bailey vs. Marko Polo
Winner: Gunner Miller

Jeff G. Bailey addressed the crowd. "I never thought the day would come that I'd say I'd be glad to be back in Porterdale. 2017 is a new year. We're looking for some new competition, and I hope that PCW rallies together to find "genuine" competition" Marko Polo came out to answer Bailey's challenge.

Marko's strikes during the match were vicious. Miller did a glorious powerslam, and Marko answered with one of his own. Miller suplexed Marko like he weighed almost nothing, then stomped him. Marko did a backbreaker followed by a clothesline. Miller hit Marko with an STO, then won with the CTE. Post win, he hit Marko with another CTE as the referee tried to help Marko out of the ring. Brian Blaze came out to Marko's aid to prevent Miller from engaging in any further attacks.

Blaze said "New Year New Me, no it's the same Jeff G. Bailey and the same Gunner Miller. I deserve a rematch against you."

Bailey countered "You're not owed anything. Twice you've been in the ring with the people's captain, and twice you've been left on your butt. February 18th you can have your match, when he beats you this time we're done with you, Brian Blaze."

Main Event:
Porterdale Street Fight
The Carpenter, Tank and Iceberg vs. Bill the Butcher and The Hooligans

The match started out as an all out brawl. Butcher was so fired up that he hit the ref. The ref was going to disqualify him, but it got turned into a Porterdale Street Fight. It spilled outside quickly and they fought in the street, the grass outside the Main Event Arena. Bill slung Iceberg into the brick wall of the side of the building. Iceberg was busted wide open, and blood poured down his face. The crowd chanted "This is awesome" as the match became more brutal. The match had to move back inside, because someone from the lofts across the street called the cops thinking there was an actual bar fight. The Hooligans and Bill the Butcher won the match as all three of them pinned Tank.

PCW returns to Porterdale February 4th with Brian Blaze and Geter kicking off the 2017 Tag Team season.

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