Thursday, June 15, 2017

NWA Southeastern Results from Pavo on June 3

It was a memorable night Saturday for a good cause, the Salvation Army, brought to you by members of both SWA and NWA Southeastern.

It opened with the arrival of Re-Genesis, led by Mason Price. He said that just like 2 weeks ago with Hunter Law, he had decided to send another Champion, the Deep South Heavyweight Champion Hayden Price, on a well-deserved vacation for his decisive win over Effy at Relentless.

Hunter Law thanked Mason and his brethren for their magnanimous gesture in the form of a holiday. He said that he was back, refreshed, and had even brought his family to the show that night. He brought into the ring his brother, Brandon Law, saying that he had been training to be a wrestler and that he wanted to join them in their crusade.

Brandon posed with the other men…until they attacked him from behind and tossed him from the ring.
Hunter then got back on the mic, saying that he had a new family in the form of Re-Genesis!

Upon further reflection, Price said that he felt that none of the Re-Genesis needed to prove themselves and felt they all deserved a night off.

With that, music filled the building and out to the ring came…Blaze?! He got on the mic and said that there was new management in NWA with the acquisition by Billy Corgan. He said that there was also new management in NWA Southeastern…a new commissioner…and that man was himself!

He said that Mason had abused his power long enough…and now he was making some changes. That meant that all the members of Re-Genesis will be in action that evening!
He said everyone knew how Mason & Tony would fair in tag team action…so, tonight, they would see how they did in singles matches. He told Landon that he would also be in action here tonight. Lastly, he said that Hunter would be defending his Deep South Cruiserweight Championship against the #1 contender for that Title…the former Champion, “The PopStar” Johnny Romano!

As the group of visibly unhappy men headed to the back, it was then time for the first match of the evening. This match saw the team of Bred 4 War, who came just short of defeating the Deep South Tag Team Champions weeks earlier, taking on the team of two other tag team contenders in the Knightmare Syndicate and Dark Rage. All 6 men got involved at one time or another in the match individually for their team until all 6 men made their way into the match. As bodies began to fly, it was Aiden Knight who hit Fatality with the Ex Oblivion, his brother Jake hitting the Knightfall from the top rope, and him getting the cover that earned them & Rage the victory on this night.

Up next, it was a battle of big men as the SWA Heavyweight Champion Ox Haney took on Shawn Hunter of the dominant team known as the Gentleman’s Club. These big bulls took the fight to one another, Hunter showing why he was deserving of facing the Champion and Haney continuing to show why he is the Champion. Finally, it was Ox delivering a devastating side knee GTS, a move he calls the Never Wake Up, which earned him the victory on this occasion.

As earlier in the evening it was announced that his brother would be in singles action, fellow Punkadelic James came to the ring in hopes of finding himself a fight as well. He did not have to look far, as music played and out to the ring came an old foe in the form of Street Bandit. These two immediately sought to reignite their old war, taking the fight to one another but seeming to know what the other planned time in and time out. Morrison pulled out a new trick and hit Bandit with the Rider of the Storm, his version of the TKO neck breaker, for the win.

In the first of four matches for Re-Genesis, “The Evolution” Landon Lashley took on Jay Salvation. Despite Salvation’s continual offense, he could not have foreseen Lashley’s cruel tactics in the form of a referee’s temporary distraction from a steel chair, a low blow, and the Evo Drop that caused him to lose Saturday tonight.

After a brief intermission, it was set to be the 2nd Re-Genesis member match as one-half of the Deep South Tag Team Champions, Mason Price was set to take on a mystery opponent. That opponent would turn out to be…the man that Re-Genesis had taken out earlier in the night, Brandon Law! Law showed the skills he had learned in his time of training, but the veteran Price seemed too much for him to contend with. If this were not enough, members of Mason’s crew made their way to ringside as well. Per the new commissioner’s decree earlier in the night, the referee took to the outside to head them off and get them back to the back. With his back turned, Punkadelic Morrison slipped in from behind and knocked out Price and pulled Brandon on top of Mason. As the referee turned, he ran back down to the ring and counted the three for an upset victory for the young upstart Brandon Law!

This was followed by the other member of the Deep South Tag Team Champions, Tony Storm, taking on the other half of the Punkadelics, Vinny. In a feud that has been going on for years it seems, these two men took the squared circle to stop their war of words and continue their battle for supremacy. Early on, Vinny went for the leg of Storm, attempting to lock in the Texas Cloverleaf to no avail. As the match wore on, Tony fought of the Punk, pulling out a barrage of moves to try and stop Vinny. It wasn’t until Storm went for his version of the Razor’s Edge that Vinny countered out and locked in the Cloverleaf again…that Storm was forced to tap out for fear of sustaining long-term damage.

In the main event of the evening, it was set to be the one-on-one return match for Johnny Romano for the Deep South Cruiserweight Title the was taken from him in a 3-way match just months prior by Hunter Law. After having defeated Fatality the one month before, Romano was finally getting the match he deserved. Seeing how effective it was before, Hunter went for the knee of the PopStar, going to work to stop Romano from using his signature superkick. However, Johnny answered this with the MMM-Bop Drop. Unfortunately, Law countered out and clipped the knee of the PopStar. In a vulnerable position, Hunter yelled “off with his head” and struck Romano with a debilitating running knee to the cranium of Johnny, a move he calls the Headbanger. Visibly unconscious, Law was able to secure the victory and retain the Title.

The other members of Re-Genesis made their way down to the ring to join their victorious Champion. Before they could continue the assault of Romano, it was the Punks, the Syndicate, Dark Rage, and many others of the group’s opposition coming down to fend them off.

This was followed by the arrival of the new commissioner, who informed them that in just two weeks, he has made a few more matches for the next NWA Southeastern event, dubbed “Vindicated”. He said that the missing member of their crew, the Deep South Heavyweight Champion Hayden Price will “run the gauntlet”! He also said that Hunter will defend his Title against another worthy competitor. Finally, he says that Mason & Tony will defend their Titles…not just against the Punks…NOT just against the Knightmare Syndicate…and NOT just Bred 4 War. Instead, he says that they will defend against ALL 3 teams in a 4-way elimination match!

What other matches will be made now that there seems to be a new sheriff in town?

Guess we will have to wait until June 17th to find out!

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