Monday, April 10, 2017

Georgia Premier Wrestling Report from Canton on April 8

From Scott Hensley:

This past Saturday Georgia Premier Wrestling(the sister company to DSCW) presented The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – an event headlined by a colossal heavyweight 3 way between Gunner Miller, Octavius Black, and Cyrus the Destroyer.

1) Jason Collins w/ Wil Force d. Ray Fury

A hard fought opener with fast-paced, hard-hitting action between two Scenic City Invitational alumni(*Shameless Self Plug*). Collins had some assistance from the egotistical Force on the outside and was able to pick up the win. Fury received a nice round of applause in appreciation from the crowd of 200 people in attendance.

2) Spoony Mack d. Ray Ray

Cruiserweight action as the two fan favorites did battle. Mack with about a 50lbs weight advantage over the featherweight underdog Ray Ray. Mack picked up the win in a tough battle between both men.

3) Jessica Leigh d. Hollywood Von Royal w/ Logan Chase III to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

The Cruiserweight Championship has really been sanctioned to be a no limits championship at GPW/DSCW as it has now been defended in man vs man, woman vs man, and woman vs woman with weight limits thrown out the window for the most part. The cruiserweight sized Leigh certainly had her hands full here with her old rival from her days training with Dory Funk Jr. Chase took the opportunity to join up with someone who has a common enemy and gave his managerial services to Hollywood for the evening. Hollywood used her size and strength advantage on Leigh, working over the leg. Leigh battled through and never gave up, overcoming the odds to retain her championship. Chase stole the title belt and ran to the back. Referee Mark Cooper chased him down, somehow retrieved the belt, and returned it to Leigh.

4) The Movement(Chip Hazard & Talon Williams) d. The Lynch Mob(Matt & Joey Lynch) to retain the Tag Team Championship

These guys go back over a decade and as young veterans with exciting offense, they all four brought it for this match. Lots of teamwork from both teams and several times where it looked like we'd have new champions. The Movement had the Lynch's scouted for sure though and avoided enough of their offense to dish out their own and get the three count.

Veteran wrestler QT Marshall, who has competed for Ring of Honor and NXT introduced himself and announced that he is opening a training school in Buford, GA. He was interrupted by Jason Collins and Wil Force, who said they were already tired of hearing Marshall talk and wanted to shut him up. Marshall asked the fans if they wanted to see him vs Collins and they most definitely did.

5) QT Marshall d. Jason Collins w/ Wil Force

These guys put on a clinic and Marshall showed everyone exactly why he's about to start heading up a school, as he looked great here. Collins more than held his own as well though against the major league level talent of Marshall. Force shoved Marshall into the ringpost on the outside and the referee ejected him from ringside for his interference. Marshall finished off Collins for the impressive victory.

6) Torque d. Drew Duckworth w/ Logan Chase III to retain the Southern States Championship

Duckworth has been an attack dog for Chase since joining Logan Chase Enterprises. Torque held his own against the bigger man and against the odds. Duckworth couldn't put Torque away and resorted to a violent flurry of attacks that the referee stepped in to stop. Duckworth shoved the referee, who called for the bell. Commissioner Morris and the referee eventually stopped the assault on the champion but I feel that this rivalry is far from over with Torque and Logan Chase Enterprises.

7) Cyrus the Destroyer w/ Logan Chase III d. Octavius Black & Gunner Miller in a No DQ triple threat match

These three beastly heavyweights threw down in a true slobber knocker of a main event complete with huge suplexes(including an INSANE double German suplex) and a top rope powerbomb/suplex combination that had the boards bouncing on the ring. They knew they had to come out and deliver a knockout to one of their foes just to have the opportunity to do it to the other to pick up the pin. Chase felt the match slipping away from his monster and ran to the back to get Duckworth. Chase sent Duckworth after Miller, who unlike Black – didn't have a tag team partner in the building to help him. Miller took Duckworth out but Jason Collins & Wil Force also ran out to assist and Cyrus was able to take advantage of the numbers and score the pin on Black.

Spoony Mack & QT Marshall ran out to help even up the odds. Everyone was dealt with or run off except Wil Force who won the Octavius, Gunner, Spoony, and QT sweepstakes. They made quick work of him and received a nice ovation from the crowd to end the night of action.

Coming up for GPW/DSCW:
April 22: FREE EVENT! National Title Pawn of Blue Ridge 10am – 3pm
April 22: SCHOOL FUNDRAISER! Stone Creek Elementary School in Rossville, GA 7:30pm
April 29: COME MEET ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER! Pickens County Middle School in Jasper, GA 7pm
May 20: CAGE MATCH! Old Buffington Elementary School in Canton, GA

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