Thursday, October 4, 2018

WWA4 Report from Atlanta on Septembrr 27

From Rob Brodhecker:

It's been a while since I've been to a WWA4 Thursday night free show. They have several new trainees working matches tonight so I'll be somewhat lenient in my report. Seven matches are scheduled.

Triple Threat match for the WWA4 title. Talon Onyx v Mason Tyler v Bobby Flaco

Mason bails as soon as the bell rings. Talon and Bobby hook up. Bobby gets a near fall right off and but Mason blindsides Bobby off the cover and then drills Talon. The backstory is that Mason had stolen the title from Bobby's possession. Bodies are flying around and out of the ring. Bobby hits the Mex-factor for a near fall on Talon. Mason isolating on Talon but Talon squirms free. Bobby with a near fall on Mason. Talon hits a DDT on Bobby for a very close 3 count. Cutter by Bobby leads to a Coup de gras on Mason for the 3 count. Time 7:09. Good match to start off with, spots in the right spots and timing of the spots were spot on.

Kavron Kaynon promo. Says he has dirt on everyone at WWA4 and wants an Internet Title match. Gets denied. Gets another match instead. Coyote Sandstorm comes out, Kavron wants a last man standing match and Coyote agrees.

Last man standing match: Kavron Kaynon v Coyote Sandstorm

Kanyon attacks straight away but Coyote slips away. The action spills out of the ring and Coyote gets posted. back in the ring, Coyote gets a 5 count. Kanyon goes for a shoulder tackle in the corner but Coyote moves out of the way. He gives Kanyon a low-blow and then a DDT. Kanyon up at 6. Wicked clothesline by Kanyon. Tilt a whirl DDT by Coyote leads to a 9 count. Powerbomb GTS by Kayon gets a 9 and7/8ths. Kanyon delivers a tombstone piledriver from the middle turnbuckle. Coyote is out. Time 6:52. Kanyon drags Coyote out of the ring and to the back. Kanyon becomes the number 1 contender for the WWA4 title. Kanyon's promo work has improved greatly. Coyote, though undersized, has an interesting gimmick, a sort of a survivalist/Mad Max theme going on.

AR Fox and Liam Gray v Sean Dean and ??

Fox cuts a promo on Ashton Starr who isn't here. Dean says that he will wrestle by himself. Dean starts off hot on both men until the numbers game catches up. Double teams now on Dean. Dean fighting through but gets planted again. More double teams. Fox and Gray go up top, Gray ties a frog splash, Dean gets the knees up, Fox goes for a Swanton and Dean gets the knees up again. Dean suplexes both men. Dementia D'rose hits the ring in support of Dean and clears house. Action to the outside, Gray takes out Fox by accident. Dean goes flying and takes out Fox and Gray. Back in the ring. Gray barely gets a leg on the rope to prevent a 3 count. Gray holds onto Demtia's leg so Fox can get a high kick to the head in. Fox and Gray try for a double super suplex on Dementia from the second rope, Dean comes in and powerbombs everyone. Fox and Gray go up for splashes but Dean and Dementia move out of the way. Double team on Fox(powerbomb onto Dean's knees followed but a Canadian Destroyer from the middle turnbuckle by Dementia) gets the 3 count. time: 11:39.

"Remarkable" Ryan Rembrandt (w Lorenzo) v Austin Theory

It's been a while since I've seen Theory in action, he's looking jacked as ever. Rembrandt is looking pumped as well. Nice dropkick by Theory. Theory in control until Ryan drapes Theory's arm over the top rope. Posts the shoulder. Ryan on the attack. Comeback by Austin until a nice belly to belly by Ryan. Ryan working on the arm. Nice fisherman's suplex by Ryan. Austin just muscles his way up. Ryan keeps going back to the arm. Austin comeback gets a 2 count. Ryan with a Walls of Jericho. He drags Austin into the middle of the ring and switches it up with a cross-face. Austin powers his way out but sells the arm. Buckle-bomb by Austin. Off the rebound, Ryan hits a belly to back suplex. Both men down. Both men trading blows from their knees, Ryan getting the better of that exchange. Ryan trying to do a superplex but Austin squirms out and hits his finisher but Ryan kicks out. Austin closes in and almost gets schoolboy'ed. Fluery of offense by Ryan almost pins Austin. Rolling drop kick by Austin sets up his finisher for the 3 count. Time: 15:19. Lorenzo in the ring to check on Ryan. Lorenzo offers his hand to Austin(Lorenzo used to manage Austin at WWA4) and Austin punks him out. Ryan's upset that Lorenzo wanted to shake Austin's hand and delivers a huge slap to Lorenzo's face and Ryan leaves. A "You deserved it." chant from the fans directed at Lorenzo

Ayla Fox promo. Bringing in some outside talent to the Thursday night live shows.

Kaine Jaiden v Fry Daddy

Kaine is a smaller guy, only weighing in at 125, with aqua colored hair. Fry comes out to a huge pop. Fry is having some difficulties with Kaine's smaller size but quickly adjusts. Fry firmly in control until Kaine drapes Fry's arm over the top rope. Kaine posts Fry's arm. Kaine working the arm. Kaine's looking good here, not sure where he's from but he's a good worker. Unique submission attempt by Kaine. The talented feet of Fry begins his comeback. Kaine cuts him off and gets a 2 count. He yells at the ref about laying off the donuts and making quicker counts. Off the distraction, Fry hits the Cut Line for the 3 count. Time: 6:03.

Semi-Main event: Alex Kaine v Lee Johnson

Two of the newer trainees here at WWA4. Liam Gray comes out and attacks the ref and puts on the ref's shirt. Apparently some history between Gray and Lee. Mat wrestling to start with. Gray isn't paying that much attention. Cane rolls Alex over and Gray tries for a very fast 2 count. Gray does it again. More mat wrestling, Cane levels Alex with a vicious shoulder tackle. Gray does a slow count on Lee's pin attempt. Slow corner counts by Gray. Gray's attempts at frustrating Lee are wearing on him, includes taking a selfie with some fans at ringside. Comeback by Alex. Alex's getting pissed at Gray. Submission on Alex. Alex spears Lee for a near fall. Alex getting pissed at Gray. Powerbomb by Alex gets the victory. Time: 12:47. Gray's antics as the ref helped stretch out the match between the trainees and was actually well played.

Main Event: Jack Kujo v Tommy Maserati

Kujo wants a fair, one on one matchup with no interference by Fox or the rest of the Skulk. Maserati agrees but since Kujo had a title match last week this match will be a non-title match and that it also be a no DQ match...for Maserati. Kujo can still be DQ'ed. Maserati is taking full advantage of the no DQ stip. This is a match of high flyers and high risks. Tommy brings a chair into the ring but Kujo wrangles it away. The ref grabs the chair to prevent Kujo's DQ. Maserati locks in a rear naked choke, Kujo makes the ropes but the ref can't force the break. Kujo breaks free and goes on the attack. Maserati grabs the chair again and sets Kujo up for a suplex but Kujo reverses it. Maserati inadvertently hits the ref and that leads to a Kujo comeback. Goes for a sliced bread but Maserati tosses him off and over the top rope. Maserati on the outside and grabs a workout bench and sets it up ringside. Drags Kujo outside. Kujo reverses and backdrops Maserati onto the bench. Kujo has Maserati pinned but Adrian Alanis pulls out the ref out of the ring and knocks him silly. Alanis rips the ref's shirt off and tries to put on the shirt. While Alanis struggles to put on the shirt. Kujo rolls up Maserati and the original ref makes the 3 count. Time 11:13. The Skulk attack Kujo. Sean Dean and Dementia and Lee Johnson come out and make the save. Dean tosses Gray over the top rope and onto the other members of the Skulk. I liked this match, good storytelling and it advances the story towards the inevitable showdown between the Skulk and the rest of the locker room. Solid B.

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