Wednesday, June 21, 2017

American Combat Wrestling Results from Port Richey on June 14

From Brian Slack:

American Combat Wrestling was in Port Richey, FL on June 14.  Results:  Nick Abrams defeated Mike Austin.  Blanco Loco defeated Braydon Knight, Chuckles, Corey Kreese and The Puerto Rican Hound Dogg in a five-way match.  Omar Amir (w/Skinny Vinny) defeated Ruby Flyer.  OPP defeated Kennedy Kendrick (w/Hunter Law & Jake Jones) by count out.  The Metro Brothers (Chris Metro & JC Metro) defeated Ryan Davis & Vertigo.  Aaron Epic (w/Asypn Rose) defeated Carlos Gabriel.  Mitch Mitchell defeated CT Brown.  Roxy Riot defeated Raven Marie.  Steven Frick defeated Devin Abrams in a no DQ match.  The Modern Day Savages (Aleki & Ati) defeated That Klassic Tag Team (Kiko Harris & Kody Kastle) and Dangerous by Design (Hunter Law & Jake Jones) in a three-way match.

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