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Southern Fried Champioship Wrestling Report from Monroe on July 15

From Larry Goodman:

SFCW pulled off one of the most memorable shows in the company history last night at Flipflopalooza.

Southern Fried and booker Todd Sexton weren’t about to let a little thing like losing two thirds of the advertised main event stand in the way.

Nobody was complaining when the night was over. Fans were treated to the best angle of the year and a bloodletting of epic proportions, a trip to the edge of danger, a walk on the Wildside if you will.

Attendance was around 150. Ticket prices were reduced to $8 for Fan Appreciation Night. Not many fans took owner Charles Anschutz up on his offer of $5 admission for those dressed in beachwear. SFCW first attempt at a weeknight show drew 90 at the same venue two nights earlier so a cannibalization effect may have been in play.

Rick Richards announced that neither Jimmy Rave or Stryknyn were there so the scheduled main event was out the window.

(1) Trevor Aeon defeated Kody Jack in 6:24. Jack tried to gin up the crowd but the excitement level faded fast. Jack’s black sleeveless t-shirt is not a good look for him as a babyface. Aeon turned the tables on Jack’s flying double knees into the corner. Aeon’s jumping double knee strike is a nice addition to his moveset. Jack’s comeback built to a superkick. Aeon blocked it and killed Jack dead with a shot to the temple. A respectable opener that didn’t particularly capture the crowd’s imagination for whatever reason.

(2) Team XTC (Dax Anthony & Johnny Nixx) defeated Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards) in 11:15. Anthony is in phenomenal shape. Team XTC worked over the collective arms of the Besties and looked good doing it. Besties got heat on Nixx. Tags made after Stevens missed an elbow drop. Anthony ran wild. Team XTC’s tandem offense looked really crisp here. Nixx kicked out of the Besties’ signature double team finisher. Stevens kicked out of Anthony’s O’Connor roll and the momentum hotshotted Anthony’s neck on the middle rope. Edward was ready to interfere but Nixx bulldogged him to the floor before got the chance. Anthony got out of harm’s way. Stevens landed crotch first on the ropes and Anthony rolled him up. This was a strong showing by Team XTC and the Besties were the right choice to elevate them.

(3) Brooklynn Creed defeated Crystal Rose in 4:37. Rose is a self-proclaimed “natural born legend.” Creed outwrestled Rose until her attention was drawn to an unknown female (NCW ring announcer Harley Kay) at ringside. Rose capitalized on the distraction. She hit a variation of the Lethal Combination and went for her Capo submission but Creed made the ropes. Creed was laying in her clotheslines on the comeback. They swapped near falls before Creed hit the SCF to pick up the win. Match was OK but the crowd wasn’t getting all that fired up about anything thus far.

Drew Blood came out singing “Under the Sea” from Little Mermaid dressed in beachwear including a snorkel and a kiddie innertube around his waist. No words can do justice to the hilarity that ensued. The crowd popped when it was over.

Blood said matchmaker Todd Sexton was living under the sea of SFCW, where the light doesn’t reach, the creatures are strange and the pressure is too great. Blood said he been screwed out of all of the SFCW titles, all because of this strange creature who lives in the twilight zone under the sea.

Blood wanted to talk with Sexton to find out what his problem was. Out came Sexton’s trainee Brandon Bates. Blood said Sexton thought a lot of Bates’ wrestling ability or didn’t think much of Blood’s wrestling ability, an error in judgment either way. Blood said he was going to give Bates a wrestling lesson.

(4) Drew Blood defeated Brandon Bates via submission in 3:28. Blood kneed Bates in the gut and beat him down. He said Sexton should have shown him how to protect himself. Blood hit a piledriver. Blood said that was generally a finishing move but not tonight because Bates was going to school. Blood said his finishing move was a DDT which was also generally a three count but not tonight because he was sending a message. Blood said Sexton was a good submission guy. Blood said his submission was a standing figure four called Bloody Murder and applied it to Bates. Blood ordered Bates to say Todd to give up. Bates tapped. This was cruel and unusual punishment by Blood, who had been an entertaining comedic heel heretofore.

Blood said class dismissed. Bates was carried out by security.

Blood said this was personal. He approached Sexton’s wife Kelly at ringside. Blood asked Kelly if she had told Todd about them and if she would just clear the air with him, Todd would go. Blood forced himself on Kelly. Kelly slapped the crap out of Blood and was fast becoming an emotional wreck. Sexton rushed toward the ring but was being held back by security. Blood punched Sexton with a chain and started beating on him. Sexton was bleeding from the mouth. Rick Michaels made the save.

Blood surveyed the damage and asked if his message was understood. Security whisked Blood out of the building.

This was an awesomely constructed angle. What started as lighthearted comedy, turned into a sadistic beating, but the beating of the trainee was only the set up for the real deal with Kelly. Blood turned in a tour de force performance. Comedy guy no more. His dark side seemingly knows no bounds.

SFCW and Anarchy Wrestling tag champions Rave Approved (Adrian Hawkins & Bobby Moore) came to the ring. Hawkins said Jimmy Rave gave them the night off when he wrestled Odinson for the SFCW title so they went elsewhere got more gold. Hawkins said Rave wasn’t as young as he used to be so they recruited a new member – Kenji Brea. I really liked Hawkins delivery. It genuinely felt like he didn’t give two shits about the fans or Rave or anybody except himself.

(5) Rave Approved (Bobby Moore & Adrian Hawkins & Kenji Brea) defeated Th13teenth Floor (Chris Bullet & Damien Bennett & Ike Cross) in 12 minutes. This match had super heat. 13th Floor have an infectious energy about them that the crowd really picked up on. Cross was the standout performer. He’s got the physique and athletic ability of a future star. With only 10 months of training (under Robert Gibson), sky’s the limit. Brea’s new heel persona is a great fit for Rave Approved. Approved isolated Bennett. Crowd got behind Bennett bigtime and popped huge for his spinebuster to set up the hot, and I do mean HOT tag. Cross and Bullet had Moore beaten with a combo move forcing Hawkins to make a save. Cross hit an awesome flip dive and bumped huge when Brea cut off his follow up. Bullet fell victim to a Rave Approved triple play capped by Brea’s top rope double stomp. This match exceeded all expectations.

(6) Geter defeated Hawk Thomas in 7:08. The crowd popped hard for Geter’s entrance. Hawk needs to rethink his gear. Hawk worked over Geter’s breadbasket and went for a spear but Geter countered with a knee to the gut. Geter used a massive belly to belly suplex to set up an even more massive jumping splash for the pin. A plodding match that a chore to watch. Hawk isn’t in Geter’s league. Geter is championship level and should have handled Hawk with ease.

Brock had a message for the MO-rons. He felt bad about Sexton losing his key chain. Brock said Blood got a little out of hand but Kelly started it. This was step in the right direction for Brock as more than ever, he needs to be taken seriously.

Brock introduced Phase One Cup trophy winner and Jagged Edge career ender Brian Kane. Kane said since Rave and Stryknyn didn’t show up and Sexton was out commission, he was declaring himself the winner of the main event by default.

The appearance of Rick Michaels in ring gear got a monster pop. Michaels confronted Kane. He said he came at Charles’ invite to enjoy a night of wrestling. “I do now want to kick Blood’s ass but he’s thrown out so I’m gonna kick yours.” POW!

Crowd went nuts as Michaels beat Kane up all over the building. He whacked Kane on the nose with a flip flop, put a trash barrel over his head and hit with a chair, then sandwiched a chair around Kane’s groin and whacked it with another chair. The crowd demanded a redo. Michaels gave it to them.

(7) Brian “Career Ender” Kane defeated Rick Michaels to retain the Phase One Trophy in 7:45. When the action finally moved inside the ring, Brock ran distraction allowing Kane to jump Michaels from behind. Michaels whipped Kane into a wedged chair and charged. Kane stepped aside. Michaels ran face first into the chair. Michaels hit a gusher. His face was covered in blood and blood was spurting out of the wound. Michaels’ shirt was soaked with blood. This was disturbing amount of blood. The crowd chanted for a Miichaels comeback. Kane hit a skyhigh powerbomb and blood went flying everywhere. Michaels kicked out. Kane hit a blockbuster. Michaels got a foot over the bottom rope. Michaels had to wipe his face with a towel in order to see. While Brock distracted the referee, Kane blasted Michaels with the trophy for the 1-2-3. Most blood I've seen shed in a Georgia ring in many moons. Was it excessive? Yes. Was it used successfully for dramatic effect? Hell yes.  Kane comes out of the match as the second worst person in the world behind Blood.

Kane picked up a chair and said he was going to end Michaels’ career just like Jagged Edge. That brought Geter out. Kane tried to cut him off but Geter punched the chair into Kane’s head, knocking him out of the ring.

The show ended with the fans chanting “Rick” as he somehow made his way back to the dressing room.

Blood still coming out of Michaels' shirt after several rinsings

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