Friday, September 21, 2012

September 22 Future of Wrestling event in Deerfield Beach, FL

From Brian Slack:
Future of Wrestling will be at the Deerfield Indoor Sports Complex in Deerfield Beach, FL on September 22nd. Advertised: Tommy Vandal defends the FOW Heavyweight championship against Aron Agony in a ladder match. Jesse Neal vs. Maxx Stardom. Johnny Vandal defends the FOW Old School International championship against Anthony Michaels and Milo Beasley in a 3 way match. Illuminati (MDK, Erik Storm & Shane McClane)(w/Seth Gregg) vs. The Hardliners (Barrington Hughes & Jordan Rayner) & Dash Maverick (w/Big Daddy Gonzo). AOD (Sean Allen & Beast) (w/Snakemaster) defends the FOW Tag Team championships against JoJo & Derek Drexl (w/"Trillionaire" Ted Vernon). "Diva Beater" Sienna DuVall defends the NWA Ring Warriors Battling Bombshell championship against La Rosa Negra. TECH Squad vs. Sin City (Ricky Vega & Turbo Ted) (w/Richard Von Dutch). FOW Old School Battle Royal featuring JR James, Dennis Allen, Derek Allen, Flex Magnum, Big Daddy Gonzo, JJ Kodiak, "Mr. New York" Gil Canatella, Jed Diamond, Larry Lane, Mike Peskin, Chris Charger, Bad Dog Bullock, Blare Rogers, Mike Blake and Casey Thompson. Tickets are $10 adult advance, $12 adult at the door and $5 children under 12. Bell time is at 7:30. For more information call (561)305-7208.

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