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NWA Southeastern Results from Pavo on March 18

It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.

 This past Saturday night, NWA Southeastern lived up to its March event name “Battlegrounds”. It’s easy to see why. Men of every demeanor and style set to wage war with one another as the show imitated from the Peacock Center in Pavo, Georgia. With a Tag Team Title Match, a #1 contenders match, and lady’s action set to take place, it was shaping up to be quite a night.

After having fought free of captivity the month prior, the Weapon of Sass Destruction Effy was able to cash in his Title shot earned back in October, and entered this evening’s show as the new Deep South Heavyweight Champion. He presented to the fans in attendance another installment of his segment known as Effy’s World. His guest on this evening was a man who had been given two Heavyweight Title shots in the past 6 months with NWA Southeastern, once against Christian Walker & once against Mason Price and had come up just short. The man’s name…is “Flash ‘n’ Cash” Hayden Price. Effy said that he had been watching him in those matches and watched him win gold in other promotions around the southeast. He said that he knew they could have a great match and if he had it his way, he would give him a Title shot…that night!

This brought out to the ring the former Champion, Mason Price, followed to the ring by his Re-Genesis teammates. Price said that Effy may have the Title, but that he would decide who would get the next Title shot. He said that he & Tony Storm were already set to compete for the Deep South Tag Team Titles, but he planned to keep the Heavyweight Title within their regime. So, he said that would give Hayden a chance to earn a Title shot by taking on…fellow Re-Genesis member “The Evolution” Landon Lashley.

So the first match of the evening was set to be Lashley taking on Hayden Price. Late in the contest, Landon attempted to go for his Evo Drop finisher. It was at this moment that the music of his former tag team partner, Delta 6, began to play. This distracted the former Alpha 5 long enough for Hayden to roll him up for the win, earning himself a Deep South Heavyweight Title shot later in the evening.

This was followed by the first scheduled match of the evening, pitting Re-Genesis member Hunter Law against Chris Spyder. Law used his clear height difference to his advantage, taking control of the match quickly. Despite some offense from Spyder, it was Hunter who hit the Lawbreaker, his version of the fisherman brainbuster, to get the win.

Johnny Romano then headed to ring to present another edition of the PopShop, his somewhat monthly talk segment. His guests on this occasion were the recently formed team of Bred 4 War. Its members consisted of Fatality, Ryan Phoenix, & “Delicious” Don Yoder. They were quickly cut off by the arrival of…Aiden Knight. He talked of how his brother had been screwed out of a Title shot and his hair last month…and that tonight…he wanted a chance to avenge his brother. Fatality said that he would give him a fight later in the night and if he could beat him…it might just put him in line for a shot. Johnny liked this idea…but said that he would be the referee for that match…so that there would be a clear winner and loser.

Up next was a clash of styles as the masked marauder The Avenger took on Logan Steele. The good-willed hero fought to prove his worth but was cut-off with a Flatline finisher from Steele to cause his defeat on this evening.

The fourth bout of the night was set to be for a shot at Romano’s Deep South Cruiserweight Title next month. It would see B4W’s Fatality take on the Knightmare Syndicate’s Aiden Knight. With the added bonus of having the PopStar as the special guest referee, the deck seemed surely stacked against Aiden. This was never more evident than when Fatality grabbed a chair from ringside and proceeded to hit Knight with repeated chair shots to the back. As Romano yelled words of discouragement at the beaten Aiden, Knight somehow moved out of the way just in time for Romano to take an inadvertent chair shot to head. Slipping behind Fatality, it was Aiden hitting his Ex Oblivion finisher, his brother Jake running down, and slapping the hand of Johnny on the mat thrice times that earned Knight a Title shot next month against the man that shamed his brother and shaved his head at Full Throttle.

The final match of the first half of the night’s show saw Fatality’s B4W teammates in Yoder & Phoenix taking on the Hardway Brothers. Despite B4W’s attempts to keep Marcus O’Reilly from making the tag to “Wildman” Dillinger, it was the hot tag to Dillinger, a Spinebuster, a flying headbutt, and the pin by Dillinger that spelled defeat for their opposition Saturday night.

Following a brief intermission, it was slated to be a battle of the ladies as Roxy Riot took on Aria Blake. At many times in the match, Aria attempted to use her bodily assets to distract referee Kyle Dubbya as she used illegal maneuvers to try and take down her whimsical opponent. She even scolded the referee for counting a legitimate pin attempt from Roxy. This momentary distraction allowed Riot to roll up her opponent and earn the victory on this occasion.

Not willing to take the defeat in stride, Aria ran to ringside, grabbed the striped staff that Roxy had brought down, and attempted to assault the woman who’d just defeated her. Dubbya ran back down, was able to disarm Blake and get her to stop her attack on this occasion despite the damage having already been done.

The semi-main event was up next as the Re-Genesis look to cash in the Deep South Tag Team Title shot they’d earn at Full Throttle in a 6-man tag team match. The Punks came to the ring in their normal fashion with a look of determination in their eyes. In the midst of the action, Referee Clinton Emerson found himself being knocked down inadvertently after being in the wrong place at the wrong time. James & Vinny then hit their Heart Attack finisher, pulled the fallen ref over, and were able to get a 3 count from him.

However, in the ref’s groggy state, the foot of Mason making it onto the bottom went unseen. Once he was made aware of this, he had the match restarted. Vinny quickly grabbed Mason and attempted a suplex. Storm grabbed his feet, Vinny lost his balance, and Price was able to land on top of the Punkadelic member. As the referee counted, Tony continued to hold the feet of Vinny down, earning Re-Genesis the tainted win and the Deep South Tag Team Titles.

As the dust settled, it was time for the night’s Main Event. After having earned a shot earlier in the evening, “Flash ‘N’ Cash” Hayden Price set to do battle with the new Deep South Heavyweight Champion, Effy. The match began with an honorable handshake from both men. The two then traded signature moves on one another only to obtain 2-count after 2-count. As the match wore on, the quartet of Re-Genesis slowly and methodically made their way down to ringside. After taking one another down, Effy & Hayden both struggled to their feet as the 4 men surrounded the ring. Mason & Tony stepped up onto the apron on either side of the ring as Effy & Hayden got to their feet. Both becoming aware of their predicament, Flash ‘N’ Cash attempted to form a momentary truce and seem to suggest that each take down one of the new Tag Team Champions. Each man counted to 3 and…Effy ran to Mason, who quickly dropped down off the apron. As he slowly turned around, there was a moment of understanding as Hayden still stood behind him, picked him up, and hit the current Heavyweight Champion with the Price Check. As Senior Referee Dubbya looked on in shock, there was a brief lapse in judgment, before he finally got down and counted the 3 count.

As the referee got to his feet, he was backed into the corner by Storm who dressed him down for his hesitation in counting the pinfall, threatening to have him fired if he ever did so again.

As now five men stood over the fallen Effy, Mason brought the Heavyweight Title and a Re-Genesis t-shirt to Hayden. Flash ‘N’ Cash put on the shirt and held his newly won Title aloft as the crowd in attendance came to the unfortunate realization that another one of their fan favorites had joined the team that looks to take total control of NWA Southeastern and the show came to a bitter end.

What does Re-Genesis have planned next after acquiring the Deep South Tag Team and the Deep South Heavyweight Titles?!

What is next for the former champions, the Punkadelics & Effy?!

Can any force stop the hostile takeover that seems to be ensuing?!

Hopefully, these questions and more will be answered come April 15th as NWA Southeastern presents “Salvation”.

Will there be salvation for the men and women not associated with Re-Genesis?

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