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NWA Southeastern Results from Pavo on February 18

Whenever someone says to go “Full Throttle” it means to do something at top speed; hard, fast, and to the best of one’s ability. On February 18, 2017, the stars of NWA Southeastern did just that. Coming off the events of last month’s Night of Champions event, there were a lot of questions left to be answered. And as the NWA Southeastern faithful filed in for another showing, high hopes for those answers were sure to come.

After the usual precedings that have come to be expected from NWA Southeastern, the show seemed ready to begin. As “The Remedy” Will Hall prepared to introduce the first match of the evening, music began to play and out to the ring came…Tony Storm & Mason Price, now collectively known as Re-Genesis!

As they got into the ring, Storm took to the microphone to explain his actions the month prior. He stated that it was for one reason and one only. That reason was that he felt over the time he’d been there that the fans and the other wrestlers had turned their backs on him. He said that the fans used to cheer for him, but when Effy came along, they turned and cheered for him. He became the new “flavor of the month”.

Mason said at this point that if the crowd in attendance thought they were going to see Effy…they would not because they’d had him “taken care of”.

Storm continued saying that when Mason forced him to watch him attack his wife, no one came out to help him until it was well past too late. He was not mad at Price for this, though, as he had come to realize that Mason was trying to prove a point. He stated that Mason’s point was that the fans and the “higher ups” did not care about them. So, they would need to pave their own way.

This brought to the ring a group consisting of The Punkadelics and Dark Rage. Punk Vince Lewis grabbed the microphone and laid into Storm, reminding him of how long they have known each other and how jaded Tony’s mindset was.

After a bout of words, Mason said that he was not going to succumb to their berating and take them on, 3 on 2. This did not stop the Punks from starting a fight with Re-Genesis. As Rage looked on, he was attacked from behind by long-haired mystery man who helped even up the odds.

As Mason & Tony gained control and the fight broke up, Price introduced the 3rd man of Re-Genesis…Hunter Law!

Punk James Morrison responded by saying that it seemed the odds were evened up now and challenged Re-Genesis to a 6-man tag team match…right then and right there.

The Shooter responded by saying that they would fight them on their time, not the Punks time. He continued by saying that they were here to change things and obtain complete control. So, he said they would accept their challenge, for later tonight, if the Punks were willing to put something on the line…a shot at the NWA Deep South Tag Team Titles.

The Punks, ready and willing for a fight, were quick to respond and accept the match to start the show off with a bang.

The opening contest saw the UGA fanatic Michael Enfinger take on “Delicious” Don Yoder. Enfinger seems to have the match well in hand as he went for a bulldog but was pushed off by Yoder. As Michael headed toward the referee, he stopped himself just short of hitting Referee Dennis Love. He then turned back to face his opponent, was picked up, and dropped with Don’s version of the F5; a Yoder Downloader, perhaps?!

The second match saw a returning Jarrod Michaels, this time accompanied to the ring by his long-time Dynasty stable manager Buck Buchanan, taking on the camouflage suited Samoa 6. Michaels gave a heck of a beating to the younger adversary, but somehow Samoa 6 was able to fight back and hit a devastating Samoan drop. He then took to the top rope and, despite Buchanan’s attempts to get involved, was able to leap off, hit the diving headbutt, and pick up the win on this occasion.

This was followed by a tag team match that pitted the Hardway Boys against “The Dark Carnival’s” Fatality and a newcomer known as Ryan Phoenix. Fatality and his partner attempted to keep “Wildman” Dillinger from tagging in his partner for quite a bit of the match. However, as Fatality came off the top rope he was caught with a powerbomb from Dillinger. With both men down, the Wildman was able to reach out, tag in O’Reilly and allow him to take control for their team. As Marcus was able to knock Fatality out of the ring, he & Dillinger hit their double-team finisher on Phoenix to win them the match.

After a brief intermission, Will Hall introduced a special guest to the ring. Making his return to NWA Southeastern after a long hiatus was one-half of the former Devil Dawgs, Delta 6. This was met with a huge ovation to which Delta thanked the fans for welcoming him back so openly.

Before he could continue, though, out to the ring came Delta’s former tag team partner, now known as “The Evolution” Landon Lashley. He put down Delta verbally telling him that he was dead weight and should have stayed gone.

When Delta showed no signs of backing down, he was attacked from behind by…the Soviet Assassin! Delta attempted to fend them off but was quickly subdued by Assassin & Lashley.

Finally, it was Samoa 6 who came down to the ring to make the save and send Landon & Soviet scurrying out of the ring.

The Evolution grabbed the microphone and said that it appears the “Devil Dawgs” are back. He continued by saying that he & Assassin would take care them both…in due time.

Up next it was a match that had been promoted since the moment it was announced last month at Night of Champions. In order for the young up-and-coming Jake Knight to get an NWA Deep South Cruiserweight Title shot, “The PopStar” told him he needed to put something on the line if he should lose…his hair. Jake, after accepting, for the next month made it clear that his hair did not define him and that…win or lose…he was out to prove that he was worthy of a Title shot.

Both men came in, Jake accompanied by his brother Aiden, and prepared to do battle. Both men went at it from the opening bell, back and forth, trading shots and maneuvers. Late in the contest, Referee Dennis Love was pulled by Romano into a moonsault from Knight, which took down the veteran official. With the referee down, Johnny was able to catch Jake with a Michinoku Driver and go for the win. However, Referee Love was still down and so Romano rolled him out of the ring and to the floor.

This brought Referee Kyle Dubbya down to the ring to check on his fellow man in stripes. While this took place on the floor, Romano took to using a pair of brass knuckles to take out the young Knight. He taunted the crowd saying that Knight could not beat him, slowly pulling him to his feet.

Somehow, Jake was able to regain his bearings and catch the PopStar with a superkick to the jaw, knocking Romano out cold. As Jake went for the cover, Aiden brought the pin to Referee Dubbya’s attention. The referee immediately slid in and counted the pin to crown a new NWA Deep South Cruiserweight Champion.

Aiden and Jake celebrated together, hugging and raising one another’s arms in victory. As this took place, Johnny grabbed Dubbya and, still holding his jaw, said that Knight had used a pair of knucks to knock him out! Dubbya was quick to toss this notion aside, but Johnny was adamant and told the referee to check Knight’s pants if he didn’t believe him.

To appease Johnny, Dubbya did a quick check of Jake’s attire. With a look of shock and horror on his face, the Knights watched as the referee revealed a pair of brass knucks from Jake’s pants. Begrudgingly and unsure of what else to do, Dubbya made the snap decision to have the match restart. Despite Aiden’s reluctance to leave, Jake regrettably relinquished the belt and the bell was rung to restart the match.

With Knight’s back turned, Romano quickly rolled up the would-be Champion and as Dubbya began to count, Johnny put his feet on the ropes for the extra leverage to steal the win and retain the Title.

This was met with a barrage of boos from the crowd. As Romano was given the belt, Dubbya tried to settle down the Knights. He informed them and Johnny that he would be reviewing the tape to see what all went down, but…for the time being…the decision would have to stand.

Jake, upon reflection, told his brother that he had something to prove and that he was a man of his word.

Despite his brother’s many refusals of what was to take place, Jake did as contractually obligated…and allowed his head to be shaved.

His willingness to do so brought out the Hardway Boys who raised his arms as a show of solidarity and welcoming the young Knight into the NWA Southeastern family.

As the dust settled and the hair was swept away, it was then time for the main event. Set to be a 6-man tag team match with Deep South Tag Team Title shot implications, the team of the Punk-a-delics & Dark Rage came to do battle with the now 3-man team known as Re-Genesis.

For much of the bout, Mason, Tony, & Hunter used shady tactics to keep control of the match and keep the Referee from seeing their opponents get involved in the match. Tired of Re-Genesis’s constant cheating, the Punks got in and all 6 men began to go at it. As the referee looked on, trying to regain control, the Punks hit their heart attack finisher to only have their pin attempt broken up. As all six men found an adversary to combat, bodies fell to the outside, leaving only Price & Rage in the ring. As Dark went for a clothesline, he was caught and hit with a finishing maneuver that spelled an end to him & the Punks hopes of winning on this night.

As the Punks fought Tony & Hunter to the back, Mason took in the booing from the very upset fans in attendance. With his back turned, a figure entered the ring unbeknownst to him.

As cheers began to fill the Peacock Center, Price turned and was met with a …a briefcase to the face?! Standing over his now seemingly unconscious body was a disheveled and bloody-nosed…Effy! He then turned to the referee and handed him the briefcase he’d won back in October of 2016 for a Title shot at any time in the following 12 months…and yelled that he was “cashing in”.

The referee, unsure of what to do at first, ran to ringside to inform Will Hall of what was happening. Hall then made the official announcement that Effy was cashing in his NWA Deep South Heavyweight Title shot…right now!

With the referee back in the ring, the bell was rung. Effy picked up Price and hit a huge powerbomb out of the corner, sending the Champion careening down to the mat. He then covered Mason and the referee counted the 3.

Effy was then given the belt and showed it to the still in awe fans as the announcement was made of the NEW Deep South Heavyweight champion. Mason was then helped to the back by Re-Genesis teammates, forced to look on in bewilderment as Effy celebrated with the fans as the new Champion.

What a night! Matches were fought, Titles changed hands, and shocking moments took place this past Saturday night. If you were not there, you surely missed out!

With the conclusion of the NWA Deep South Cruiserweight Title match, where will both the Knights and Romano move onto now? Will their paths cross again and will NWA Southeastern officials have something to say about the match’s results?

With the return of Delta 6 and the apparent reformation of the Devil Dawgs, what will Landon Lashley & the Soviet Assassin have to say in response?

Despite losing the NWA Deep South Heavyweight Title, Mason Price’s victory earned himself and fellow member of Re-Genesis a future Tag Team Title shot? When will he cash in and will Tony Storm be the man he chooses to team with?

Or, will Price choose to ask for this Heavyweight Title rematch first?

Finally, just what will the new Champion, Effy, have to say about winning the Title, what obstacles he had to overcome to get it, and what he plans to do now moving forward.

Maybe this will give you enough incentive to come out for NWA Southeastern’s March 18 showing, known as Battlegrounds.

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