Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pro Wrestling EGO Results from Hattiesburg on January 28

From Brian Slack:

Pro Wrestling EGO was in Hattiesburg, MS on January 28.  Ashton Spears defeated Damian Lavaye, Matt Kenway, and Sean Orleans in a four-way match.  The Days of Rage (Riot & Zane)(w/Adam Jones) defeated The Faroh of Phunk & Chris Black.  Orion Taylor defeated Joey Abel to win the PWE Styles championship.  The Nightmare (w/Jacob Lockhart) defeated Silver Hawk.  The Nightmare (w/Jacob Lockhart) defeated Brandon Kristopher.  Everett Connors & Davey Vega defeated The Boot Boys.  Dark Fury defeated Gary Jay to retain the PWE Pride championship.

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