Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why We Wrestle Report from Cornelia on August 13

From Why We Wrestle:

- MC Seth Delay introduced "Wild" Billy Buck congratulating him on his showing in the SCI tournament and exposure to fans all over the world as a result. Buck had both tag team titles in hand as he and "New Age Enforcer" James Drake defeated Dark City Fight Club and The Hooligans at Summer Of Hate (available on VOD for $9.99 at reelhouse.org). Buck announced that Drake would not be able to defend the titles within the 30 day limit so they were unfortunately going to have to relinquish the belts. Slim J interrupted apologizing for not being in better contact with Billy due to his preoccupation with the whole Kevin Blue fiasco but stated he was there as a sub in round 1 and would gladly step in to help Billy defend the belts.

At this time The Monarchy (Prince Apollo and "The Empbruh" Black Baron '- who just stole the show on ippv for FIP the night before in Orlando, FL) crashed the party saying they promised that WWW would bow to them before the night was over and they meant it. They called Buck and Slim J every name in the book and stated that if they had been in the tournament they wouldn't even be having this conversation so they wanted a shot at the titles. Matchmaker Dany Only interjected and gave Billy Buck the option of accepting w Slim J as substitute partner and being the fighting champ he is, Buck agreed to the match.

1) The Monarchy defeated Billy Buck and Slim J to win the Why We Wrestle Tag Team Championships in around 15 min. This was an incredible match despite the controversial outcome and will be hitting the Why We Wrestle Youtube Channel this week. Kevin Blue came to ringside to watch (or more likely mentally torture Slim) and Slim immediately pounced on Blue losing focus on the match. This caused Monarchy to capitalize and win the titles. 
Post match Billy Buck and Slim J had a shouting match and stormed to the back.

2) Kevin Blue defeated "The Undead Luchador" Supernatural in 8 min after the Air Raid Crash. Pre-match Blue stated he beat Slim J (by dq) at Summer Of Hate and he was done with him. Blue said he was a professional and he was moving on to focus on getting "his" WWW Triple crown championship back. Supernatural was greeted to a warm reception and put up a good fight. Post match we cut to a locker room disturbance on screen as the Slim/Buck argument had escalated and they came to blows before being separated. Blue sat in the ring during this and pretended to eat popcorn, laughing hysterically as his rivals self-destructed.

3) Trever Aeon defeated Chase Jordan in around 7 minutes. Strong reaction. Jordan got a "Howdy Doody" chant due to his features and showed off his impressive mat wrestling skills in his WWW debut and Aeon continues to connect with the audience and refine his in ring skills.

Post match former Anarchy TV Champion Adryan Hawkins dropped Aeon with The Unprettier making his return from his time living in Arizona. Hawkins said he was back to reclaim what was his from disrespectful punks like Aeon. The two will collide one on one on 8/27.

4) WWW Triple Crown Champion Stryk Nyn defeated "The Feature Presentation" Jeff Lewis Neal in a bounty match in around 10 min. Stryk acknowledged the increase in the bounty and told the next person to step on up. To his surprise it was former Wildside star and Anarchy Champion Jeff Lewis Neal. Neal reminded everyone exactly who he was and what he was here to do. Neal looked like a million bucks and really gave Stryk a beating but the resilient champ successfully fought off another attempt on his career.

5) The Southern Bastard's Crew (Bobby Moore & Cyrus The Destroyer) w Logan Chase III and Wade Adam's replacement "Powerhouse" Jessica Leigh (who will be representing SBC in the women's division) defeated Nemesis and his "slave" Jacob Ashworth in about 12 min. We had already seen Nemesis forcing Jacob to carry his bags into the bldg and making him shine his shoes before the match. There Nemesis said he wanted to get back in the tag division so he was going to force Jacob to be his partner. Fans were super into this with "Free Jacob" chants and signs. Ashworth basically fought the match on his own. After SBC threw everything they had including Leigh at Jacob he still kicked out but as things broke down he and Nemesis couldn't get along when it counted and SBC picked up the win. After wards Nemesis berated his slave all the way to the back. Fans showed huge support for Jacob.

6) Dementia D'Rose w The Carpenter defeated Nina Monet in the launch of the first ever WWW Women's division at around 9 minutes. Fans showed great respect for both ladies and they came to fight at times throwing some strikes that would have buckled the knees of the toughest men on the roster. After a nasty spinebuster D'Rose locked in a dragon sleeper for the submission.

Jeff G Bailey and Gunner Miller appeared on screen flaunting the SCI trophy advising that no man had beaten Judas 3 in a row but Miller would be the first and then go on to claim his destiny.

7) "The People's Captian" Gunner Miller w Jeff G Bailey def "Priest Of Punishment" Mikael Judas by KO at around 11 min to become #1 contender to WWW Championship. Best match of their 3 match series across 2 states. Judas came into this a man possessed and clearly with something to prove. He had Miller's number including hitting a huge diving tackle from the ramp to the ring, clearing the ropes entirely. Ref Dee Byers got taken out. Judas hit El Crucifejo and got a visual fall but the returning GETER hit the ring and laid waste to Judas after a month long absence from WWW. When Byers recovered both men were down and Miller barely beat the 10 count. A battered and bruised Judas got a standing ovation and presumably went looking for Geter. Bailey came back out and wanted it announced one more time that Miller was # 1 contender. Stryk Nyn appeared the two went nose to nose as the event ended. This incredible encounter between 2 undefeated stars in WWW takes place on 8/27 for all the marbles!!!!

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