Wednesday, January 18, 2017

American Combat Wrestling Results from Port Richey on January 11

From Brian Slack:

American Combat Wrestling was in Port Richey, FL on January 11.  Results:  BJ defeated Alex Todd and Devin Abrams in a handicap match.  Jude Mackenzie defeated Beastly Brody.  Omar Amir (w/Skinny Vinny) defeated Blackheart, DAX, Deimos, Kennedy Kendrick and Taino in a six-way fray.  Steven Frick defeated Chris Calloway.  Damien Angel defeated Hunter Law.  Kaci Lennox & Mila Naniki defeated Anna Marie Muchio & Layne Rosario.  Fun Size (Hector & Luis) defeated Urban Terror (Urban Terror #1 & Urban Terror #2).  Vertigo defeated Troy Hollywood.  Mitch Mitchell defeated Eddie Taurus.

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