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Georgia Premier Wrestling Report from Rossville on April 22

From Scott Hensley:

Last Saturday night Georgia Premier Wrestling partnered with many area wrestlers representing several promotions to raise money for Stone Creek Elementary school in Rossville, GA. Frustrations built among the GPW and UEW wrestlers, resulting in a challenge being laid out for a return date in Rossville at the Rec Center.

1) The Hatter d. “The Ultimate Underdog” Ray Ray by pinfall in 6:32

Hatter used his size advantage and willingness to do whatever it took to get and keep the advantage in this match. Ray Ray took chances and Hatter shut him down with a roll up.

2) The Hateriots (Eli Thompson & Jason Hampton) d. S4 (Jaden Newman & Chris Crunk) by referee stoppage in 10:14

The bigger, more experienced Hateriots representing UEW out of East Ridge, TN were rocked and rolled early on by their younger opponents representing TWE out of Red Bank, TN. They battled back and isolated the injured arm of Jaden Newman, applying a submission. The submission caused him to become unresponsive and the referee called for the bell.

3) “The Powerhouse” Jessica Leigh d. Tiffany Roxx by pinfall in 12:02 to retain the GPW Cruiserweight Championship

These ladies were both loved by the crowd and they each gave it their all in an evenly matched brawl. Leigh withstood the offense of Roxx and put her away to retain her championship – one that's now been defended by man vs man, man vs woman, and woman vs woman.

4) “The Prodigy” Andrew Duckworth w/ Logan Chase III d. Ben Thrasher pinfall in 7:23

UEW fan favorite Ben Thrasher got a great reaction from the fans and Andrew Duckworth got a great reaction from.... his manager Logan Chase III, who has increased the confidence of the up and coming competitor. Thrasher utilized his size but Duckworth cut him down by targeting the wheels of the big man. Thrasher suplexed Duckworth into the ring from the apron. Chase seized the opportunity and pulled the weakened leg of Thrasher, causing Duckworth to fall on top of Thrasher. Chase held down the legs of Thrasher as Duckworth picked up the win.

Thrasher was furious after the match and attacked Duckworth before limping to the back.

5) Joey Lynch d. Jason Collins by pinfall in 10:46

Two of the most athletic, pedal to the metal competitors in the Southeast went to war here and had an absolutely outstanding match. The high flying, fast paced offense of Lynch matched up to the creative, smash mouth style of Collins. Lynch won the battle on the top turnbuckle, sending Collins to the mat where Lynch finished him off with a moonsault. Absolutely awesome effort by both guys here.

6) Johnny Rokk & Cousin Shaggy d. Johnny Viper & JD Rollins by DQ in 7:33

The makeshift team of Rokk & Shaggy represented GPW against the UEW team of Viper & Rollins. It was evenly matched for the majority of time here. Shaggy & Rokk got the advantage and then Ben Thrasher and the Hateriots hit the ring, attacking Rokk & Shaggy, who put up a fight but couldn't fend off the numbers.

GPW commissioner Darrell Morris went to the ring to try to get order and was grabbed up by the UEW guys, who forced a UEW shirt over his head. The lockerroom cleared and GPW wrestlers friend and foe all hit the ring, sending the UEW guys out. Thrasher said GPW had overstepped their bounds, stepped on the toes of UEW, and he wasn't going to stand for it. Morris said Thrasher was the one who had overstepped with this attack but that they could settle it on June 24th at the Rossville Recreation Center. Morris challenged Thrasher & Johnny Viper to take on his team of Joey Lynch and....former WCW/NWO star Buff Bagwell. They accepted, making it GPW vs UEW.

7) Principal Mossgrove d. Hindu by pinfall in 2:12

The crowd rallied behind Mossgrove who avoided the attacks of Hindu early on. Hindu finally caught Mossgrove with some body shots but Mossgrove picked his spot and schoolboyed Hindu to get the victory.

GPW returns to the Pickens County Middle School in Jasper, GA this Saturday for a big Relay for Life Fundraiser featuring an appearance by WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah the Butcher, as well as GPW Southern States Champion Torque, Shane Marx, The Good Ol' Boys, Geter, and more scheduled to compete!

May 20th one of the most brutal feuds in GPW history finds its way into a steel cage at the Old Buffington Elementary school gym in Canton, GA when Cousin Cletus takes on “The Strong Style Psycho” Tank!

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