Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling Results from Campton on June 30

From Brian Slack:

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling was in Campton, KY on June 30.  Results:  Jordan Clearwater defeated Stan Lee.  Larry D defeated The Destroyer.  Eddie Browning defeated Beau James (w/Misty James) by DQ.  Stan Sierra defeated Bobby Love.  Daniel Richards defeated Kyle Maggard.

Notes:  CNN, BBC America, Dead Spin and the local press was covering Daniel Richards, who is doing an anti-Trump gimmick.  Daniel Richards, Misty James & Beau James will be on the July 5 episode of HBO's Vice News Tonight.  Jim Axelrod from CBS will be traveling with Beau James & Daniel Richards to events in Kentucky & Tennessee from July 11-13.

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