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Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment Report from Atlanta on October 4

Photos courtesy of Corey Tatum
From Larry Goodman:

“Destination: Action” was another fine show from Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment.

AWE presented two top notch matches (Cedric Alexander vs. David Starr and Chip Day vs. Shane Strickland), worked around no shows that prevented two of the advertised matches from taking place, and finished strong with the reveal of a formidable babyface faction to counter the Hierarchy.

In a surprising turn of events, Starr defeated Alexander to become the number one contender for Jimmy Rave's Georgia Wrestling Crown. 

Attendance at the Quad was around 40. That has to be a concern for promoter Josh Wheeler. AWE seemed to have a lot of momentum coming out of the Sabu show. It was no biggie that the fan appreciation show just 7 days later did not draw well. There were no key matches on that card, nor did it figure to have major storyline implications. I expected them to do better with “Destination: Action”, which was given a lot more hype and had more compelling lineup. I wonder how much football is hurting them given the 4pm starting time. A Falcons losing streak would be a good thing.

There’s a fine line between having fun at a pro wrestling show and making fun of a pro wrestling show, and there were points during this show when it felt like that line was crossed. Buying a ticket gives fans the right to say whatever the hell they want. That does not necessarily create the best ambience when the crowd is so small that every smart ass comment can be heard.

The Hierarchy (“Dark City Sheik” Murder One, Jimmy Rave, Iceberg and Priscilla Kelly) came out to open the show. Murder said without the Hierarchy, there would be no AWE and the junkies would have to go somewhere else to get their wrestling fix. Murder said Hierarchy was the super villains, and AWE had no heroes because they were all scared. He issued an open challenge for six man competition leading to…

(1) Georgia Wrestling Crown Champion Jimmy Rave & Murder One & Iceberg (with The Priscilla Kelly) destroyed Chris Crunk & Glen Matthews & Kid Bryson in 7:15. Hierarchy committed child abuse on Bryson. The kid didn’t know whether to fish or cut bait, but did manage to escape the ring with his life. For the finish, Murder gave Mathews a senton backsplash and Rave followed with a Shining Wizard. I must be a sick old bastard, because I enjoy squashes like this and believe that even in 2014, they still serve a useful purpose for getting talent over.

Wheeler interviewed David Starr about his upcoming match with Alexander. Starr challenged Alexander to put his number one contendership on the line. “The king of taunts is the best thing in pro wrestling, and if you can’t see that, just take a step back and look at it.”

Marko said he gave Mathews 90 days to get in shape and it looked like he had only gotten fatter. No argument there. Marko referred to childhood obesity as the pussification of America. He was determined to show that Marko system works.

(2) Marko (with Miss Merica) defeated “The Pitbull” James Dylan in 7:16. Marko now hails from any gym that’s open 24 hours a day. Marko ended a push up contest with Dylan by punting him in the gut. A Samoan drop sent Marko out to rest his ailing back.

Mathews took a gulp of Marko’s protein shake and spit it out. That got Marko fired up. He thrashed Dylan for a bit. Dylan came back and had Marko beaten with a slingshot suplex. Merica jumped on the apron. Dylan grabbed her and elbowed referee Stan Robinson in the jaw as he cocked his fist. Merica snapped Dylan’s throat off the rope with her exercise band, and Marko pinned him with his version of Sister Abigail.

“Wrestling’s only Pansexual wrestler” Luscious Leron said he wasn’t scared of Dark Mon and his actions would speak louder than his words.

(3) Dark Mon (with Andrew Akin) defeated Luscious Leron in via DQ in 7:10.
Leron was subbing for Grizz as Dark Mon’s opponent. Dark Mon’s glass skull got knocked of the apron, smashing it into a zillion pieces. Akin ordered Dark Mon to kill Leron.. Dark Mon did nothing of the sort, and it turned out to be a surprisingly even and very ugly match. Leron got pissed and slugged Stan Robinson. Akins got in the ring with a chair, but he didn’t do squat and just watched as Leron walked out. This was not good at all and did damage to the mystique AWE had crafted around Dark Mon.

Afterward, Akin lectured Dark Mon about letting Leron get away. This did not sit well with Dark Mon, who literally chokeslammed Akin right out of his shoes.

(4) David Starr defeated Cedric Alexander to become the new number one contender for the Georgia Wrestling Crown in 16:38.
If there was any doubt, David made certain everyone in the building knew he was a real dick. Starr made major deal out of walking off a supposed knee injury. An Alexander dropkick left a boot print on David’s face. After Alexander lit him up with chops, David did the Flair face bump. David tried to toss Cedric over the top. Cedric landed on the apron and went to springboard, but David snapped his neck off the rope with a cutter to take control. David backdropped Cedric into the turnbuckles for the first of three “this is awesome” chants. A fast and furious exchange culminated with a flip dive to standing position by Alexander. Cedric with a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Starr dropped a vertical suplex into a sick neckbreaker across his knee for close near fall. David cut Alexander off with a climbing overhead suplex ala Angle. Alexander back with a corner dropkick followed by a brainbuster drawing another “awesome” chant. They beat each other to death with strikes. Alexander tried for a springboard roundhouse. David ducked and pinned Alexander with his feet on the ropes. This was an excellent match with a well-executed, surprising finish.

Wheeler informed Sound and Fury (William Huckaby & Joe Black) that Team IOU was not there, as they had requested not to be in same building with Sound & Fury until their match at the Masquerade on October 25. Huckaby wanted to know what Wheeler had for them and started throwing out names. Out came Paul Coldhard & EJ Coldhard (formerly C Dawg) to ask if Sound & Fury needed security. Huckaby called them Hornswoggle and Nofi Kingston leading to…

(5) Sound & Fury (William Huckaby & Joe Black) slaughtered Paul & EJ Coldhard in 8:24. A fan in the front row was ridiculing Sound and Fury for driving all the way from North Carolina without a match. Huckaby said he came to Atlanta to bone the guy’s wife. The guy said his wife was out of town in Dallas. Meanwhile, Sound and Fury were killing poor little Paul. Huckaby took EJ to suplex city with 5, count ‘em five consecutive germans. Paul was pinned after taking four powerbombs. See my comments on match number 1 and multiply by 3.

Postmatch, Huckaby said neither of their services were needed. Black invited the loudmouth in the front row to get into the ring. It looked like we might be headed for another Gunner incident before cooler heads prevailed upon Black to let it go.

Wheeler informed Ashton Starr that Kiera Hogan had quit in protest of Ashton’s inclusion in the women’s division and his scheduled opponent Dementia D’Rose wasn’t there. Ashton said D’Rose made the right decision. Out came Kelly to say that she was the queen of the company. “I’ve worked, sweated and bled to be as good as any man, woman or Kaitlin Jenner. Just cuz you got balls that don’t mean nothing to me.” Kelly cracked Ashton across the face. Anything goes in the ROAR division. Let the violence begin.

(6) Ashton Starr defeated The Priscilla Kelly in 3 minutes. Ashton gave Kelly a wicked beating, but there’s no quit in her. Kelly capped off her comeback with an octopus submission, then transitioned to a sunset flip. Ashton kicked out and leveled her with an axe kick for the three count.

Postmatch – Wheeler tried to console Kelly, who told him to keep his gerbil hands off her.

(7) Shane Strickland defeated Chip Day via DQ in 14:13 due to outside interference. Day said this crowd reminded him why he hated Georgia wrestling fans. Day worked the leg early, deftly maneuvering into a crossface variation. Strickland made the ropes. Day smacked Strickland’s face on the break. Strickland nailed Day right on the button with a leaping back kick. Day went to the floor. Strickland whipped Day into the cinderblock wall and chopped him against the post. Strickland chopped the post when Day ducked out of the way. Day worked on Strickland’s hand. Day hit a suicide forearm, driving Strickland’s back into the steps. The count for strikes (and thigh slaps) in this match was way up there. Day applied a grounded dragon sleeper. Strickland powered into a vertical suplex to break the hold. Strickland’s springboard moonsault barely made contact but he was OK.

Strickland used a cutter for a near fall and a “this is awesome” chant. Day hit a tornado DDT. Strickland popped up but was out on his feet. Day hit a kneedrop to the base of skull and was stunned when Strickland kicked out. With Day hung up in the ropes, Strickland connected with a superkicked him and planted him with a DDT but Day kicked out. Murder One attacked Strickland for the DQ and a “bullshit” chant. Strickland wasn’t as spectacular with the acrobatics as he was in their first match, however this was a very good match just the same.

Alexander attacked Day. Rave and Iceberg got involved. Sylar Cross and the returning Adrian Armour cleared the ring. The crowd chanted for an 8 man tag and Wheeler gave it to them.

(8) Cedric Alexander & Shane Strickland & Sylar Cross & Adrian Armour defeated The Hierarchy (Murder One & Jimmy Rave & Chip Day & Iceberg) via count out in 5:22. They brawled all over the room garnering another “this is awesome” chant. The things that made the greatest impression on me were Strickland backdropping Rave onto a wooden platform...

and Day running Alexander’s head into my shoulder blade. It boiled down to Day and Armour in the ring. Armour turned Day inside out with a clothesline. With that, Murder dragged Day out of the ring and Hiearchy headed for the dressing room with an “AWE” chant ringing in their ears. Five minutes of all out action featuring the top guys on the roster was the perfect way to end the show.

Armour thanked the fans for welcoming him back. He noted that the Hierarchy had scurried to the back, and introduced the squad standing in the ring as the AWE Heroes.

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