Friday, March 17, 2017

National Championship Wrestling Results from Cornelia on March 10

From NCW:

NCW returned to the Landmark Arena in front of a crowd of 110. Nigel Sherrod opened the show by introducing the new NCW Heavyweight Championship; a video featuring Andrew Duckworth doing a negotiation with Mr. Skins and The Hoax aired; Johnny Nixx defeated Andrew Duckworth in 7:35; Shane Noles, Ragin' Raven and "The Kayode" Tim Miller defeated Cody MacCauley, Michael Manson and Damien Bennett in 6:45; 13th Floor defeated Josh Storm and Supernatural in 9:14; Terry "The Rocker" Lawler defeated "The Rage" Ryan Michaels in 12:32 to advance to the finals of the NCW Gold Rush tournament; AC Mack defeated Vary Morales in 9:22; Alan Angels came out on crutches and introduced Ashton Starr as his replacement; Kameron Kade and David Ali defeated Tommy Maserati and Ashton Starr in 8:44. Afterwards, Angels and Maserati, displeased with Ashton getting pinned, attacked Starr; Austin Theory defeated Jaxon Vile in 6:12; Simon Sermon defeated Brick (w/ Lucas Lazarus) via forfeiture in 12:20; Johnny Nixx made an appearance and was injured at the hands of Brick and Simon Sermon.

Tonight's show includes the finals of the NCW Gold Rush Tournament featuring Simon Sermon w/ Lucas Lazzarus vs Terry "The Rocker" Lawler to crown a NCW Heavyweight Champion; Tommy Maserati w/ Alan Angels takes on Ashton Starr; Also the Good Ole Boys- Cousin Cletus and Shaggy return for tag team action, Austin Theory in singles action, the 400 lb. giant Brick, AC Mack, Jaxon Vile, Supernatural, Andrew Duckworth, 13th Floor, David Ali, Cody MacCauley and many more.

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