Sunday, April 16, 2017

ProSouth Wrestling Results from Piedmont on April 14

Match One: Shean Christopher vs Eric Silva: Shean would start out with momentum but quickly get taken over by Eric Silva. Mathias Darkthorne was involved heavily but Shean turned things around and won the match with a new finishing move, a double under hook DDT. After the match, Shean would get attacked heavily by Austin Towers before B-What came out with the save. Commissioner Ace Haven would come out to say that Mathias Darkthorne is thrown out and will not return to the ring for the remainder of the night. He also stated that B-What and Austin Towers will be going one on one next. 

Match 2: Austin Towers vs B-What: Austin Towers started out strong with a large amount of momentum. B-What would try to come back with a roll up, but Austin Towers smartly grabbed onto the ropes. B-What then gained momentum taking the giant down with a variety of kicks. B-What would then go for a kick but would miss and get nailed by a big kick. B-What would succumb to the Left Hand Path.The Left Hand Path would now gain momentum heading into the TCC. 

Match 3: Tag Team Division: Beast Mode (Alex Black and Adam West) vs The Killer Three (O'Shay Edwards and Trever Aeon): O'Shay would start the match, and gain the momentum. Trever then takes the ring and grabs the momentum also. With a series of kicks, submissions, and heavy drops. O'Shay would then get back in and lose momentum as Adam West attacked O'Shay's still injured knee heavily. Beast Mode would continue with momentum, keeping O'Shay's hurt knee on lockdown. O'Shay then regained momentum with a thunderous spine buster. Trever then lost momentum as Alex Black nailed Trever from behind. Trever would not fall to the attack and would end the match gaining the win for The Killer Three. Trever grabbed the microphone and stated that The Killer Three would take the TCC Cup and take down the "Left Hand Posers" O'Shay stated that they were not here to make friends and would dominate anyone that was put in front of them.

Match 4: Shane Noles vs Dameon Ceretone: Dameon would not show up, and the referee would then count him out giving Shane the win. Tyler Gage would proceed to come out and challenge Shane Noles to a One on One match for The Twin sChampionship.

Match 5:  Twin States Championship: Tyler Gage vs Shane Noles: Shane Noles would come out with a short reign of momentum after a test of strength cheap shot. Tyler rebounded with a roll up, and a baseball slide kick to the outside. Tyler laid a series of punches in the corner before getting Irish whipped into the corner. He would dodge Noles's attempt at a splash into the corner, but the Team PWA member would bounce back with a variety of moves nailing down the Twin States Champion. Noles would deliver a couple strong chops onto the chest of Tyler Gage before choking him with the ropes. Shane would deliver a series of elbows and knee drops to the abdomen of Tyler Gage only to go for the pin and get a 2 count. Noles would continue to ground Tyler Gage and even showboat in the ring doing jumping jacks. Shane would jump off the top rope only to be hit with Tyler Gage's T-Busta. The referee counts to three and this bout is over. Tyler Gage has retained the Twin States Championship.

Match 6: Fourway Elimination Match to determine #1 contender to AIWF World Cruiserweight Championship: James Hardy vs Lights Cameron Action vs Alister Crowe vs Ayden Andrews:
Before all of the entrants come out James Hardy comes out and talks absolute trash about the Chosen Ones (Dameon Ceretone and Ace Haven). Then Dameon Ceretone's music hits, but to the crowd's surprise, it's actually Trickster mocking Dameon Ceretone. They would continue to brag and boast before Amy Haven announces that commissioner Ace Haven has thrown Trickster out of the ring, not only tonight but also next week. ProSouth security would eject Trickster unwillingly, and then the rest or Hardy's opponents would come out.

As the bell rings Alister Crowe would slide out of the ring, LCA and James Hardy would attempt to double team Ayden Andrews but would fail. Alister would then slide in and attacks Ayden Andrews ruthlessly before LCA and James Hardy would yank Ayden out of the ring and attack him. Ayden and Alister would both enter then ring and Ayden would nail Alister with a DDT to eliminate Crowe from the match. LCA and James Hardy would double team Ayden Andrews before James Hardy dropped Cameron and threw him out of the ring. James Hardy would gain momentum but shortly loose it. Ayden Andrews would nail Hardy with a neck breaker and get the three count. Cameron then sprang into action dominating Ayden  Andrews. Ayden goes for a big drop from the top but misses. Cameron then seized the opportunity and pinned Ayden for the three count. Cameron Action is now the number one contender for the AIWF Cruiserweight Championship.

Match 7: If Donnie wins, he gets a future ProSouth Championship match: Ace Haven vs Donnie Primetime: Donnie comes out, and Mathias grabs a microphone and starts talking about how he will not go to the back since Amy is watching Ace. He then goes on to say that Ace will suffer and beg for mercy. He finally claims Ace will be dragged kicking and screaming down the Left Hand Path. Ace then comes out and the match begins. The two begin by trading submission holds, which leads into Ace grabbing ahold of momentum, as Donnie slides out of the ring. After words with his manager Mathias Darkthorne, Donnie slides back in the ring trying to put the commissioner in an armbar but rolls out of the ring as soon as Ace counters. Donnie jumps back in and narrowly escapes Ace's finisher. Ace continues to hold momentum taking Donnie down. The two then have a battle on the apron before Ace goes for, but misses a spear. The two get back into the ring, and Donnie takes quick control of Ace with a brutal submission hold. Ace tries to get up and throw Donnie into the turnbuckle but doesn't achieve his goal. Donnie throws Ace into the corner, but to his surprise gets nailed by an elbow. Ace gets up to the top rope but gets dragged off. He proceeds to get up but instantly gets slammed back down. Donnie picks Ace up and throws him out of the ring. He then distracts the referee as Mathias viscously attacks him from the outside. Ace rolls back into the ring after the attack and is still grounded. Donnie puts Ace in a submission hold. After a while, he picks him up and throws him down by his head. Ace tries to get some momentum on his side, but gets thrown out and attacked yet again. The referee catches it this time and bans Mathias for ringside for the remainder of the match.  Donnie throws Ace back into the ring after an attack on the outside, but to his surprise gets stripped from all his momentum. Donnie pulls just enough out to elbow the commissioner and put him in another submission hold. Ace gets out but continues to get grounded by Donnie. As the match continues Donnie still has a strong lead on Ace as he has pulled every trick in the book. He tries to jump onto a fallen Ace, but Ace jumps up and meets Primetime with a superkick. Ace then gets momentum on his side with a series of kicks, and dives. He climbs to the top rope and jumps onto a standing Primetime on the outside. Primetime rolls into the ring and is met with another springboard move. Ace is calling for his finisher, but Donnie reverses it. He tries to dropkick Primetime but connects with the ref. He meets a grounded Primetime with a Coast to Coast. There is no ref though and the rest of the Left Hand Path comes out and attacks him. Shean, Tyler, and B-What come out to help their commissioner, and a big brawl escalates in the ring. Then, out comes The Killer Three to help also. Donnie and Ace are throwing lefts and rights in the ring while the rest brawl outside of the ring. Ace climbs to the top rope, but Primetime gets up and tries to nail Haven with a super-plex, but jumps to the outside instead, knocking everyone down. Ace and Donnie roll back into the ring, they bump into each other, and Ace goes for his finisher but is met by a chokehold instead. There is no ref to restore order, and Mathias throws in a chair to Donnie. Just as Donnie was about to nail Ace, Amy stops him, and Ace hits his finisher. Referee Kenneth comes out and counts only a two count. As Ace gets up he is met with a giant knee to the head but kicks out at two. Mathias then drags the ref out and attacks him. Donnie is left standing over a slow to get up Ace. Mathias jumps in, grabs Ace, and tries to help Donnie capitalize, but is nailed with a spinning palm strike. Ace then regains momentum, but is hit with a spinning palm strike out of the air, and pinned down for the three count as another referee rolls in. After the match, Mathias grabs a microphone and states that Donnie Primetime is now number one contender, and will take the shot next week. He finally states that the ProSouth Championship will go to the Left Hand Path.

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