Monday, June 12, 2017

Real Pro Wrestling Results from Fort Myers on June 6

From Brian Slack:

Real Pro Wrestling was in Fort Myers, FL on June 6.  Results:  Steven Frick wins a 30 man Uprising Rumble to receive an RPW Top Crown championship match later in the event.  The others in the match were Andrew Cobalt, Arch Angel, Barrington Hughes, Bill Duffy, Chuck Davis, Dann Lydon, Dax, Deakon Starr, Diego Cortez, Donnie Abel, Dravin Frost, Dude Hate, Eli Rivera, Evan Starsmore, Markos Espada, Max Sawyer, Max Thompson, Michael Kai Rayne, Mike Austin, Nick Abrams, Prestin Caine, Rex Bacchus, Rob Wendt, Ruby Flyer, Saieve Al-Sabah, Sideshow, Soul Brotha, Syther and Wolfe Taylor.  Dravin Frost defeated Arch Angel.  Saieve Al-Sabah defeated Michael Kai Rayne, Nick Abrams, and Wolfe Taylor in a four-way match.  Dann Lydon & Syther defeated Diego Cortez & Markos Espada.  Deakon Starr defeated Sideshow.  Donnie Abel & Prestin Caine defeated Max Thompson & Rex Bacchus to retain the RPW Tag Team championships.  Barrington Hughes defeated Maxx Stardom to win the RPW Coastal Pride championship.  Zack Monstar defeated Steven Frick to retain the RPW Top Crown championship.

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