Friday, June 30, 2017

17 Matches Hensley Wants to See in 17

From Scott Hensley:

I think I've made one of these lists in each of the last 2-3 years.To my knowledge none of these have happened yet.

1. Toby Farley vs Gunner Miller - two physical guys that add legitimacy to whatever ring they're in.

2. AR Fox vs Joey Lynch - athleticism galore!

3. Gladiator Jeremiah vs Torque/Ray Ray - Dynamite comes in small packages.

4. Cyrus vs James Drake - big bodied, hard-hitting super athletes

5. Anthony Henry vs Kevin Ku - fast paced, strong style

6. The Lynch Mob vs The Th13rteenth Floor - high flying tag action

7. Billy Buck vs Drew Duckworth - storytelling wrestlers

8. Brett Ison vs Stryknyn - tough as nails brawlers

9. Drew Adler vs Ayden Andrews - polished feel wrestlers with exciting work.

10. Scott Morgan vs Corey Hollis - Bruiserweight sized Alabama guys

11. Kyle Matthews vs Cody - technical skills, fiery passion

12. Chip Day vs Kevin Blue - arguably the best vs a guy that just keeps getting better and better

13. Odinson vs Clinton Stacy - two absolutely beastly guys

14. The Breakfast Club vs The Besties - pure shenanigans and tag team fun.

15. Mason Myles vs Fred Yehi - quick, agile technicians

16. Jeremiah Plunkett vs Ethan Case - get down with the thickness!

17. The Washington Bullets vs The Elements of Wrestling (Matt Madison & Kaden Sade)

Bonus: The Carnies vs The Good ol Boys - It would be clubbering time!

Thanks for reading. I encourage you to look all of these guys up! I'd also love to hear your most wanted match ups that haven't happened yet or even rematches.

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