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Natonal Championship Wrestling Report from Cornelia on April 28

From NCW:

NCW's last show of April promised to be a big night of action, headlined by The Jagged Edge vs Simon Sermon (c) in a Cage Match.

126 rowdy fans were on hand to witness the card.

Nigel Sherrod addressed the crowd about the night's upcoming action but was cut short by Andrew Duckworth. Duckworth was steaming mad because he wasn't on the card and felt like he had been overlooked . Duckworth demanded to face the winner of the evenings main event Cage match the following week for the NCW Heavyweight Championship.

Sherrod stopped Duckworth and said that next week, it would be the returning Austin Theory taking on Andrew Duckworth and the winner of that match will receive a NCW Heavyweight Championship match.

Sherrod then welcomed Brian Gordy Love, who got a "welcome back" chant, to the NCW fans. The return to the Landmark Arena marked twenty years since Love had stepped foot in the building and he was ready to get back to work as the special guest referee in the main event. Out came Simon Sermon and Lucas Lazarus, who mocked Love by using a walking cane, Sermon quickly mocked Loves age. Sermon insinuated conspiracy, questioned the decision making of NCW by making him defend in a cage but he would walk out victorious over Jagged Edge.

NSFW (Not Safe For Wrestling) Drew Game and Ray Fury defeated The Archangel and Kurt Kyle in 7:32. A short start of offense from The Archangel was shut down by Ray Fury of NSFW. A tag into Drew Game saw a double running knee combo and a sharp kick to the head and a drop kick from Game to follow up.NSFW made frequent tags early on and targeted the smaller Archangel. Eventually the Archangel would break free using a jawbreaker and this secure a flurry of offense from Kurt Kyle. Kyle, the larger of the two took control. Two back to back roaring elbows from Kyle to Fury, were followed by a snapmare/ lower back kick combo. Kyle walked to his corner but refused to tag and quickly paid the price from Fury. A tilt -a -whirl side Russian neck breaker allowed a tag to Game, who quickly came in a house of fire . Game hit his impressive "Girl Scout Cookie" a one man , fall away slam and Samoan drop, Kyle rolled out and Archangel was quickly pinned after a double brain buster from NSFW.

AC Mack defeated Matt Gilbert in 16:35 to retain the NCW Junior Heavyweight Championship in a No Time Limit match. Just last week, Matt Gilbert took AC Mack to the limit. Mack narrowly escaped due to the 15 minute time limit, Gilbert was so impressive, he was granted a no time limit matchup. Gilbert was warmly welcomed back with "GILBERT" chants echoing throughout the building, a stark contrast to the chorus of boos AC Mack got during his entrance, interview and time stalling techniques in the opening minutes of the contest. Mack took his time circling the ring after the bell rang and the fans let him have it. Eventually Mack would start things off with the "Barefoot Bad Boy" and received a quick takedown, Mack quickly retreated to ringside. Mack came back with a open shot but was quickly sent packing once again, thanks to a return shot and dropkick from Gilbert. Gilbert missed a ring apron kick and was sent face first into the side of the ring . Mack quickly took over with a series of kicks and striking, his quickness allowed for multiple devastating strikes. Gilbert tried to fight back but was shut down. Mack used everything in sight as an advantage, ropes, turnbuckles, anything he could grab, to maintain control. Matt Gilbert fought back with some solid shots and two loud back chops, a superkick and a leg bar , only to be shut down by the NCW Junior Heavyweight Champion once again, who found his way to the ropes to break the hold. Gilbert continued to stay on top of Mack and nailed a reverse neck-breaker for a near fall. Mack kicked out at two and a half to keep the match going. Mack, with an attempted inzaguri, did not connect as Gilbert ducked and locked the leg once again. The fans were going nuts with "tap" chants but once again Mack got to the ropes , tapping as soon as he got a firm grip, Gilbert was confused on the timing and made an early celebration, Mack went to the outside to grab his championship and was stopped by the official. Mack handed the belt back and poked Gilbert in the eyes and hit a pedigree for the three count. Mack quickly left and Gilbert was visibly frustrated at the outcome.

An interview with Alan Angels aired with Angels claiming to feel Mr.Skinz needed him and that Angels would be more the willing to help.

This brought out Mr. Skinz and Hoax, who briefly addressed the fans before taking over the broadcast booth.

The 13th Floor defeated The Good Ole Boys in 10:21 in a "Backwoods Brawl" match. The long standing feud between the 13th Floor and the Good Ole Boys unfolded into a new chapter for the teams. The first ever "Backwoods Brawl" featured tools and makeshift weapons out of farming gear and junkyard finds, an all out brawl that went all over the arena. 13th Floor worked quickly to divide and conquer, both Ike Cross and Chris Bullet were determined to beat the hillbillys at their own game and pick up a much needed win. The Good Ole Boys fought back with a few cookie sheet shots to the heads of Cross and Bullet, at one point cousin Cletus gave Cross a ride on the guard rail, oh nuts! Cowbells, rope, brooms, trashcans , fishing poles and more found their way into the melee, at one point Ike Cross used a camera from ringside to punish Cousin Shaggy, who took quite the beating throughout. A diving Senton from the ring apron would knock cousin Cletus out. A springboard elbow drop would take out Shaggy. Bullet and Cross nailed a double Russian leg sweep and a superkick, almost securing a win. A springboard forearm missed as Shaggy moved out the way for a roll up on Bullet, almost a three but still not enough. Cousin Cletus was trapped ringside as Ike Cross and Chris Bullet used duct tape to tie his hands to the turnbuckles. Shaggy fought back hard, the numbers game caught up, a drive by knee knocked out the hillbilly and a stop sign mixed with a roaring forearm gave 13th Floor the victory.

Ryan Michaels defeated Jaxon Vile in 6:37. Ryan tried to start the match with a test of strength but Vile, living up to his name, spit in the face of Michaels. Vile charged with a clothesline but Michaels ducked and tried to leapfrog Vile, who caught the surprised Michaels with an atomic drop. Vile began his beatdown of the larger, more experienced veteran, taking any shortcut to even the odds . Michaels fought back with a trifecta of suplexes. Vile kicked out at one and a half and Michaels applied the cross face submission, Vile slid to the ropes as quickly as he could to break the hold.Vile slid out of the ring and grabbed Michaels legs, a trip and a forearm but Vile back in the drivers seat. Vile violently clobbered Michaels and nailed a kick to the midsection that you could hear from miles away. Vile locked in the rear chin lock to slow down the pace even further. Vile threw Michaels into the turnbuckle twice with two followup clotheslines and tried for a third but missed and Michaels hit a flying knee and drop kick to get back in the game. A flapjack and a blue thunder bomb was almost enough to put Vile away, but not quite . Vile fought back with a spear and tried for a second but Michaels applied the crossface again, Vile raked the eyes to escape. Vile tried to throw Michaels out but was caught in a sunset flip , Vile kicked out and ran into a Double Shot from Michaels, a tribute to his Uncle Rick Michaels, for the win.

McCulley and Manson defeated The Misfits (Alan Angels and Tommy Maserati) in 1:23. The "Youthful Dead" , McCulley and Manson, were on a mission to pick up a victory to add to their current winning streak. Angels and Maserati circled the duo and were cut off by the sound of Mr. Skins music. Angels rushed into the arms of Skinz and Hoax, leaving his partner Tommy Maserati to fend for himself . A double team move secured the victory for the Youthful Dead.

The Jagged Edge defeated Simon Sermon (c) w/ Lucas Lazarus in a Cage Match with special referee Brian Gordy Love in 15:03 to become the new NCW Heavyweight Champion. Sermon has held the NCW Heavyweight Championship for 9 weeks straight , with body guard Brick and manager Lucas Lazarus, Sermon has wreaked havoc and broken every rule to maintain the championship. After interference last week in the Career vs Title match, NCW officials ruled that the only way to have a fair match would be inside the confines of a steel cage. Brick was missing in action due to a broken ankle suffered in a tag match three weeks prior with Jagged Edge and Austin Theory. Things were looking grim for Simon Sermon. Sermon took his time getting in the ring, Jagged Edge was more than hyped about the match and caught the cage door right in the face when Sermon entered the ring, after several closed fists, Sermon quickly tried to climb the cage but paused and returned to kicking and punching the challenger while he had the upper hand. Sermon used the straps from his ring gear to choke the life out of Jagged Edge, desperation was the name of the game for the man from Midtown. Sermon was in full control, sending Jagged on a first class, head first flight into the unforgiving cage. A knee to the lower regions of Jagged got a two count for Sermon, who tried again yielding the same result. Sermon sent Jagged into the cage again and proceeded to continue using his straps to choke the challenger. Special referee Brian Love tried to get in the middle to separate Sermon and Jagged, Sermon went to throw Jagged for a third time and Jagged reversed the throw sending Sermon flying wildly into the cage, the blood began to flow like water. Jagged threw the champion again and takes his face against the grain and metal of the cage . This certainly wasn't the facial reconstruction Sermon was looking for. Jagged gave Sermon a taste of his own medicine as he blasted Sermon with several shots and even set Sermon up for the Shattered Dreams. Jagged with a pin attempt and caught a boot in the lower midsection for his troubles. Both men were down and out and Jagged wasn't afraid to drop to Sermons level, given what was at stake. Sermon followed up with a leg drop and knee drop, then a trip upstairs , which didn't pay off, Sermon leapt off the second turnbuckle and caught a superkick. Jagged scooped Sermon up but Sermon slipped out and pushed Jagged, back first , into the cage , followed up by more knees. Sermon walked towards the door but was caught with a roll up from Jagged. Sermon kicked out a one and called to the back. A masked person came out and tried to scale the cage , Jagged threw Sermon into the assumed back up plan. An angered Sermon got to his feet and blasted Jagged twice, a pin almost got three but stopped just a 1/2 second before. Sermon shoved special referee Brian Love and Love fired back with a wild right hand, Sermon turned around into a power slam and Jagged Edge made the cover and three count for the victory.

Triston Michaels and Tee O. Dibiase handled commentary for the first two matches, Andrew Duckworth joined Triston in the main event.

Next week:
NCW Tag Team Championship Match

The 13th Floor vs The Good Ole Boys

Austin Theory vs Andrew Duckworth

Winner receives NCW Heavyweight Championship shot!

Johnny Nixx vs David Ali

NCW Junior Heavyweight Champion AC Mack in action

Terry "The Rocker" Lawler returns to action!

Plus The Youthful Dead, Kurt Kyle and much, much more!!!!

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