Sunday, March 19, 2017

National Championship Wrestling Report from Cornelia on March 17

From NCW:

162 fans packed into the Landmark Arena this week to witness a jam-packed night of action! Here's a quick recap of what went down...

AC Mack (with Alan Angels and Tommy Maserati) vs. Supernatural

AC Mack entered the arena and was accompanied by Alan Angels and Tommy Maserati, a possible business relationship? AC Mack issued the "Seven Second Opportunity" to his opponent, Supernatural. Supernatural had either seven seconds to leave when Mack turned his back or stay and face the consequences, it looked like Supernatural might leave but he climbed the ropes and delivered a missile dropkick to start things off. Supernatural was in reach of victory several times in this high paced match but Angels would use his crutch while the referee had his back turned and allowed AC Mack to score a pinfall victory and continue his undefeated singles match streak.

The Good Ole Boys vs. Ragin Raven and Tim Miller

The Good Ole Boys "Cotton Eyed Joe" theme sent the Cornelia audience into major excitement. The duo came out dancing with fans and in the ring, the boys from the mountains are certainly fan favorites and their opponents had their hands full. Ragin Raven used his size advantage over Cousin Shaggy to gain advantage, frequent tags to Tim Miller prevented Shaggy from tagging but eventually he would tag Cousin Cletus and it was all over for Miller and Raven. A top rope splash insured the victory for the Good Ole Boys.

The 13th Floor vs. David Ali and Justin Legend

This was a battle from the get go between the two teams. Lots of heavy striking combat in this match, Justin Legend used his MMA training in the early going but it was no match for the intense 13th Floor. Chris Bullet and Ike Cross showed their experience as a tag team and cut the ring in half as quick as they could. After a valiant effort from both Legend and Ali, the crafty 13th Floor picked up the win.

Austin Theory vs. Andrew Duckworth

These two big men quickly locked horns and the pace was full throttle from early on. Duckworth, who has been on a losing streak as of late, looked the most impressive he has since debuting in NCW. Several near falls on Theory from Duckworth, the fans love Theory and continued to cheer him on. Theory was able to withstand impressive offense from Duckworth and walked away with the victory.

After the match was over, music interrupted Theory's and out came Jagged Edge, who made his message clear. He was looking for the hottest prospect on the NCW roster and wanted to make an impact in "his house". A challenge was made and accepted for the upcoming 24th show at the Landmark Arena. Jagged Edge made it clear that he would be "Your Champion" very soon.

A brief intermission was held

Nigel Sherrod came out to announce plans for the tag team titles in an Open Invitation Tag Team Battle Royal, however, 13th Floor came out and insisted that there was no reason to have a Battle Royal because no one compared to them and the titles should be handed over. Familiar music blasted over the speakers and out came The Good Ole Boys, who argued that the fans in attendance seemed to think otherwise. Sherrod made the decision to bypass the battle royal and made a match for the 24th, the 13th Floor will face the Good Ole Boys to determine NCW Tag Team Champions.

Jaxon Vile and Eli vs. Cody McCulley and Michael Manson

The ever annoying Jaxon Vile started things out for his team, a rocky start led to Vile tagging in Eli. The mysterious leather faced giant slowly made his way into the ring and quickly dominated Cody and Manson. Vile slapped the back of Eli to tag in, this aggravated the big man. Vile continued to take apart Manson, after many pin attempts, Manson sprung free and tagged Cody, Eli was tagged in and made quick work again, Vile slapped Eli's back to tag in and the big man was infuriated, he nailed a reverse pedigree on Vile and left him laying, McCulley and Manson quickly covered vile for the win.

A video aired of Mr.Skinz and The Hoax talking with a WCON DJ inside the Landmark Arena earlier this week.....more to come...

Tommy Maserati (with Alan Angels and AC Mack) vs. Ashton Starr

After Maserati and Angels beat down Starr last week, Starr was ready for a fight. Starr had replaced the currently injured, Alan Angels last week, unfortunately Starr was pinned and blamed for the loss. Starr was ready to prove himself and also had payback on his mind. Lots of outside interference from Mack and Angels led to several near falls, however, Angels accidentally hit Maserati with his crutch, Starr hit an axe kick that was good for the win.

Simon Sermon (with Lucas Lazarus and Brick) vs Terry Lawler- NCW Heavyweight Championship Match-Final match in the NCW Gold Rush Tournament

Sermon, who was handed his spot in the finals match, was accompanied by the man he promised a future title shot to if he were to win, the 400lbs . Brick and ,manager Lazarus. "The Rocker" had his hands full, it was essentially 3 on one at most times, however, Lawler caught a second wind and battled back. It wasn't enough to overcome the interference and offense from Team Simon. After a chair shot from Brick, Simon made the pin to become NCW Heavyweight Champion.

Nigel Sherrod came out and made a match. To even the numbers, Sherrod had contacted Johnny Nixx, (injured last week at the hands of Sermon and Brick) to tag with Lawler on the 24th to take on Brick and Sermon in a Hardcore Hell Weekend Landmark Arena street fight!

Announced for this Friday March 24, Landmark Arena Hardcore Hell Street Fight: Brick w/ Lucas Lazarus and NCW Heavyweight Champion Simon Sermon vs. Terry "The Rocker" Lawler and Johnny Nixx; To Crown the first ever NCW Tag Team Champions: 13th Floor vs. The Good Ole Boys; Special Challenge: Austin Theory vs. The Jagged Edge; AC Mack vs. Kameron Kade; Andrew Duckworth vs. Damien Bennett; Jaxon Vile vs. David Ali. All tickets just $5.

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