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September 28 Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia, GA

Larry Goodman:

With the Fright Night 15 a mere 28 days away and counting, Anarchy Wrestling set the table for the annual Halloween spectacular with another quality show in Cornelia, GA.

In the ring, last night's show was as good if not better than any of the recent TV tapings. The general consensus was that the second hour of television (featuring the Elite vs. Alabama Attitude and Mikael Judas vs. Urban Assault Squad) was the stronger of the two.

Story elements that were introduced in a seemingly random, scattershot fashion months ago have been developed into cohesive storylines. In hindsight, Anarchy made the right decision by holding off on a big show this summer because the things they were cooking up needed more time to marinate.

I was reminded anew of the enriched learning environment Anarchy provides for aspiring wrestlers. There is an attention to detail that I don't see at the other independent shows around the state. Bill Behrens is known to be a guy that pays attention to such things, and he gets a lot of help from the substantial veteran presence in the locker room.

The downside of this show was the crowd. Only 85 in attendance at the Anarchy Arena and not good for TV as the bleachers were almost completely empty. Crowd reactions were notably weak, particularly in the first half. We've seen this movie before in Cornelia -- lousy crowds for the TV tapings followed by a big turnout for the major show.

Bret Wolverton opened the show with hype fo the Geter vs. Mikael Judas cage match at Fright Night and reminded fans that the no touch or else caveat in effect until the big night. Wolverton also announced the return of Gunner at Fright Night vs. Corey Hollis.

(1) Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) defeated Dango Wynn & Vandal in 9:07. Not much suspense about the outcome with Bullets going against a makeshift team. Trey interfered to start heat on Dango. Bullets doing less and getting way more out of it, which absolutely the right thing for an opener. They are beyond obnoxious. Jon double stomped Wynn as he tried to crawl through his legs. That'll teach you. Wynn with a double DDT and the tag was made to Vandal. Bullets messed up and Vandal rolled up Jon for a near fall. Trey made the save after Wynn hit his reverse top rope splash on Jon. One well placed poke in the eye and Wynn was a sitting duck for the Marion Barry (backcracker/cutter combo).

Wolverton interviewed Kevin Blue, who earned the right to choose an opponent and the stipulation by winning an 8 man elimination match two weeks ago. Blue said Young Lion's Champion CB Suave was a natural choice since he pinned Suave to win the elimination match.

Before Blue could reveal the stipulation, he was interrupted by Hot Commodity (Suave and Tommy Penirelli). Suave said he would overlook the condescension, noting that he had been champion for 182 days. Suave then nailed Blue with the belt and Hot Commodity double teamed his ass. While HC was busy gloating, Blue brought a 6 foot ladder into the ring. Blue labeled Penirelli right between the eyes with the ladder. Suave bailed and Blue announced the ladder match for Fright Night. Well done all the way around. This is a good undercard feud. 

(2) Steven Walters defeated Shawn Shultz via submission in 11:35. This was Walters second Anarchy match since returning from his summer tour of Great Britain. Shultz, the original "Modern Day Viking" was as lean and defined as I've even seen him. Shultz twice refused to shake hands. Shultz was getting nowhere fast. He stalled and had a mini-tantrum, then tried to trick Walters into shaking hands. Walters didn't fall for it and locked Shultz in a submission. Shultz scrambeld to the ropes. Walters started having trouble with his knee, and Shultz jumped all over the injury with dragon screw leg whips and a figure four leglock. As Shultz was moving in for the kill, Walters caught him with an STF and Shultz tapped. They told a clear story and the work was fine. The lack of heat was appalling. True, the crowd didn't know Shultz from Adam, but the New Wave era Walters was a beloved wrestler in Cornelia.

Postmatch, Anarchy owner Franklin checked on Walters who was still having a devil of time with his knee. Walters' difficulties sparked a sympathetic round of applause.

(3) Bobby Moore defeated Kameron Kade to retain the Anarchy TV Title in 6:33. Kade was flying, ducking and dodging and it was working. To a point. That point being where Moore took leveled Kade with a WICKED lariat that left teeth marks on Moore's arm. Moore took over with his signature moves, making it abundantly clear that Kade was a stand in for Billy Buck. Kade's comeback culminated wth a Blue Thunder Bomb. In the end, Moore decked Kade with a forearm and finished him with the sick kick. Good match. Kade's work was totally solid here. and Moore's maniacal intensity was in full effect.

Afterward, Moore said he was greatest TV champ ever walk the Anarchy aisle (if only there was an aisle to walk). Moore said he ended Buck's career. but Buck wasn't man enough to honor it and everyone knew Wildside was Buck under a mask. Moore said the bounty he put on Buck was still in effect. Moore said that if Buck accepted his challenge to face him in the ring on October 12, he would unmask him, and if not, one innocent victim after another would feel his wrath. With that, Moore loaded up the elbow pad and knocked Kade's head into the next zip code.

Special guest commentator Brodie Chase replaced Andrew Pendelton III on color for the first hour main event. Chase used a chair to coax APIII out of the booth.

(4) Geter defeated Jeremy Vain to retain the Anarchy Heavyweight Championship in 6:34. Vain came out throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Geter. When Vain tried for a pescado, Geter caught him a like small child and trashed his back on ring frame. Geter methodically dismantled Vain. But there was no quit in the former champion. Vain managed to get Geter off his feet with a missile dropkick and followed with a long distance top rope elbow drop. Geter kicked out. Vain tried for the DDT. Geter reversed it, drilling Vain into the mat with a snap suplex. Geter set up for his belly to belly suplex. Vain threw blow after blow in attempt to break Geter's grip. It was no use. Geter delivered the devastation and splashed Vain's guts out for the 1-2-3. All of the Geter/Vain confrontations have been compelling and this was no exception.

On his way out, Geter told Chase to give Judas a message. Vain needed help getting to the back.

(5) Shane Marx defeated Brian Hunter in 6:35. Marx, who last wrestled at Anarchy around 8 years ago, re-debuted using "Psycho Killer" as his theme music. Hunter is a big, bad ass looking dude. Marx carried the inexperienced Hunter through the match in fine fashion, bumping big and hitting his moves with precision. Marx won it with the Natural Selection (Death Valley Driver). The crowd didn't had no clue who he was, but his skill level made an impression.

Wolverton said that Joey Rhymer, who has been out of action with a neck injury suffered at the hands of former partner BJ Hancock, had an announcement to make at the October 12 show.

Miss Rachael led BJ Hancock to the ring. Rachael said she couldn't understand why the people wanted Rhymer when they had Hancock. Rachael said she loved BJ's commitment, his drive, and his tenacity. I don't think she was talking about wrestling. Rachael said Rhymer was a good little boy that follows mom and dad's advices when he gets a boo boo - get back on the horse and ride. "It didn't work for Christopher Reeve, and it's not going to work for you. You're no Superman."

(6) Hancock (with Miss Rachael) defeated Stryknyn in 6:58. This was a whale of a stiff brawl. Stryk likes it stiff. Hancock's new found aggressiveness is just what the doctor ordered for this character. Hancock tried to use Rachael's clipboard. Stryk got the clipboard but referee Dee Byers took it away, and Hancock capitalized on the commotion. Hancock unleashed a vicious attack. Hancock tried for the piledriver (the move that put Rhymer on the shelf), Stryk reversed it with a waterwheel slam. The finish was botched. Rachael was supposed to throw powder in Stryk's face but most of it ended up on the mat. Still, this was good match and had more heat than most of the show due to the Stryk love and Rachael hate.

(7) The Elite (Se7en & Shaun Tempers with Jeff G. Bailey) defeated Alabama Attitude (Corey Hollis & Mike Posey) to retain the Anarchy Tag Team Championship in 14:08. The match opened with super smooth chain from Hollis and Tempers. Posey puffed up at Se7en before running away and tagging Hollis. The Elite gave Hollis a beating. On the surface, this was heel team vs. heel team, but the crowd was pulling for Hollis bigtime. Posey got the tag and ran wild on Tempers. The love for Hollis didn't rub off at all. He's a repugnant little munchkin to the people in Cornelia. Se7en was about to obliterate Posey with a powerbomb, but Hollis rescued him with a well-placed kick to Se7en's knee. Se7en hit a slingshot suplex on Hollis, and Posey broke that up the pin with Alabama Jam. Hollis got Se7en up for an airplane spin -- an unforgettable spot given that Hollis is giving away 12 inches in height and over 100 pounds in weight. Se7en kicked out. Tempers ran Hollis into Posey, and Se7en chokeslammed Hollis for the win. Excellent ringwork in this match and it got the desired crowd reaction towards an eventual Alabama Attitude break up.

Postmatch, the crowd chanted "Corey". Posey offered a shoulder injury as his excuse to Hollis for not being able to save him from being pinned.

(8) Mikael Judas defeated Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) in a handicap match at 11 minutes. UAS came out with baseball bats. They attacked Judas from behind before the bell rang. Judas withstood the attack and beat the hell out of them. Once the bell rang, UAS used the numbers game to maintain control of Judas. Every time Judas rallied, UAS subdued him with double teaming. The key reversal saw UAS try for a double superplex. Judas knocked their noggins together and flew off the top with a double clothesline. Destruction ensued until Jackson nailed Judas with the 1031. "Your hero's dead," said Nemesis. Judas had other ideas, namely a clothesline for Nemesis and size 14 to Jackson's face. This match had heat. Since his return, Judas has been at the top of his game. UAS brought the evilness.

Postmatch, Nemesis clipped Judas' knee. Judas goozled Nemesis but Jackson clubbed his knee with the baseball bat. The fans started a "Chase" chant. UAS had a chair wrapped around Judas' knee when Chase and Vain hit the ring for the save. Geter appeared on the ramp, laughing and applauding. Geter did the "beast up" with UAS in celebration. Chase said UAS thought they were big and bad with baseball bats and chairs but his man Judas was standing up. Judas had words of his own that are not fit for print.

Chase's challenge for a tag match on October 12 was accepted by UAS.

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