Monday, February 13, 2017

Why We Wrestle Report from Cornelia on February 11

From Why We Wrestle:

It was a chaotic night at the Landmark Arena last night as 140 energetic fans brought the historic wrestling venue in Northeast Georgia to life once more for a night of thrills, chills and spills (of the crimson variety.)

Seth Delay resumed his master of ceremonies duties after an unexpected foray back into the squared circle on 1/28 where he showed he still possesses the tenacity and skill that made him a great pro wrestler despite falling in defeat to the Triple Crown Champion Gunner Miller. Seth welcomed Jonathan Feltner back in the ring announcer's role substituting for Michael Gentry who like most school systems in the southeast this week was down with the flu.

1) Gladiator Jeremiah defeated "Wild" Billy Buck with a surprise roll up in about 5 minutes and 40 seconds. This was a highly anticipated match up between two of the best in Arena history that went rather unexpectedly. The bad blood between the two meant they wasted no time in going for the kill. Jeremiah looked to injure his knee during a moonsault but put his resourcefulness into overdrive and grabbed a quick pin. Billy Buck and Team TAG weren't done. With Odinson in another part of the state, Jeremiah was all on his own when Buck attacked him and took off his belt, laying several brutal lashes across the back of the Gladiator, adding insult to injury before officials finally removed him.

2) The Approved (Bobby Moore and Adryan Hawkins) defeated Trever Aeon and Chris "Hype" Henry in just over 14 min. Henry and Aeon may have been underestimated by The Approved as they wouldn't go down without a fight but in the end that controversial forearm shot of Bobby Moore scores the knockout once more.

3) "The People's Captain" Gunner Miller w Jeff G Bailey defeated "The Deadly Sin" Se7en in a major league showdown between two top tier athletes at around 11 min. Se7en seemed to stuff Gunner at every turn until Gunner countered and posted Se7en on the outside. Gunner gained some brief momentum but Se7en shut down The CTE and countered with a chokeslam but Gunner kicked out. Se7en cleared the height of the top rope with a vertical leap elbow drop that got a 2 count that was maybe too close for comfort. Se7en decided to put an exclamation point on it by going for another elbow. This time off the top! Gunner untied referee Triston Michaels shoelace for a distraction and Bailey picked up the queue and grabbed Se7en's leg....Se7en shoved Bailey off but this gave Gunner time to recover as he scaled the ropes and delivered a top rope overhead belly to belly suplex on Se7en to score the pinfall. Se7en rolled a shoulder right at the last second but it was too close to call and referee Triston Michaels awarded the bout to the champion.

During Intermission fans lined up for a special in ring photo op with Jacob Ashworth.

4) Elijah Evans IV defeated the debuting AJ Gray. Gray is an up and comer from the historic wrestling town of Lexington, TN which also spawned the legendary Gilbert family. Gray has made waves at a host major independent promotions and certainly impressed (Including hitting a tilt a whirl tombstone that had he gotten all of would have ended the match) but it was the veteran Elijah Evans who put Gray away with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Evans picks up another big win coming off his recent alliance with Tag Team Champions, The Monarchy (Black Baron and Prince Apollo)

5) Team T.A.G. (Kevin Blue and Chris Spectra) defeated The Lynch Mob (Matt and Joey Lynch) with the assist of a foot on the ropes and a Lynch bros miscommunication at around 16 minutes in what was a knock down drag out battle for tag team supremacy. Both teams brought their best to the table but the Lynchs run of bad luck continues as does the success of Team T.A.G. It was announced that the tag rankings are still too close to call for #1 contender so on 2/25 WWW hosts "Kings Of The Hill" a 10 team royal rumble style match where both team members have to be eliminated to remove the team from the match featuring Team TAG, Lynch Mob, Approved, The Devils Rejects, Ashworth and Stryknyn, Odinson and Jeremiah and more!

6) "Unstoppable" Jacob Ashworth defeated "The Being Of Inconceivable Horror" Iceberg w Jeff G Bailey at 10 minutes with a top rope cross body reminiscent of Dusty Rhodes NWA title win. Iceberg was a bloodthirsty beast in this match. Jacob could not take him off his feet and got mauled at every turn but Ashworth finally saw an opening and got Berg off his feet and when Berg missed the big avalanche in the corner the 6'4" 270 lbs Jacob Ashworth climbed to the top and scored the biggest victory of his career. The celebration however, was short lived. What followed was a scene of chaos not unlike a horror movie or war time battle field. Triple Crown Champion Gunner Miller jumped Ashworth from behind and clocked him with the championship belt which busted Ashworth open. Iceberg opened it up further with the implement of destruction and with Jacob's partner Stryknyn out of state his odds were slim against the force of The Elite (Bailey, Miller and Iceberg.). Gunner Miller made good on his promise from 2 weeks ago and piledrove Ashworth on a chair. This brought out match maker Dany Only who threatened to fire all 3. This lead to a war of words that saw Only resign as matchmaker and reveal he was part owner of the company. He said as matchmaker I cant touch the talent...but as part owner I can do this and not get fired. Only clocked Bailey....but Miller and Iceberg destroyed him and left him a bloody mess. Refs, security and the locker room tried to save the boss and one of the company's top stars but The Elite slaughtered all of them too. Ashworth was taken out on a stretcher with his Hardcore Hell future and # 1 contender status looking bleak. Only was attended to by medical staff as well. The Elite reigns in the Landmark Arena once again causing more damage in one night than any single force of the WWW era.

There are many questions going in to 2/25. What will the repercussions be for Bailey and crew? Surely this offense cannot go unanswered by the management. Will a new match maker be appointed? What is the medical status of Ashworth, Only and Gladiator Jeremiah? We are told there will be some answers coming with promotional announcements for 2/25 in the next day or so. Stay tuned!!

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