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NWA Southeastern Results from Pavo on June 17

“Control your own destiny…or someone else will.” This is a famous quotation that seems very apt for the events that took place Saturday night, June 17. Titles were defended, wars were waged, and power was fought for. With the biggest show of the summer for NWA Southeastern looming, “Vindicated” was set to be a momentous night.

As instructed at the end of the last show, the show opened with “The Evolution” Landen Lashley seated in a chair awaiting the new G.M. Blaze’s mystery opponent for him on this evening as the NWA Southeastern fans filed into the Peacock Center in Pavo, GA.

After a little bit of waiting, music filled the building and out to the ring came an unknown masked man in black. Being informed before the show, “The Remedy” Will Hall informed everyone, including Lashley, this man had declared himself as Onyx.

Onyx immediately took the fight to Landen, but Lashley was able to get control at many turns.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Onyx was hit with the Evo Drop.

However, Effy came down to ringside and, turning the tables, was able to distract Lashley long enough for Onyx to get back to his feet. Onyx hit Landen with a spear that sent them both to the outside.
As the referee began to count, both men looked completely out of it. In the latter part of the count though, both men slowly made their way back up.

As Effy looked on, both men got to their feet, but it was Onyx who was able to roll in by the count of 10 and was declared the winner.

Up next, it was the “The Popstar” Johnny Romano taking on the newcomer Brandon Law, fresh off an upset victory over Mason Price just weeks before. As both men shook hands, the rookie quickly took the fight to Romano, but the clearly more experienced Johnny seemed to have an answer for Brandon’s offense. Catching Romano off-guard, Law locked in a unique one-legged Boston crab submission hold, which he calls the Law Breaker, which looked to spell the end of the PopStar’s night.

However, Mason Price and Hunter Law ran down and knocked Brandon off, forcing the referee to call for the bell and award the decision to Hunter’s brother via disqualification.

As Johnny argued with the ref, telling him that he was not responsible for ReGenesis’s actions, Mason & Hunter made their intentions clear. They pulled out a ReGenesis t-shirt and tossed it to Romano, telling him that they liked him and thought he would make a great edition to their group.

Reluctantly at first, Johnny seemed to refuse the offer. However, after looking at them, then to the fans...he smiled at them…and happily put on the t-shirt to solidify his amalgamation to ReGenesis.
The third match of the evening saw the Georgia Bulldog fanatic Michael Enfinger taking on Bred 4 War’s Fatality. Fatality was followed to the ring by the masked enigma known as Agony. As the match wore on, Fatality & Agony used many distractions to keep the match in their favor. Finally, it was a distraction by Fatality and a sneak attack by Agony that sealed the victory for the Bred 4 War member on this occasion.

This was followed by Hunter Law defending the Deep South Cruiserweight Title against a former champion in “The #1 Stunner” Dark Rage. With fellow ReGenesis members Mason & Romano at Law’s side, Rage showed no intention of calling off his Title shot for this reason. Late in the contest, Rage was able to hit a beautiful Rock Bottom variation that looked to spell defeat for the Champion. As the referee counted the 3, though, it was a foot on the rope that caused the match to continue…a foot placed on the rope by Price from the outside. Rage saw this and went to confront Mason. However, the referee told him he’d take care of things…sending Price to the back for getting involved in the match. With the ref’s back turned, Hunter was able to hit the illegal low blow and the Headbanger that was able to help him retain the Deep South Cruiserweight Title on this night.

Romano jumped in the ring and celebrated with his new ReGenesis brethren. The 3 men posed together, looking to be a cohesive unit. However, the new member was slowly able to back away from Price & Hunter and catch them with a double low blow. He quickly tore off his ReGenesis shirt and jumped to the outside to a huge ovation, looking on at his results. As Mason & Law collected their bearings, they took to either side of the ring in an attempt to surround their turncoat. The PopStar quickly scurried back into the ring and, as Price & Hunter followed, they were met by the arrival of the Punkadelics and Effy. As all 4 men stood in some sort of allegiance, the two Regenesis members thought better and made their way to the back, stating that they’d get them all back in due time.

After a brief intermission, it was time for ladies action as the Ladies Champion Roxy Rouge took on the Spanish-speaking senorita known as Dynamite Didi. The fur was flying in this fight as these two competitors took it to one another in hopes of gaining the victory. Pinfall after pinfall and submission after submission occurred with each women seeming unable to put the other away. Finally, it was Rouge who hit the Killswitch and was able to get the victory on this occasion.

The penultimate match of the evening pitted the Deep South Heavyweight Champion “Flash ‘n’ Cash” Hayden Price in a non-title gauntlet match against opponents picked by the new G.M.

The first of these saw Hayden take on Daryl Stronghold. The fiery youngster came out swinging, but the Champion was somewhat quickly able to subdue him with his Price Check finisher.

This was followed by the arrival of “The Liberator of the Southeast Masses” Jay Salvation. Jay was able to get in a bit more offense until a huge boot took down the big man and took Hayden to 2-0.

The third competitor saw the first appearance of the man known as Dann Lydon. The quick and fast-moving Lydon went to work on the man who showed some tiredness having already wrestled twice. However, as Lydon went for a maneuver it was countered into another Price Check for the win.

Finally, music began to play and out to the ring came a somehow familiar looking masked man dubbed…the Olympian?! Unsure of whom it was at first, Hayden quickly seemed to figure out who is was and look to take out an old foe in quick fashion. Counter after counter and reversal after reversal, it was a roll-up out of nowhere on the already groggy Price that earned the victory for the mysterious masked man.

As Hayden looked on at his masked opponent, the mask was removed to reveal…the Feminist Icon, Effy! As Price went for the attack, he was side-stepped and sent to the outside. Visibly upset, the Champion grabbed his title and left as the victorious Effy celebrated in the ring.

As the crowd settled in for the main event, it was set to be a 4-way, elimination, tag team match for the Deep South Tag Team Championships. The challengers in the match each made their way to the ring; Bred 4 War, the Knightmare Syndicate, and the Punkadelics. It was then that the reigning Champions Mason Price & Tony Storm made their way to the ring. Starting with two members of two different teams, tags to other men on the outside got each team involved in the match.

As Tony and Mason held one member of B4W on the outside, it was Vinny of the Punks getting the pin and eliminating B4W from the match.

As the match continued, both the Punks & the Knights took the fight to the Champions. With quick tags, it looked like a foregone conclusion that there would be new Champions on the horizon. As the Knights look to do a double superplex on Price from the top rope, it was an amazing double powerbomb out of the corner by Storm that earned him a victory and brought the match to just ReGenesis & the Punks.
The two teams continued to battle each looking to get the upper hand. As Vinny whipped Storm out of the corner, it was the ref who was too fast for his own good, getting himself splashed by both men in the corner, taking him out. As the referee lay on the mat, other members of Regenesis, Effy, & Romano made their way down to the ring and a brawl ensued.

As the referee came to and saw that members both teams were fighting with outside parties, the match was deemed a no contest and was thrown out.

As the 8 men continued to battle, it was the G.M. Blaze who was able to cease the battle for just a bit.

He informed Mason & Regenesis that their power over NWA Southeastern may soon come to an end. He said that as the man designated by the NWA to run things there was not enough room for both to have power…so he was putting up his stake in the company against Mason.

However, the only way he would relinquish his stake would be if ReGenesis was able to win one match. That match would be an 8-man, tag team, elimination match.

Regenesis’ team, comprised of Mason Price, Tony Storm, Hayden Price, & Hunter Law would face off with 4 men of his choosing.

Blaze continued by saying that his four men would be: Effy, James & Vinny of the Punkadelics, and…Johnny Romano!

He ended by saying that this match would take place on July 15 at the Summer Showcase…and that by the end of that night…either Mason or Blaze would have full control over NWA Southeastern!
What will the outcome of that match be?!

The only way to find out will be there at the Peacock Center in Pavo, GA.

The stars will be out on that night…will you?!

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