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Why We Wrestle Report from Cornelia on February 25

Lynch Mob
From Why We Wrestle:

Why We Wrestle made its next to last stop on the "Highway to (Hardcore) Hell" on 2/25 with around 160 fans who shook the foundation of the world famous Landmark Arena as the picture of the 19th Annual Hardcore Hell spectacular occurring on 3/25 is now coming into focus.

Master Of Ceremonies and "host with the most" Seth Delay got everyone fired up for the action by recapping the insane events of 2/11 where Gunner Miller, Iceberg, and Jeff G Bailey left the arena looking like a war zone after Triple Crown Champion Miller piledrove # 1 contender Jacob Ashworth on a chair and Iceberg butchered both Ashworth and now former matchmaker Dany Only who resigned and punched Bailey out prior to the subsequent slaughter. He said someone had to restore order and we had to have a new matchmaker. Delay said we've known know him as The Reverend in recent years, but to me and long time fans, he'll always be Dan "The Dragon" Wilson.

Wilson thanked the fans for the welcome back chant and said he had a tremendous history here, where he got his first big break at 19 years of age and spent most of his adult life. He stated he had to retire from managing due to injuries sustained at Fright Night but luckily he had plenty of other skills and was excited to put them to use in this new role, in addition, he will return to the commentary booth for upcoming video releases. Two orders of business. 1 - He had to take action against Bailey, Miller, and Berg and as opposed to dealing with politics and red tape the great thing about wrestling is we can settle it in the ring, so as a result tonight's title match with Miller vs Brad Cash would be contested under Hardcore rules with falls counting anywhere in the ringside area. 2 - In reviewing his booking sheet Wilson stated WWW Women's Champion Dementia D'Rose has some big opportunities coming up in California and Florida but unfortunately as a result if she doesn't defend the belt tonight, she won't meet the 60 day defense rule so the title is now on the line if Dementia is pinned in the next match up.

1 Rock N Roll Rock C and Crystal Rose defeated Dementia D'Rose and Tragedy Ann. Dementia went for Damnesia, Rose escaped Rock C stunned her with a missile dropkick and the legal Crystal got the biggest and ONLY win of her WWW career. In a shocking turn of events, Crystal Rose is the new WWW women's champion. D'Rose and Tragedy were incensed and came close to crashing the celebration before Rock N Rose got out of Dodge.

- Some retro synth music played over a video that showed a mask logo with a star design. The graphic said "The Nightmare begins 4/8/17"

Seth Delay brought out former triple crown champion "The Lethal Dose" Stryknyn and #1 contender Jacob Ashworth. 

Stryk said they were supposed to be in the tag rumble tonight but due to Jacob's injury, they were putting their laser focus on HH. Styrk then addressed the Elite. "After what happened on 2/11 you injured my partner and ran off my best friend Dany Only all while you knew I wasn't there and that makes you all cowards." He said he had already picked his match vs Iceberg for Hardcore Hell but he feels like he has to raise the stakes now so instead of one implement he wants to bring back an old Wildside favorite and put an instrument of torture on each corner, It will be 4 Corners Of Pain! But that's not all. He said every time he has fought one of Bailey's men they had someone jump him from behind so let's go ahead and get everyone out in the open. "You get any partner you want. I get any partner I want and it will also be a dream partner tag match. " The tag partners will be revealed on 3/11.

Delay turned to Ashworth and asked him about his future at Hardcore Hell being in question.
 Jacob responded "I don't know about yall but I hate going to the Dr. Ive been 5 times since Saturday before last. They poked and prodded me and ran all kinds of tests. As I sat in the waiting room...and I did a lot of that. I had plenty of time to see all my dreams go up in smoke. If I get bad news here...my title shot is history. If I get bad news here everything I worked so hard for comes crashing down. So I walked on into that last appointment fully expecting to hear I have a broken neck. And the doc says, you have a stinger son..ain't nothin' broke. You're cleared. Now go win that belt for Habersham county. So, Gunner Miller, I will never forget that you are the man who tried to end my career and I got a receipt coming for you big boy. Another guy tried that once and I sent his ass packing on down the road. So I WILL be there in the main event of Hardcore Hell and I'm coming to kick your ass and take your title."
Delay announced that Ashworth would have the opportunity to test his neck and skills against one of the best in the world prior to Hardcore Hell as on 3/11 he will take on "5 Star King" Anthony Henry (with Amber Young) who will be making a homecoming after a highly successful and championship winning tour of some of the top promotions in the country. 

We saw some pre-match comments from Billy Buck as he claimed credit for crippling Gladiator Jeremiah and striking him with a belt like his parents should have and said he didn't need a slingshot to beat Se7en in this David vs Goliath story because he had a Buck Shot. We also heard from Brad Cash and Se7en who addressed Se7en vs Buck, Cash's title match and The Kings Of The Hill Rumble. 

2 Billy Buck defeated "The Deadly Sin" Se7en via count out. Se7en hit the choke bomb for visual fall but Team Tag members Kevin Blue and Chris Spectra got on the apron. Se7en gave chase and they ended up zip tying Se7en to the ring post where he was counted out. All 3 Team TAG members tried to sneak attack Se7en post match but he broke the zip ties and Team Tag ran for their lives.

Jeff G. Bailey and Gunner Miller addressed what happened to the man he called a "Cornelia Mongrel" Jacob Ashworth and Bailey said if he is stupid enough to show up at Hardcore Hell Gunner would finish the job. He then said as far as tonight, the scarred up freak Cash would try to ruin everything Gunner has built but it was just another obstacle for the people's captain to plow through. 

3 Gunner Miller w Bailey defeated Brad Cash in a Hardcore Match to retain the Triple Crown Championship. This was a crazy scene that involved thumbtacks, chairs, scissors, barbed wire, a cheese grater, a rake, a kendo stick a sledgehammer and more. At one point Cash stapled a poster of himself to Miller's chest and at one point Bailey used a hacksaw on Cash's head. Cash gave Miller the fight of his life but Miller is who he is for a reason. He ultimately put Cash away with a CTE on the entrance ramp that sent Cash flying off and crashing in a bloody heap on to a Barbed Wire Board. Cash received a standing ovation for his toughness.

We heard comments from some of the teams in the Kings Of The Hill Rumble, Lynch Mob said it was their last chance, Approved said they were the toughest and sexiest team and all others would be denied, Gladiator Jeremiah confirmed his injury but Odinson vowed to go on his own and win it for both men, and Team TAG gloated that this was step one in their plan to get all the gold. They were stopped by a surprise cameo from Dan Wilson who said it was his first day on the job and it was too late to stop them now but he caught up to their shenanigans and would have his eye on them. 

4 - The Lynch Mob won the Kings Of The Hill rumble. This match included too many highlights to mention but a few included Joey Lynch going the distance, Team TAG entering themselves 3 different times and Blue making it all the way to the end, Odinson being the final entrant to a huge ovation and disposing of Buck and Spectra, Approved dominating, and surprise entries of Dementia D'Rose and Tragedy Ann as well as Crystal Rose and Rock C. Rock C accidentally eliminated her partner and new women's champion Rose when she got Tragedy over the top. She then eliminated Dementia but was disposed of by Blue in the heat seeking moment of the night. Came down to Blue and Joey, Team TAG tried to intervene but Matt Lynch who was eliminated earlier stopped them and Joey skinned the cat and dumped Blue.

5 ...then WWW tag team Champions The Monarchy (Black Baron and Prince Apollo) who won the belts last summer came out to "congratulate" the Lynch Mob. They said they earned a future title shot and the future is now. They questioned the Lynches manhood, Lynches agreed and Monarchy jumped them in an attempt to put the fatigued brothers away quickly. Matt took a hellacious beating but finally escaped to make the big tag to Joey who cleaned house, Monarchy took back over but with a surprise tag and an O'Connor roll, Matt Lynch redeemed himself and secured the tag team titles for The Lynch Mob to end the night with a feel good moment for the ages. The Monarchy protested saying it wasn't sanctioned, officials rules the decision stands. 

Join us on 3/11 as the final card for Hardcore Hell is revealed!! And you thought Ashworth vs Henry was all? Just you wait for this 3/11 main event announcement.

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