Sunday, January 15, 2017

Why We Wrestle Report from Cornelia on January 14

From Why We Wrestle:

(1) "Wild" Billy Buck defeated Supernatural.

Post match Buck said he knew Gladiator Jeremiah wasn't there (he was booked for ROH) but he knew Supernatural was his little buddy and he was going show Gladiator what happens when you cross Billy Buck. Buck took off his belt and brutalized Supernatural. He then said he wasn't finished because only cowards hid behind masks...and he UNMASKED the popular Luchador. Buck then went back to the lashing when the Mighty Odinson arrived! Buck conveniently​ decided he was finished making his point. Odinson stared a hole through him as he checked on the fallen Supernatural. It did not appear his face was seen in full but there was some buzz that a few fans caught a glimpse. Odinson was already scheduled next so announcer Michael Gentry gave him a formal intro and brought out his opponent the debuting Sam Cooper.

(2) Odinson defeated Sam Cooper. Cooper is a graduate of the WWW academy, a rotund dark haired gentleman in a singlet. He challenged Odinson to a pose off which did not end well for him. The incredible strength of Odinson was on display as he tossed the 300 lbs Cooper from pillar to post and shook the foundation with a nasty F10 and put him away. Massive reaction for this super hero like figure.

3) Adryan Hawkins and Bobby Moore defeated The Lynch Mob in 19 minutes in a hard fought contest. Joey Lynch was tagged in after a lengthy attack on Matt and exploded on both Moore and Hawkins. Joey went for a fall...Moore broke it up. Matt came in and dropkicked Moore to the outside. While ref was getting Matt out of the ring, Moore adjusted his forearm pad and KO'd Joey and Hawkins grabbed the pin. The Lynches showed visible frustration with each other post match.

4) The debuting Rock N Roll Rock C defeated Black Widow in a tremendous debut for both competitors. Rock C was an instant hit with the fans. Post match, Emcee Seth Delay grabbed a word with Rock C, who said the best come through the Landmark Arena and she wanted to be the best and she wanted to do that by facing Dementia D'Rose for the women's title.

5) "Death Wish" Brad Cash defeated Joey Sparks. The much bigger Sparks was looking to put away the established Cash and make a name in his debut. He certainly dealt his share of abuse but the tough as nails Cash took the abuse with a smile and hit the "Off with your head" lariat for the win. (What do you expect for a guy who busted himself open after hitting himself in the head with a barbed wire bat to get psyched for the match before the bell rang?). 

Post match, Cash said he had good news and bad news and great news. Good news was that he got revenge for his manager, the Reverend Dan Wilson (on the DL since October) by defeating Elijah Evans IV in the street fight on 12/17. Bad news was that due to the injuries Wilson sustained at the hands of Evans and The BFD at Fright Night, Wilson wouldn't be cleared medically to work ringside for the foreseeable future and for all intents and purposes is done as a manager in WWW. Great news is that The Rejects name will live on in the new generation with he and "Deadly Sin" Se7en and they are going to make Dan proud by entering their hat into the tag team division in pursuit of the titles.

6) "Unstoppable" Jacob Ashworth and "The Lethal Dose" Stryknyn defeated Team TAG (Kevin Blue and Chris Spectra) via DQ when Billy Buck interfered at around 21 minutes. Delay tried to get a word with Jacob and Stryk before the match but Team TAG had no patience and jumped them before the bell. Red hot back and forth contest for most of it. Team TAG manipulated the rules in their favor as they often do. Referee Triston Michaels caught them in the act when Spectra was holding Blue's hands for leverage while he had Ashworth in the figure 4 leglock. Big tag finally to Stryknyn, he and Ashworth rocking and socking as only this popular odd couple tandem can. They went up for stereo corner punches but Spectra low blowed Ashworth while the ref was with the other corner. Team TAG goes for double line, Stryk ducks and spears both out of the ring to the floor. While the ref was checking on the downed competitors, Billy Buck slid in and superkicked Ashworth. Ashworth is down in ring while Team TAG and Stryk are down on the floor. Buck grabs Spectra and rolls him in the ring...he crawls over to Ashworth. 1....2....BIG Kickout! Spectra tries to pick up Jacob who reverses into The Last Call! Buck had enough and jumped in for DQ. 

Ultimately a 3 on 2 beat down as numbers take over. Buck takes off his belt and straps Stryk. He goes to get Ashworth and here comes Odinson!!!! The Landmark arena explodes. Team TAG tries their best to face the monster but he fights them off. Stryk and Jacob join Odinson to clean house and the heroes clear the ring! Delay joins to get a final word. He announces that Odinson will face Billy Buck on 1/28!! And as a result of their victory over Team TAG, Ashworth and Stryknyn will face The Monarchy on 1/28 for the tag team titles.

Now its time to tell everyone what you got for Christmas...what matches did you choose as a result of winning Sadistic Santa? Stryk went first. He said the logical choice was to go back after Miller and the title but he's never been a logical guy and he can't focus on the title with the looming distraction of Iceberg. He wants to settle their war once and for all by beating Berg in how own match and making him feel the pain thousands of men have felt at Iceberg's hands over the years. Ashworth said it was no secret he wanted another shot at Miller so he was cashing that in, but he didn't want the shot next week or even in 2 weeks. He wanted it in the main event of the biggest stage in WWW. He wanted Miller at Hardcore Hell.

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