Saturday, November 12, 2016

Puerto Rican Wrestling News & Notes

From Alfred Feliciano:

As the World Wrestling Council celebrated their 43rd-anniversary show this past October, the show as dedicated to Pierre Martel, who passed away at the age of 72 after a long battle with cancer.  Martel held the WWC World Tag Team championships and the WWC North American Tag Team championships with his brother the late Michel Martel.  After Michel's death, Pierre Martel got into a violent feud with Invader #1.  In the late 1970's Martel started to team with WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji, until Fuji turned on Martel, turning Martel face.  Martel would then go on in the early 1980's to have another reign as the WWC World Tag Team and WWC North American Tag Team champion with the "Montreal Italian Stallion" Gino Della Serra.  Martel then went to the WWE in the mid-1980's as Frenchy Martin, the manager of Dino Bravo.  After his run in the WWE was over, he returned to WWC in 1990.

Part of the WWC 43rd Anniversary event was TNA World Tag Team champion Brother Nero, Alberto Del Rio, El Hijo de Dos Caras, Black Pain, The Mighty Ursus, WWE RAW superstars The Shining Stars (Epico & Primo), La Rosa Negra.  WWE Smackdown Live Diva Paige, who is also Alberto Del Rio's fiance was in attendance at the event.  Here are some video highlights as a prelude to their upcoming 2016 Lockout event.

WWC Lockout 2016 starts on December 2, 2016, at the Juan Pachin Vincens Memorial Coliseum in Ponce, Puerto Rico with a special bell time at 8:35 PM.  Scheduled to appear that night are MVP, The Bromans (Jessie Godderz & Robbie E), La Rosa Negra.  

At the 2016 Lockout event on December 3, 2016, WWC Universal champion Carlito Caribbean Cool will face Alberto Del Rio in a hair vs. hair match at the Guillermo Angula Coliseum in Carolina, Puerto Rico.  The event can be seen live in the US on iPPV for $25 on iPPV Mi Evento En Vivo.  The iPPV will not be available in Puerto Rico.  

More information is available on the WWC Facebook page.  

The World Wrestling League has their Implosion event on November 5, 2016, from the Cosme Salamo Beitia Coliseum in Catano, Puerto Rico.  Drama and questions surround the black box that WWL President "El Boricua Mayor" Savio Vega had since the closing of IWA Puerto Rico in 2012, which event led to him betraying WWL General Manager "La Mina De Oro" Dennis Rivera.  The West Side Mafia, led by Superstar Ash, was paid by a mysterious person to steal the box as shown on the WWL High Voltage television show.

WWL invaded the Champions Wrestling Association's Halloween Fest.  The following highlights will show the return of the black box and highlights from the Catano show.  d by Superstar Ash stole the box being paid by a mysterious employer which we all seen in the past episodes of WWL High Voltage with World Wrestling League invading Comerio,PR's Champions Wrestling Association promotion last week in their event CWA Halloween Fest.  The highlights below show the WWL Catano event.  

As the WWL and CWA working relationship grows, they will be having a joint event on December 18, 2016.  CWA World Heavyweight champion Jay Lethal returns to defend the championship in an open challenge.  Shane Sewell returns to face Savio Vega.  For more information visit the WWL or the CWA Facebook pages.

The WWL will also be at the Cosme Salamo Beitia Coliseum in Catano on November 13, 2016, while the CWA will have a live event on November 19, 2016.  Venue to be announced soon.

World Wrestling League returns to the Cosme Salamo Beitia Coliseum in Catano on Sunday, November 13,2016 and on Survivor Series week Comerio's CWA promotion will have a live event on Saturday, November 19,2016 with the place to be held live soon to be announced .

A new wrestling promotion based out of the Rexville area of Bayamon, Puerto Rico called Grandes Heroes del Ring (Wrestling's Greatest Heroes.) had their first event on October 30, 2016, in the Rexville Arena in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.  Like World Wrestling Heroes and the defunct Perfect World of Wrestling, Grande Heroes del Ring is a family friendly organization.  

Here are highlights from the World Wrestling Heroes Nocha De Gloria from October as well as the return of the PW organization in Dorado, Puerto Rico. 

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