Monday, February 20, 2017

Platinum Championship Wrestling Report from Porterdale on February 18

From Alicia Stockton:

Platinum Championship wrestling continues to sell out and excite each time they have a show in Porterdale. The crowd was hot, the matches were hot, and it seemed all involved had a great time. Matt Hankins has really cemented his role in the post Stephen Platinum era, and the fans owe a lot to him for the continued success and excitement buzzing around PCW so far in 2017.

Match 1: The Washington Bullets (Trey and Jon Williams) vs. Indy Card Mafia (Eric Emanon and Thomas Brewington)

Indy Card Mafia made their PCW debut against tag team staples The Washington Bullets in an electric opening contest. Thomas Brewington showed his talent with a European uppercut and a gorgeous dropkick in the corner. He then tagged in partner, Eric Emanon. Jon Williams delivered a wicked backbreaker. The bullets isolated Emanon and brutalized him with boots to his midsection. Emanon finally gained some advantage with wicked clotheslines. Jon Williams went for a crossbody, but got caught by Emanon who slammed him, then followed with a flying elbow. Trey broke up the count. The Bullets hit him with the Marion Berry, but they only managed to get a two count. The Bullets grabbed Indy Card Mafia's valet's hair, Emanon goes to save her, and he inadvertently knocked her off the apron. The Bullets capitalized hitting him with a backstabber, then a neckbreaker to secure the win. The Bullets really sparkle in their role as heels, and they continue to be one of the best tag teams in the Southeast.

Match 2: Johnny Nixx vs. Damien Bennett

The match began with a show of sportsmanship, then the competitors locked up. Both Bennett and Nixx have a good ground game. Bennett knocked Nixx down with a shoulder tackle and Nixx answered with one of his own. They matched each other move for move, even meeting in the middle with dueling dropkicks. Bennett hit Nixx with an STO for two. Nixx tried to submit Bennett, but Bennett reversed it to an ankle lock. Nixx hit a gorgeous Michinoku driver, but Bennett kicked out. Bennett superkicked Nixx for two. Bennett hit the frog splash, but Nixx kicked out of that. They were so evenly matched throughout it seemed they'd never catch each other. Nixx went for a springboard, and Bennett caught him with a spear to secure the victory. Bennett helped Nixx up and they embraced in the ring. I enjoyed this match immensely.

Match 3: Get Along Gang (Gil Quest and C.B. Suave) vs. Go Time Eric Jones and Trevor Aeon vs. FGC (Dominic Demento and Sean Sims)vs. JAM and Marko in a Four Corners Tag Match.

CB Suave and JAM tried to outsexy each other in a provocative pose-off, but things got serious as JAM landed a beautiful crossbody. The tags in this match were frequent as every competitor really wanted in. Marko hit a backbreaker on Jones, but Quest broke up the count. C.B. Suave's strikes were really solid throughout the match. All the men were in the ring when Marko hit Suave with the Last Look, but it was Suave and Quest who won the match with a double neckbreaker. Not only were they the victors, but they were the shining stars of what was a mildly muddled match. Marko took the mic after, and he declared this was the last time we'd see him in a PCW ring, and he blew a kiss to the audience.

The show was about to go to intermission, but Iceberg and Bill the Butcher came down the stairs brawling. It was a real fight, and they were beating the crap out of each other. They fought into the ring, and the bell was rung.

Match 4: Bill the Butcher vs. Iceberg
It was brutality between two behemoths. Fists and feet were the order of the day. They fought outside the ring, and Bill dived off the apron knocking Iceberg to the hard, wooden floor at the feet of the front row. Bill won the match with a kick square to Iceberg's face. The crowd was on their feet in appreciation of his victory.

Match 5: Dante HP vs. Brian Kane for the Porterdale City Limits Championship.

Dante HP impressed me in his PCW debut against PCW favorite Brian Kane. In his arsenal, Dante had a nice dropkick and a second rope moonsault. He also pulled out a boston crab at one point, in an attempt to submit Kane. Kane crawled towards the rope and broke the hold. Dante got Kane in a camel clutch, but Kane fought out and hit Dante with a jawbreaker. Kane reversed Dante's neckbreaker attempt into a neckbreaker of his own. Kane hit a backstabber, then followed with a spinebuster for 2, then he hit another spinebuster for 2. Dante went up top for the big bang, but only got two. Dante went back up top, this time Kane punched him. They both fought up top, but Kane threw Dante down. Kane won the match with a moonsault. Jonathan Malik took the mic and told Kane his time as Porterdale City Limits champion was coming to an end. The belt would be held by a real champion, and the match was set for Kane to face Eric Jones at the next show.

Main Event: Gunner Miller (with Jeff G. Bailey) vs. Brian Blaze for the PCW Heavyweight title.

The place came unglued for Brian Blaze. It was the loudest they were all night. Blaze began the match with vicious strikes and a wicked clothesline. Gunner left the ring and tried to make his way back upstairs, but Blaze was having none of that. They fought outside. Blaze chopped Gunner in the front row. Gunner cut Blaze down at the knees thrice, then punched him and crunched his knee into the ringpost. Miller threw brutal kicks to Blaze's spine and he stayed on the knee like a rabid dog. Blaze tried to fight back, and Miller tried to submit Blaze still working the knee. Blaze sold it like he was dying. Gunner threw him out, and Blaze fell off the apron because of the knee. Geter was at ringside, and went to help Blaze, and Gunner flew onto him. Blaze was fired up after that, landing a centon for a two count. Miller hit a gorgeous spinebuster, and Blaze hit a clothesline. Gunner knocked out the ref as Blaze evaded. Blaze had Gunner pinned but there was no one to count. Jeff G. Bailey hit Blaze with a low blow. Miller pinned Blaze, but Blaze kicked out. Geter had finally had enough and he attacked Miller just as Bailey brought the referee back to consciousness. Blaze was disqualified and he was pissed about it. Geter tried to help Blaze up, and Blaze shoved him away in disgust. Could this spell trouble or is this just a rough patch for the Big F'n Deal?

PCW returns to Porterdale on March 4, and if it continues on this streak, it's going to be a hell of a ride into St. Patrick's Day.

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