Saturday, June 2, 2018

SFCW Belles at the Brawl Report from Monroe on June 1

From Larry Goodman:

Charles Anschutz' brainchild of an all-women’s show came to fruition in fine fashion at Belles of the Brawl. I think ole Charles would have been pleased.

The matches were good despite several late adjustments to the lineup. I wouldn't say any of them were mat classics. Priscilla Kelly was the standout performer. The angles matchmaker Todd Sexton added to spice things up worked exceedingly well. The table has been set for Shindig V tonight.

Attendance at Nowell Rec Center was 200+. Crowd was super supportive of the performers all night long, as the show developed into a celebration of women’s wrestling.

(1) Maddi Maxx defeated Crystal Rose (with Ace Heffner) in 6:30. It helped that these women were of equal size. Rose is an effective heel. She got surprising heat for a simple hair pull cut off leading into the finish. Maxx had a Last Chancery applied so Heffner ran distraction. Rose rolled Maxx up using tights right in front of referee Slim who refused to count. Maxx kicked Rose right in the face to score the pinfall. The finish looked great and got a big reaction.

(2) Aja Perera defeated Dani Jordyn in 11:49. Perera has become a more polished performer with a stronger ring presence and added muscle on her physique. The crowd got into the ring entrance for her “Extraterrestrial” character. Best of Perera’s offense was a crossbody and senton to the Jordyn’s back and butterfly suplex. Jordyn took over with a bulldog on the ring frame. They worked a faster pace than all but the main event. Some iffy spots due to Jordyn’s inexperience. She did a rolling thunder elbow drop that looked ridiculous. Jordyn hung Perera in the tree of woe and slapped her belly. They did the strong style trading of strikes. Jordyn went for the kill and missed. Perera pinned her with a variation of a hammerlock face plant. Match was as good as Perera could make it.

Nigel Sherrod came out to talk about “Fight for Moolah” project and how Charles had wanted to honor Bambi. Sherrod did a great job of providing context to their importance to an all-women’s show in Georgia. Sherrod introduced Bambi to a nice pop and a “Bambi” chant. Bambi said she had just celebrated her 52nd birthday and still loved wrestling after 32 years in the business. Bambi said she watched Moolah growing up, and it was a shame the Mania battle royal being named in her honor was taken away due to internet rumors.

Rose and Heffner returned. They ran Bambi down for being a thing of the past, an old lady with an 80’s hairstyle. Bambi said she didn’t know a lot of the girls on the show but the fans told her Rose was called “Crystal Meth”. Chant ensued. Bambi decked Rose and Heffner for a great pop. This segment got over better than I would have ever envisioned.

(3) Double D Rose defeated Savannah Evans 9:18. Rose used her formidable buttocks as her primary weapon throughout the match, complete with Rikishi butt slaps and a coconut butt impervious to Evans’ blows. Strong heel/face dynamic here as the crowd was into Rose and did not like Evans one bit. Evans got a close near fall with a DDT. Rose won it with a shotgun dropkick followed by a butt drop.

Brooklyn Creed said she wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle. Stormie Lee came out with Francisco Ciatso and said that made her an automatic winner. We were scheduled so I automatically win because not medically cleared. Creed said a heathen always has a back up plan and introduced the blonde Amazon, Gina Von Muscles.

(4) Stormie Lee (with Francisco Ciatso) defeated Jenna Van Muscles in 5:48. Lee took tremendous bumps for Von Muscles, who is green in the ring but visually quite impressive. Lee attacked the legs of the powerhouse to get the advantage and went to town on her. Von Muscles let Lee whip her. That should have never happened. As Lee was taking a beating, Ciatso jumped in to take a body slam from Von Muscles for the pop of the match. Lee rolled Von Muscles up using the tights. Match was fairly entertaining thanks to Lee.

Brooklyn offered Von Muscles her spot in the mixed tag at Shindig V to get revenge on Lee and Ciatso.

Dr. Joseph Brock III entered the ring intent on disrespecting the talent and ring announcer Ricki Lyn Nelms. Brock said the wrestling had been pathetic except for Stormie Lee and Ricki Lyn was even worse than regular ring announcer Rick Richards (she was actually fine). 6:05 Crew (Chris Nelms and Justin Legend) along with partner Rick Michaels surrounded the ring. Ricki Lyn shoved Brock down and kicked him in the ass. Michaels cut a passionate promo to hype their match with JB Enterprises at Shindig V. Said they were going to put JB Enterprises in the Hall of Shame and Ricki Lyn was more of man than Brock would ever be.

(5) “Hell’s Favorite Harlot” Priscilla Kelly defeated “From the Holy Chapel of Blue Pants” Leva Bates in 11:40. Bates made an inspired choice, coming out to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” in nun regalia with a cross and holy water. The crowd was entertained but not entirely sure what to make of it. The risqué moment of the night was Kelly sticking her hand down her tights before locking up. Bates sprayed Kelly’s hand with the holy water. Kelly bit the arm of Bates, who howled about getting rabies. Kelly was doing a lot of talking as she dished out a beating. Bates freaked Kelly out by holding up a cross and locked in crossface. Kelly right back at her with stiff kicks and forearms. Bates applied a dragon sleeper in the ropes. Kelly hit an STO for a near fall and bit Bates in the neck while grounding her with a body scissors. Bates unleashed a martial arts attack of sorts and hit her best move the match, a northern lights suplex. Bates got a close near fall with a top rope double stomp to Kelly’s back. Kelly hit two high angle back suplexes and a running kick to the head but couldn’t put Bates away. Kelly picked up the cross. Bates kicked the cross into Kelly’s face and got the win with the Unprettier. Kelly was clearly the best technical wrestler on the show. Her offense was crisp and she delivered her strikes with authority. Bates kept things interesting at all times although she couldn’t really hang with Kelly as a wrestler.

Brooklyn (she made a great Mistress of Ceremonies) asked the fan to give it up for the women of Belles of the Brawl. The show ended with all of the women wrestlers in the ring with fans on feet applauding.

NOTES: Su Yung and Kiera Hogan had to cancel due to Impact commitments…Adam Vance and Jessica Leigh were the announce team for the video. Leigh is out of action with two broken metatarsal bones in her left foot…Azrael, Fred Yehi and Darby Allin were backstage…Charlie Smith and Tetchi Makugi were in the house…Referees were David Weakley, Harold Martin, Triston Michaels and the aforementioned Slim.

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