Sunday, May 7, 2017

Puerto Rican Wrestling News & Notes

From Alfred Feliciano:

With April already gone and especially Wrestlemania weekend is long past behind us, in this special edition is about World Wrestling League (rival to the legendary World Wrestling Council here in Puerto Rico.) since it returned earlier this year what's more is with their second big event straight from the now defunct IWA Puerto Rico's event Golpe De Estado (the State of Seige or what in today's wrestling scene is called "Hostile Takeover") will be live this next Saturday, May 13,2017 live at the Juncos Boxing Coliseum, in Juncos,Puerto Rico at 8:00 PM Bell time. WWL with Konann's The Crash promotion out of Tijuana, Mexico will be headlining the card. because since their return to Television through Telemundo's Punto 2 network seen available all over Puerto Rico since Wrestlemania Sunday, April 3, 2017. fans have been buzzing about the Hostile Takeover from Konann bringing the stars from not just The Crash alone but well-known stars from TNA Impact, as well as Lucha Underground's finest will be on the event as well. 

For weeks "El Boricua Mayor" Savio Vega did closed down WWL, but K-Dogg himself took over with the help of Moody Jack Melendez along with Vega's brother the now former WWL General Manager: "La Mina De Oro" Dennis Rivera have agreed a talent exchange with WWL and The Crash working together however due to the latest episodes of WWL's High Voltage, everything is getting out of control  these videos will keep every one of the loyal wrestling fans throughout the Southeastern U.S., be it support the local wrestling and Puerto Rican wrestling scene as well as going to up to WWE NXT live events pay special attention because what will lead to this coming next weekend's World Wrestling League live event in Juncos,Puerto Rico will blow your mind. to all of the fans supporting your local indy wrestling promotion allover the Southeast (fans who watch the favorite wrestling promotions in Georgia and Florida included) whenever coming to Puerto Rico as well as to the local wrestling fans who support their favorite wrestling promotion be it WWC, WWL even indies allover the island. 

Do not miss the WWL's Hostile Takeover event. Tickets will be on sale at the following locations starting tomorrow Thursday, May 4, 2017. Angel O.Berrio Sports Complex in Caguas,PR from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, in Dorado, PR tickets go on sale at Pito's Pinchos Restaurant opens Tuesdays through Saturdays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, in Bayamon,PR at the Plaza Rio Hondo Mall from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM and in San Juan,PR's Plaza Las Americas Mall from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Ring Side is $12.00 general admission is $10.00 and Kids from 10 years and up:$5.00 the event is also for fundraising the Juncos Volleyball Team who will be going Stateside in a Volleyball championship tournament later this year. the main event will be current reigning WWL World Heavyweight Champion:"El Rabioso" Mr.Big defending the championship against returning to WWL after two years and was a two-time WWC Universal Champion, as well as the current The Crash and Mucha Lucha Atlanta World Champion: "Mr.450" John Yurnet (Jesus De Leon) and Lucha Underground superstar who also is a part of Konnan's The Crash promotion Willie Mack in a triple Threat match. enjoy the video highlights on what is going on. for more on the event go to World Wrestling League's Facebook page.


This past Saturday, April 29,2017. Comerio, PR's Champions Wrestling Association's Desafio (Defiance 2017) event live from the Cosme Salamo Beitia Coliseum in Catano, PR. El Sensacional Carlitos retained the CWA World Championship beating ECW Original and former multi-title holder of IWA Puerto Rico( former IWA Puerto Rico Intercontinental, Hardcore, and World Tag Champion) Super Crazy in a long hard fight. This highlight video from our dear friends at Contralona with their new homepage. After his loss, The Insane Luchador congratulates Carlitos in a very good match.

Sensacional Carlitos successfully defended the CWA World Championship, also in Panama's LXN promotion, where he and fellow Sensacional's Wrestling School student who is also active in World Wrestling League's roster and is a co-holder of WWL Trios Tag Team Champion: Mark Davidson became the LXN wrestling promotion in Panama World Tag Team Champions, even successfully defending the title at the Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling promotion in Cleveland,Ohio as well. which will lead to the ninth anniversary show of Comerio's CWA promotion over three weeks away according to the CWA's Facebook page there will be a major superstar signing his way to join the promotion. This coming Saturday, May 6, 2017. CWA returns live to the Wilfredo Badaguer Coliseum located at Barrio Quebrada Cruz in Toa Alta, PR at 8:00 PM Bell time as part of the road to their Ninth Anniversary Show with the big contract signing. for more on it go to the CWA's Facebook page as well. 

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