Saturday, March 4, 2017

Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from Royston on February 24

From GWH News:

Alternative Pro Wrestling was in Royston, GA on February 24.  Results:  Scott Mayson defeated Stryknyn to retain the APW Southern States championship.  Billy Buck, Sugar Dunkerton, Seth Delay & Kevin Blue defeated Yasir Akbar, Adryan Hawkins, Rob Adonis & Jacoby Boykins.  Demarko Knight defeated Ken Lee to win the APW North Georgia championship.  Jacob Ashworth wins the Mega Rumble match.  Stryknyn, subbing for Antrone Brewer, defeated Brandon Cage in a cage match.  Stryknyn defeated Jeremy Vain.

Notes:  Shadow Jackson was the first person to be inducted into the APW Hall of Fame.  The reason Stryknyn subbed for Antrone Brewer is because Brewer was working at an NXT event.  

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