Monday, February 20, 2017

SFCW News and Notes

From Larry Goodman:

Truth or Consequences was unusually light on talent from the babyface side of the roster, more so than planned. The lone major player with a consistent Southern Fried presence was Styrknyn. Jeremiah and Jagged Edge were missing from the advertised card. Neither absence was acknowledged to the crowd. Odinson wasn't medically cleared due to the controversial eye injury suffered at the innocent (?) hands of Jimmy Rave on February 4 show, while Phase One Champion Damien Bennett worked the PCW show in Porterdale.

"Higher Standards Beyond Boundaries" on March 4 at Nowell Rec in Monroe has Tetchi Makuji defending the SFCW Heavyweight Championship vs. former champion Drew Adler, a special attraction monsters collide in Geter vs. Mikael Judas; Drew Blood vs. Jagged in a ladder match for the Americas Championship (with Blood fearing heights) and Bennett vs. Rave for the Phase One Championship.

Jeremiah sustained a knee injury on the February 11 Why We Wrestle event that will likely be out of action for a couple of months.

No hard feelings regarding the cancellation of SFCW's debut event at Tannery Row Ale House in Buford. Ale House management wanted to go with the Falcons NFC Championship game on TV under the circumstances, and SFCW owner Charles Anschutz couldn't blame them. Plans are to do an SFCW event at the venue down the road.

The Americas Championship is not billed as an AIWF title in the deal with Blood and Jagged. Southern Fried is in the process of an amicable parting of ways with AIWF.

Georgia wrestling notable in the house included Woody Hullender and Darrell Grissom from GPW and freelance photographer/WWW production guy/special occasion referee Ken Wallace, and the ever-present Charlie Smith. 

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