Saturday, May 13, 2017

Wildkat Pro Wrestling Results from Metairie on May 6

From Brian Slack:

Wildkat Pro Wrestling was in Metairie, LA on May 6.  Results:  Bu Ku Dao defeated Danny Flamingo by DQ.  Flamingo retains the Wildkat Revolution championship.  Bubba Boudreaux (w/Herc LaBouef & Jace Valore) defeated El Saiko Gato.  Kylie Rae defeated Thunderkitty.  Kojak Sky & Socorro (w/Hardbody Harper) defeated Scott Phoenix & Steve Anthony.  Ryan Davidson defeated Mike Carradine.  Mike Dell defeated Greg Sharpe.  Luke Hawx vs. Matt Lancie ended in a no contest.  The Handouts (Edgerin Stone & Russell Radford) defeated The Pump Patrol (Curt Matthews & Jared Wayne).  Stevie Richards defeated J Spade to retain the Wildkat Heavyweight championship.

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