Monday, December 19, 2016

Why We Wrestle Report from Cornelia on December 17

From Why We Wrestle:

Attendance of 75 at the former Church of Southern Wrestling renamed as Landmark Arena in Cornelia:

1) Adryan Hawkins defeated Supernatural
Bobby Moore came out and told Hawkins he'd ran into issues with dependable partners and knew from their success elsewhere he could depend on him. Hawkins liked the idea and said those tag team titles would look good around their waists. Moore and Hawkins leave as a team.

2) Team Tag defeated Gladiator Jeremiah in a gauntlet match. Jeremiah defeated Blue via DQ, and Spectra via pindall but the numbers game allowed Billy Buck to pin the Gladiator in the final round. Team Tag attacked Jeremiah post match....lights out...Jeremiah is gone before they can take him out.

3 "Deathwish" Brad Cash defeated Elijah Evans in a Street Fight. Cash was a bloody mess, Evans hit him w everything but kitchen sink. Evans introduced his sledgehammer but Cash countered and choked him out with it for the win.

4) The Monarchy defeated Lynch Mob via DQ to retain the WWW tag titles. Monarchy again introduced title belt as weapon (which is how they defeated the Mob at Fright Night)...Apollo and Matt Lynch struggled over belt, ref turned around in time to see Matt clock Apollo w the belt. Matt and Joey had some words after match and Matt apologized for letting his temper get the best of him and the brothers Lynch hugged it out.

5) Jacob Ashworth and Stryknyn defeated Gunner Miller and Iceberg in the Sadistic Santa match when Ashworth pinned the WWW Triple Crown Champion Miller. Stryk and Jacob will both receive any match of their choosing in 2017 to cash in at their discretion.

WWW returns on 1/14 w Lynch Mob vs Moore and Hawkins, Ashworth and Stryknyn vs. Team TAG and more TBA.

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