Monday, November 28, 2016

Why We Wrestle Report from Cornelia on November 26

From Why We Wrestle:

1) The Monarchy defeated Trever Aeon and Chris Henry to retain the WWW tag titles. Monarchy  will face The Lynch Mob in a rematch from Fright Night on 12/17. Monarchy said Lynch Mob always has an excuse and on 12/17 they're going to be out of excuses.

"Hit for Hire" Bobby Moore of the Southern Bastards Crew approaches matchmaker Dany Only advising that Cyrus The Destroyer isn't there and the match with Odinson is off. Only told Moore he brought the SBC to WWW and so he could honor their contracts and HE would face Odinson.2) Bobby Moore defeated Odinson by DQ with some sly chicanery and lived to fight another day. Odinson said he wasn't amused by Moore's foolish games. He wanted Cyrus and he didn't want to win by DQ, countout or versus another opponent. He wants to win clean in the middle and he wants him on 12/10 where Odinson can show he is the only man truly worthy by slaying the Destroyer.

3) "Lethal Dose" Stryknyn def "The Being Of Inconceivable Horror" Iceberg with Jeff G Bailey via DQ. Stryk had Berg on the ropes but the second Stryk had the odds in his favor, Iceberg resorted to his iconic "implement of destruction" and butchered Stryk, taking the DQ loss intentionally to ensure Stryk's destruction. Stryk was left a bloody mess.

4) Elijah Evans IV defeated "Death Wish" Brad Cash after Brian Blaze provided a distraction long enough for Evans to wallop Cash with a chair. The attack continued post match but Cash started relishing the punishment and took the chair away and started hitting himself...which was enough to stave off the 2 on 1 attack...(Cash appeared donning Rev Dan Wilson facepaint and carrying Rev's mystical goat skull in tribute to his manager who was taken out by a 400 plus pound Geter splash at Fright Night and has been on the shelf since.)

5) Dementia D'Rose defeated Crystal Rose convincingly. D'Rose again called for more competition. So far she has eaten the WWW women's division alive but she'd better not get too comfortable as both "Super" Aja Perrera and Nina Monet return from a tour of Mexico in December, and on 12/10 we will see the WWW TV debuts of Party Princess Kayla Lynn as well as female Luchador Siomara. Will Dementia get the competition she craves?

6) "The People's Captain" Gunner Miller defeated Jacob Ashworth via pinfall after Jeff G Bailey's powder in the eye trick works again. Hard fought contest, huge response for both men. Ashworth seemed to almost have Miller's number. In a deja vu moment from Fright Night...Iceberg attacked Ashworth while Bailey distracted the ref...Jacob kicked out to the shock of everyone. Then a bloody almost zombie like Stryknyn came to even the odds and Jacob rolled up Gunner for the 2.9999. Once the Stryknyn/Iceberg fight started back up on the outside, that was the distraction Bailey needed and he pounced on it to great reward. A blinded Jacob was no match for the CTE.

Given the circumstances, matchmaker Dany Only agreed that he couldnt in his right mind grant Jacob another title shot. He knows Stryk wants one as well (and a variety of challengers). Berg clearly has something he wants to prove against Stryk and The Champion always loves when they can pick their opponents so on 12/17 , WWW will have a special off week tv taping as not to compete with Christmas weekend. It will be called "Violent Night Bloody Night" and the main event will be a "Sadistic Santa" tag match. Miller/Berg vs. Ashworth/Stryk, Whoever scores the winning fall gets the "Christmas Present" (match) of their choice in 2017 against any opponent, with any stipulation.

WWW returns on 12/10. WWW TCC "People's Captain" Gunner Miller returns to take on Joey Lynch in a rematch from the SCI! Odinson vs. Cyrus The Destroyer WILL happen or Cyrus will be in breach of contract. "Party Princess" Kayla Lynn takes on Siomara, Matt Lynch will also be in action and The Brothers Lynch will comment on their upcoming title shot, we'll see more in the Team TAG/Gladiator Jeremiah saga, Lucha Libre star Elemento will be in action, and "The Lethal Dose" Stryknyn is on the war path says he will make an example of an enemy and more!

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