Wednesday, July 12, 2017

All-Star Wrestling Network Results from Fort Valley on July 7

From GWH News:

All-Star Wrestling Network was in Fort Valley, GA on July 7.  Results:  Kameron Kade defeated Johnny Nixx.  Damien Bennett defeated Cameron Jackson.  Michael Stevens & Fry Daddy defeated Zac Edwards & Gunner Miller.  Bill the Butcher (w/Oscar Worthy) vs. Pain ended in a no contest.

Notes:  The next AWN event will be on July 21.  The following matches have been made:  Bill the Butcher vs. Drew Adler to unify the AWN Heavyweight and the WrestleMerica Heavyweight championships.  Tyson Dean vs. Fry Daddy.  Johnny Nixx vs. Kameron Kade.  Damien Bennett vs. Cameron Jackson vs. Stunt Marshall in a triple threat match.  Michael Stevens vs. Zac Edwards in an I Quit loser leaves AWN match. 

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