Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Resolute Pro Wrestling Results from Crossville on July 28

**GM Dustin John's announces Shane Smalls is injured and cannot meet the 60-day title defense requirement, therefore, vacating the *RESOLUTE* Wrestling Pound 4 Pound Championship**

1. Brian Valor defeated Frankie Swamptower, Dallas Troy & Mutant Garvin in a 4 Corners Elimination Match to qualify for the vacant P4P Title Match next week (August 4th) at Summer Sizzler.

[Troy eliminated Garvin with a Death Valley Driver. Swamptower eliminated Troy with a Swamp Drop. Valor eliminated Swamptower with a Valor Bomb.]

2. Toby Farley defeated Jayke Murphy in a very competitive back and forth match up.

3. In a battle of returning faces to *RESOLUTE* Wrestling Brian Rivers defeated Jaden Newman to qualify for the vacant P4P Title Match next week at Summer Sizzler.

[Valor w/ Billy Lobo Jr. blindsided Rivers only to be thrown to the floor while Lobo suffered a vicious Texas Lariat for his troubles.]

4. Christopher Carlton pinned Tiger Kid with a Here It Is Driver.

[Carlton vs. Ring Of Honor's Caprice Coleman is announced for next week at The Summer Sizzler.]

5. Cole-Rageous retained the *RESOLUTE* Wrestling Tag Team Championships against Freak N Sadistic in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match.

[Sean Stephen's shoved Draven Lee to the mat and left him alone & confused in the ring to end the night.]

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