Thursday, June 15, 2017

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment Results from Atlanta on June 9 and 10

From Atanta Wrestling Entertainment:

Results from Bobby and Stan Most Excellent Tag Team Tournament 2 at the Southern Fried Gaming Expo in Atlanta on June 9 and 10.

1st Round Friday Night:
Bracket A: The Kracken advanced after defeating the Besties in the World, who eliminated the Ugly Ducklings.

Bracket B: The Indy Card Mafia advanced upsetting the Carnies, who submitted the Spring St Suicide Squad.

Bracket C: The Submission Squad advanced defeating the Gymnasty Boys, who eliminated Roscoe Eat Lisa.

Bracket D: The Lacey Twins pinned Slade Porter and Adrian Armour. The Heisenberg Brothers left the match.

Jimmy Rave defeated Chris Mayne in singles action.

Night Two:

The Kraken eliminated The Indy Card Mafia in Semifinal action.

The Submission Squad defeated the Lacey Twins in the other semifinal match.

Slade Porter won the Pinbrawl Battle Royal.

The Kraken defeated Submission Squad to win the 2017 Bobby and Stan Most Excellent Tag Tournament.

Su Yung defeated Priscilla Kelly...after the match Priscilla attacked Su with a kendo stick and said this was not over!

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