Sunday, April 23, 2017

Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on April 22

From Anarchy Wrestling:

Pre Show
- Wildside Reunion Promo
- Crystal Rose Promo
- Brad Cash on the Talent Show from 4/8
- Hate Junkies and Jacob Vignette from 4/8

Heritage Title Tourney Qualifying Match
1 Jeremy Foster defeated Shawn Shultz

Heritage Title Tournament Rd 1
2 Billy Buck defeated Tommy Penerelli

Heritage Title Tournament Rd 1
3 Ryan Vega defeated AJ Gray after stabbing him in eye with an ink pen.

4 Team TAG defeated Hate Junkies after Only accidentally clotheslined Stryknyn after a thumb to the eye. Blue and Spectra hit the TAGline for the win.

5 Chase Jordan defeated Ugly Kid Joe By pinfall after Joe went for a leapfrog and Jordan's head caught him low.

- Tank's response to Brad Cash was shown. (Also posted on Anarchy social media.)

6 The Approved $1k challenge was issued. Then raised to $5k. They said they have beaten all other teams and it was time for Lynch Mob to give them their title shot. 

Lynch Mob responded on screen saying they were on vacation but they did know a guy who said Bobby owed him money...when Cyrus The Destroyer answered the challenge and humiliated The Approved in less than a minute winning the 5k and getting his month's overdue revenge on Bobby Moore.

7 Jacob Ashworth defeated Gunner Miller (with Jeff G Bailey) to retain Triple Crown Championship. Team TAG tried to get involved but The Hate Junkies came out in Jacob's corner to even odds. When it broke down between them Billy Buck tried to seal the deal for Miller but the lights went out and returning from injury GLADIATOR JEREMIAH appeared to stop Buck. Buck went for the Buckshot and kicked Jeremiah's shield. Jeremiah tossed Buck, Miller tossed Jeremiah and Jacob capitalized to score the victory! Bailey and crew wasted no time breaking off into a huddle and coming back from more when it broke out into an all out brawl. Matchmaker Dan Wilson said these men would compete in an 8 man tag when we return in 3 weeks on 5/13.

Attendence was around 140, JGB's woes continue as Gunner Miller broke his pinky finger in the post match brawl but isn't expected to miss any ring time.

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