Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling Report from Monroe on March 4

From SFCW:

A loud and rocking crowd nearing 200 turned up for a night of crazy action.

1-Rave Approved (Bobby Moore and Adrian Hawkins) defeat Justin Legend and the returning Jacob Ashworth is a very good opener. Monroe has obviously missed Ashworth and he and Legend worked really well as a team. Jimmy Rave's continual outside interference proved to be the difference.

2-Tetchi Makuji over Drew Adler and Cody Hall to retain the SFCW Heavyweight Championship. What a huge pop for Hall who returned back to Southern Fried for his first local appearance in quite a while. A tremendous back and forth matchup where the champ prevails

3-Dogs of War (O'Shay & Hawk) in a major upset over Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards). The dogs are on a roll and the Besties were caught off guard for sure. After the match, Adler returns to admonish the Besties and what's happened to them. Drew states that the Backbone used to run Monroe and because of Sal Rinauro and pandering to the fans they had lost their edge. He states that if not for Sal they would have been tag champs. Backbone issues a challenge to Sal to find two partners for shindig4 to face off with them.

4-Jimmy Rave over Damien Bennett in an excellent match to become Phase One Champion. Damien falls prey to Raves smallest package for the 1-2-3. Rave Approved is out as well for some extra-curricular activity when out of no where Odinson appears. He quickly disposes of Moore and Hawkins. Jimmy attempts to hit Odinson with the Phase One trophy. Not so fast as Odinson turns and Jommy starts begging and apologizing. Todd Sexton and the entire security crew separate Odinson from Rave. Odinson is informed he's still not cleared to wrestle but when he is, his first shot will be against Rave. Odinson reluctantly leaves. The crowd goes apeshit over his return.

5-Hoss Fight as Judas prevails over Geter in a hotly contested battle that sees each man take huge amounts of punishment.

6- Jagged Edge over Drew Blood in a ladder match to retain the Americas title. Jagged had been attacked earlier in the show by a masked Blood who was hiding in the crowd and pretending to be handicapped. Blood goes after Jagged's already injured knee furiously. Because Blood is afraid of heights he brings out a plethora of things to help retrieve the title. First off an extension pole that doesn't quit work. Then a pogo stick which sends him bouncing out of control. (He's lucky he didn't castrate himself) Finally he brings a mini tramp into the ring but can't quite get there. Jagged catches a second wind and limps over for a suplex attempt. His knee continues to give and he's unsuccessful. Seeing the trampoline in the ring he places Blood on it and with three mighty bounces the trampolineplex works. The crowd goes wild. Dr Brock starts to interject and distract Jagged. Blood lays the champ out again and instructs Brock to climb the ladder. Jagged takes Blood out and tosses Brock from the ladder onto a prone Blood. Everybody's now down and out. Blood starts up one side of the ladder with Jagged slowly behind going up the other side. Jagged reaches through the ladder to grab Bloods singlet strap and proceeds to jerk it continuously ramming Bloods head into the ladder. Afterwards, with Blood barely hanging on, Jagged does the finger poke to send him flying and retrieves the title for the win. Loudest crowd reaction in Monroe in quite a while. Stryknyn, who got involved late in the match challenges Tetchi, who's come out to help Blood, to a title match on 3/18.

Show ends with Jagged and Stryk in the ring, Judas at the curtain and JB Enterprises trapped and scared silly in between.

AJ Steele announced as the next Hall Of Fame inductee...Geter vs. Tank on 3/18.

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