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Peachstate Wrestling Alliance Report from Carrollton on May 20

Photos courtesy of Rob Brodhecker
From Larry Goodman:

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance ran their go home show for the company’s 9th anniversary event headlined by the third annual Survivor Games.

Last night’s show featured three triple threat matches involving members of the three teams participating in the Survivor Games (a variation on War Games) with a title on the line in each match.

As is always the case with the machinations of booker Rick Michaels, there was more to the story.

Ironically, for a show filled with successful storyline advances, the closing brouhaha designed to juice up the Survivor Games was the least effective among them.

Paid attendance at the VWF Fairgrounds was 233. It wouldn’t be a Peachstate show without fan drama. Police were called to the scene to investigate another alleged injury caused by a wrestler.

(1) Billy Buck pinned "Big K" Kelvin Holmes with a superkick in 4:38. Buck again got a great response. Little did they know. Holmes (in from Global) was too bland as a heel and some of his offense looked pretty iffy. Buck’s work was strong as usual. He spinebustered Holmes to set up the coup de grâce. 

Inaugural PWA Women’s Champion Crystal Rose was interrupted by Brooklyn Creed and Ventress. Creed congratulated Rose on winning the title, her tone dripping with sarcasm. Creed said they had a tag match against Pandora and a mystery partner on June 17 and she wanted to make sure Rose wasn’t said partner. Rose said she had her own fish to fry. Creed said they could assure Rose of a long title run. Rose said no thanks. Creed said good luck keeping the title without them. Creed hit the right notes with the disingenuous praise and innuendo. Peachstate fans are working up a healthy hate for her.

(2) O’Hagan (with Bill Behrens & Triston Michaels) retained the No Limits Championship over Shane Noles and Drew Adler in a triple threat match at 11:08. I got a kick out of O’Hagan’s schtick. He demanded respect and got none. Noles and Adler kept nailing him with O’Hagan stumbling around punch drunk. 

When the opportunity presented itself, O’Hagan choked the babyfaces like there was no tomorrow. Adler busted out the Mongolian Stomper stomps. Fast forward, Noles powerbombed O’Hagan and switched to Boston Crab. Adler broke it up with a jumping knee and gave the hapless O’Hagan a snap slam into a fallaway slam. Behrens ran distraction. Adler charged and Behrens pulled the ropes down to spill him out. Noles' attention was drawn to the sight of Behrens kicking Adler allowing O’Hagan to catch him with a variation of the Rocker Dropper.

Afterward, Reckoning member Zanders came out of nowhere to club O’Hagan and sprinted to the back.

(3) The Kingsmen (Drew Adler & “Nightmare” Kyle Matthews with Bill Behrens & Triston Michaels) retained the PWA tag titles over Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards) and Sal Rinauro & Ace Haven (with Amy Haven) was a no contest at 12:23. Best match of the night on a show where the wrestling was a distant second to the stories. The babyface teams (Besties, Sal & Ace) went at it until Creed made a blind tag. Sal’s stick and move tactics worked against Creed…until they didn’t. Ace made a blind tag. Sal and Ace hit the rocket launcher on Matthews. Kingsmen isolated Ace. That got the crowd into it. Kingsmen then did a number on Edwards. It built to all of the babyfaces taking their best shots at Creed, who was finally taken off his feet. Rinauro’s pin attempt was broken up by the Besties. Matthews came up empty on a splash off the top. The babyfaces quadruple teamed Matthews. 

At that point, Reckoning members Jacob Ashworth and the masked man pulled Ace and Sal out of the ring prompting referee Manson to throw the match out. 

Postmatch – dissension between Besties and Ace and Sal.

Ricky Morton was out during the intermission to autograph photos.

(4) Ricky Morton vs. A.C. Mack was a quick no contest. Morton got a standing ovation and a “rock and roll” chant. After a round of stalling by Mack and a Morton kneelift, Ashton Starr came into the ring with a giant photo of Simon Sermon. Starr said Morton was no hall of famer and Sermon was the real HOF guy. Starr said Morton was an old fart that had everything handed to him. Starr told Morton to get his ass out of the ring because he was NOT Simon Sermon. Morton slapped Starr. Mack attacked Morton from behind. Mack and Starr were putting the boots to Morton until Sermon made the save.

Morton said “sweetheart” wanted Sermon and “I do know something about tag wrestling” leading to…

(5) Ashton Starr & A. C. Mack defeated Ricky Morton & Simon Sermon in 5:45. Starr made Mack start while he stood at ringside. Sermon unnerved Mack with a game of grab ass. Sermon gave Starr a spanking that had the building roaring. Mack clipped Sermon’s knee to get the advantage. Problem was Starr was conflicted about hurting Sermon and wouldn’t help. Morton slapped Starr again and gave the heels a meeting of the minds. Match broke down from there. Mack escaped Sermon’s Manchester Driver and rolled him up using the tights while Starr held Morton’s leg to prevent the save. Match was a rollicking good time with a story. Surprising to see the legend on the losing side, but heels going over was the right thing for business as Sermon faces Starr at the Survivor Games show. Starr’s act, which got off to a slow start at Peachstate, is going great guns now.

Morton and Sermon unleashed the double dropkick on Mack after the match. 

Sermon said they might not have won the battle but they won the war. Morton thanked Peachstate and the fans.

Jason Boyd called for a moment of silence for Doug Somers.

Behrens and Triston came out to address the situation with referee Terry Hudgins. Behrens said Hudgins had not responded to the contract offer to wrestle Triston. BB reiterated that the contract stipulated they were not liable if Hudgins died during the match. Behrens said he could understand Hudgins’ being scared since he was the ref when “man’s man” Triston took a man down and schooled him in three seconds (Triston pinned an alleged Mulkey cousin in an impromptu match at the last show after kicking him in the nuts). Behrens said Hudgins was getting his dander up because he was just being fricking disrespectful and there was nothing worse. Triston spit water in Hudgins’s face. 

Hudgins said Behrens just made a big mistake because Triston was his on June 17. Fans were chanting for Hudgins. This segment was a home run. 

Behrens gleefully announced that since Hudgins left, Triston would have to referee the main event.
(5) Tommy Too Much (with Behrens) retained the PWA Heritage Championship over AJ Steele and “P Dog” Mike Posey via DQ at 4:51. P Dog is over with the kids. 

An old lady in the front row popped the crowd by inviting Tommy to kiss her patootie. Good action while it lasted. T2M resorted to skullduggery against Steele. P Dog hit the Alabama Jam on the champion but Steele broke up the pin. P Dog then got the champ in a sleeper. Reckoning leader Kevin Blue interfered and Triston was more than happy to call for the DQ.

Reckoning confronted Commissioner Eddie Layne on the stage. Blue said Reckoning disrupted the show because they had destroyed everyone and the title matches should belong to them.

Layne said he had already fired Chris Spectra (presumably the wrestler under the mask that interfered on Blue’s behalf when all wrestlers were barred from ringside). The masked man unmasked revealing Buck. 

There were many long faces in the crowd.

Layne suggested adding Reckoning into the Survivor Games but wanted to hear from the other teams. Tommy Too Much said fine with him. Steele said he never saw eye-to-eye with Tommy, but if it meant getting their hands on Blue’s punk ass, make it happened. Layne said there was one more team to hear from. P Dog answered with a punch to Blue’s face. Layne said let’s up the ante -- two rings, one cage, 16 men and ALL TITLES ON THE LINE.

Chaos ensued with all 16 men brawling all over the building and briefly spilling out into the parking lot. Steele used a walker as a weapon. Creed accidentally kicked a lady in the front row as he went over the rail. She called the cops.

Crazy as it was, they didn’t get what they hoped for out of the go-home crescendo. It was too similar to the closing scene of the April 15 show resulting in a bit of been-there-done-that feeling. The crowd never reached the fever pitch they did that night. The rainstorm put the kibosh on the original plan of an all out parking lot brawl.

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