Saturday, August 4, 2018

Stunt Wins Futures Showcase Tournament

From Larry Goodman:

“Mr. Fun Size” Marko Stunt, all 5-2 and 115 pounds of him, emerged as the winner of the first Scenic City Invitational Futures Tournament. 

The tounament format -- nine competiors, three-way matches -- worked well. Each of the tournament matches offered something different. 

The field was filled with talented people that have true potential. 

Absurd as it may seem, Stunt winning was the perfect outcome, The guy has balls of steel and charisma to burn. It was the feel good moment of the weekend thus far.

(1) Special Attraction Match: Isiah Frazier (with Coach Gator) pinned David Ali in 4:37 with a double underhook DDT. The played off Ali/Frazier thing by doing a mix of boxing and wrestling. Good match.

(2) Jaden Newman defeated O’Shay Edwards and Mr. Brickster in 9:10. Edwards had Brickster beaten with a Blackhole Slam. Newman then clocked Edwards and stole the pin.

(3) Kevin Ku defeated Austin Jordan and Sean Legacy in 3:23. Ku gave Legacy a gutwrench lungblower and piledrove Jordan on top of him for a double pin.

(4) Marko Stunt defeated Alan Angels and Josie Quinn in 7:20. Stunt hit a top rope double stomp on Angels followed by a 450 on Quinn.

(5) IFHY (Shawn Kemp & Jonathan Wolf) defeated ADM (Will Allday & Brock Baker) in 8:51. Kemp pinned Baker with a Spinal Tap. This was horrible with guys doing stuff they weren’t equipped to do. Glad nobody got injured.

(6) Marko Stunt defeated Kevin Ku and Jaden Newman in 5:56 to win the tournament. Stunt did a sit spin rana and a springboard rana leading to a tilt a satellite codebreaker on Ku for the pin.

Kyle Matthews presented Stunt with the medal as tournament winner. Stunt received a standing O.

NOTES Scott Hensley auctioned off a show poster signed by all of the participants. A back and forth bidding ran all the way up to $275 with Rob Brodhecker taking home the prize…Will Alday is the brother of minor league baseball player Forrestt Allday…The referees were Tyler Thomas, Aaron Noyes and Doug Markham. Joinin Dylan Hales on commentary for the video production was Tim Livingston, who does commentary for Phoenix Pro Wresting in California…The ring announcer was Donnie Uptown.

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