Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on April 8

From Anarchy Wrestling:

- Seth Delay welcomed the everyone and recapped the major events of Hardcore Hell and previewed the evening's events. He brought out matchmaker and commentator Dan "The Dragon" Wilson who made 3 big announcements:
- Hostile Environment returns on 6/24
- The first ever Landmark Heritage Champion will be crowned in a Title Tournament that begins on 4/22
- He brought out "the big winners" of Hardcore Hell, Stryknyn, Dany Only and NEW Anarchy Champion Jacob Ashworth. Stryk thanked the fans for supporting the Hate Junkies reunion and explained they put their bodies on the line for the fans and the appreciation was mutual. Wilson then presented a beautiful, brand new Anarchy Triple Crown Championship Title Belt to Jacob Ashworth. Jacob said it was a dream come true and he overcame many personal and professional battles to reach this point but he knew as champion his battles were really just beginning. The Approved interrupted the party and said THEY were the big winners at HH and reminded everyone they were still undefeated and still putting up $1000 to any team who could prove them wrong and end their undefeated streak.

1The Approved (Bobby Moore and Adryan Hawkins) def Jacob Ashworth and Stryknyn w Dany Only. 
The Approved tried to use loaded forearm and Dany Only (Who wasn't cleared to wrestle yet from 4 Corners Of Pain but served as manager for Ashworth and Stryk) tried to stop it but the ref went to him instead and the Approved used the motorcycle helmet Only wore to ringside to clock Stryk and steal a quick one in a huge upset.

2 AJ Gray defeated Ryan Vega
Gray gained his first Anarchy victory and spoiled Vega's big debut. The unhinged Vega threw an ungodly temper tantrum post match and said he wasn't leaving until they reversed the decision. When staff came out to remove Vega he threatened to ...well..urinate on them. When it became clear he was serious they ran for their lives and poor Mike Gentry tripped over the bottom rope and Vega delivered on his promise. Horrified, matchmaker Dan Wilson immediately apologized to audience and fined and suspended Vega and revoked his entry into Heritage tournament. AJ Gray came back out and asked him please not to suspend him. That was offensive to pro wrestling and families in attendance and he wanted to make Vega pay for it in the ring. Wilson agreed and reinstated Vega and made Gray his first round opponent on 4/22.

3 The Talent Show w "Death Wish" Brad Cash
Talent said his guest this week impressed him in his debut vs Masada at Hardcore Hell XVIII and again with his boldness at XIX. Cash told an impassioned story about history with Tank being a mentor, his contributions and their falling out and why he helped Stryknyn and involved himself in 4 Corners Of Pain. He talked about Tank chokeslamming him on the ramp later as retribution and Talent said something that brutal changes a man (Talent retired due to a back injury.) Brad assured his light hadn't gone out and he would be back and when he did he was going to have to get even.

4 Odinson defeated Team T.A.G. in a gauntlet match. 
This watch was the equivalent of a pack of wolves trying to take down a grizzly bear. Spectra was first with a focused attack on the knee of Odinson but it couldnt stop the F10. Blue was second who attacked Odinson before bell of 2nd fall with a chair on the same knee. Blue got himself intentionally dq'd once match started by refusing to break an STF doing further damage to the knee. Billy Buck was third and tried to finish it quick with a Buckshot superkick but the superheroic Odinson kicked out. The Warlord summoned the might of Mjolnir and stifled the 3 prong attack including giving Blue an F10 on apron. He F10'd Buck in the ring and won the match. As Odinson raised his hand in victory Jeff G Bailey appeared on screen via facetime. He clearly tried to get Odinsons attention hurling insults. He said Gunner Miller returned for his big rematch on 4/22 and the Cap was what was important, not Odinson.He knew where he had gone wrong. The captain needed a team to elimimate his threats. Starting with you Odinson.A battered Team TAG pulled it together long enough to execute Bailey's mission. The pack took down the bear and executed a lethal blow before Ashworth Only and AJ Gray made the save.

If we are keeping score that is now Gladiator Jeremiah and Odinson they have taken out. And now they have joined forces with Bailey.

- A commercial was shown for the Wildside reunion on 9/9/17

5 The Nightmare def. Chase Jordan
Chase Jordan had the crowd all over him w "Howdy Doody" chants. He said he was The Ginger Avenger Chase Jordan and he was the baddest man here which elicited a barrage of laughter. He said he was going to bust some turd in the mouth. The Nightmare debuted to a huge ovation and they were eager to see Jordan eat those words. The fans clearly loved the new incarnation of Kyle Matthews. Jordan held his own on the mat with a great amateur background but The Nightmare made him tap with The Octopus hold.

Wilson announced that Nightmare was the next entry into the Heritage title tournament and he would face a debuting star on 5/13. A video signifying the arrival of 2016 most improved wrestler and GPW Southern States Champion Torque aired so it will be Nightmare v Torque and Vega vs Gray in round 1 so far.

- Gladiator Jeremiah was being filmed at a training session and received a call from what appeared to be his doctor. He had an emotional reaction but the diagnosis wasn't revealed. The emotion turned to rage and he donned his full Gladiator gear and began reciting rally cries stating Team TAG had started a war.

6 Los Aprobados defeated The Lynch Mob in a shocking non title match. 
Los Aprobados were a goofy looking Luchador Team that acted like buffoons lulling the Mob into a false sense of security. The champions thought they had an easy win and Aprobados pulled the illegal switcheroo and the surpise win. They then revealed themselves to be...Bobby Moore and Adryan Hawkins!! The Approved defeated 4 of Anarchy's top stars in one night. I dont think we are going to hear the end of this.

7 Falls Count Anywhere Women's title: Rock C defeated Crystal Rose to become the new woman's champion.
This was quite the wild spectacle. These two ladies had a lot on their shoulders as the first female main event in arena history and they delivered the goods. Many expected a one sided affair given Rose has been avoiding the confrontation with Rock C but Rose brought her bag of tricks and a whole lot of of fight. They fought in the crowd, they used chairs, a staple gun, a table, they fought on the concession stand and they beat the hell out of each other. But in the end Rock C locked in her signature submission hold and Crystal tapped out. The new champion earned her title on this night.

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