Saturday, August 4, 2018

Pro Wrestling EGO Results from Jackson on July 28

Joshua O'Hagan retained his Zero Alliance Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in a 3-way dance against Alex Graves and Jaxson Vile.  

The Path of Nightmares retained their Tag Team Championships against Dylan Cook and Daniel Perez.

Jd Jenkins beat Kelvin Hytes by count out when Hytes left the ring due to the fans calling him Burger King.

Ursa Major w/Sterdust beat Wes Warren w/Alex Graves and Cowboy Scott.

Rey Fury defeated Pride Champion O'Shay Edwards by disqualification when Kelvin (Big KG) Hytes attacked Fury. Jd Jenkins made the save and challenged O'Shay Edwards and Hytes to fight Fury and himself in a tag team match.

Rey Fury and Jd Jenkins beat O'Shay Edwards and Kelvin Hytes

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