Monday, February 20, 2017

WWA4 Results from Atlanta on February 9

From Brian Slack:

WWA4 was in Atlanta, GA on February 9.  Results:  John Mavrik defeated Austin Towers and Chris Henry in a triple threat match after Tony Midas attacked Towers.  After the match, Tony Midas attacked Austin Towers.  The Misfits (Alan Angels & Tommy Maserati) defeated The Force (AC Mack & Austin Theory)(w/David Ali, Ryan Rembrandt & Dementia D'Rose) by DQ after Mack low blows Maserati to retain the WWA4 Tag Team championships.  AR Fox & Ayla Fox defeated The Force (Ryan Rembrandt & Dementia D'Rose).  David Ali defeated Takuri to become the #1 contender for the WWA4 Internet championship.  Ashton Starr defeated the WWA4 senior official in an open challenge to retain the WWA4 Intergender championship.  Jaxxon Vile defeated Damien Parker to retain the WWA4 Internet championship.  After the match, all five members of The Force attacked The Misfits until a group led by AR Fox made the save.  

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