Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Puerto Rican Wrestling News & Notes

From Alfred Feliciano:

Special WWL War in The West aftermath edition

Even with fans enjoying World Wrestling League's War in The West just almost three weeks ago live from the Barrio El Mani boxing Pavilion in Mayaguez,PR, especially with the match of La Tercera Generacion ("El Escorpion" Mike Mendoza, "El Hombre Que Esta Moda" Angel Fashion and Vanilla Vargas) beating LAX (the unified and undisputed Global Force Wrestling World Tag Team Champions: Santana and Ortiz and Diamante).  In the main event, Mr. Big retained the WWL World Heavyweight championship by defeating El Nazareno.  Fans were left in shock and up in arms after a mysterious wrestler attacked the current WWL World Tag Team championships and West Side Mafia members, Tabu & "Mr. Revolution Morgan De Jesus in the locker room, who then dragged De Jesus by the neck to the ring during the heavyweight championship match.  The masked luchador also attacked Mr. Big, Blitz and El Nazareno with a chair after the heavyweight championship match.  The masked wrestler turned out to be Mucha Lucha Atlanta Heavyweight champion and former WWC Universal champion "The Mecha Wolf" Jesus De Leon, who left WWC going back to WWL only to pull the biggest stunt and betrayal to not only La Republica de Los Rabiosos, his brothers in The West Side Mafia, but to every fan who supported him even betraying his mentor Invader #3 spitting on his face, stealing the WWL World Championship by taking it to Mexico and to recently in Hugo Savinovich's Wrestling Superstar's Lucha Conquest in Kissimmee, Florida this past weekend. The now former "Mr.450" being billed from here on out as "The Mecha Wolf" Jesus De Leon. (John Yurnet). with this special aftermath edition of PRWNN which will lead to this coming Saturday August 5,2017 the same night where WWC will have Summer Madness live from the historic Jose Pepin Cestero Arena in Bayamon, PR, WWL will return on that very same night live from the Juncos Boxing Coliseum, in Juncos,PR  at 8:00 PM Bell time. Here are video highlight clips from what happened on War in The West along with Hot Seat with Moody Jack Melendez asking the now known as The Mecha Wolf on why he did what he did betraying the fans, his brothers The West Side Mafia and even by stealing the WWL world Championship where Mr.Big is still the Champion.

Here is the match from WWL's War in the West in its entirety where LAX members the undisputed unified Global Force Wrestling World Tag Team Champions: Santana and Ortiz along with Diamante fought against Mike Mendoza, Angle Fashion, and Vanilla Vargas, which serves as a prelude to this Saturday's WWL match between Medoza and Vanilla Vargas going up against La Hermandad: Vassago and "La Mas Extrma Chica de la Actitud" Roxxy with WWL Director of Operations: "El Lider de Los Puros Machos" Manny Ferno as the special guest referee ordered by none other than LAX leader and The Crash promoter himself: Konnan.

Also this past weekend Comerio, PR's Champions Wrestling Association had their event Summer Mayhem from the Inneabelle Diaz Coliseum in Barrio Higuilar Dorado,PR which was a success as well where WWC superstar El Cuervo who will be in Summer Madness against El Comandante in this video recap of CWA aided the still current CWA World Champion: Sensational Star Roger (formerly known as El Sensacional Carlitos) CWA will be live this coming Sunday, August 6,2017 at the Barrio Maguayo Arena in Dorado,PR for more info go to the CWA Facebook page.

"El Boricua Mayor "Savio Vega fought in The Great Muta's Wrestle-1 promotion in Japan this past Sunday as TNT in a six man tag team match hope you enjoy courtesy of our friend Anthony Pinero.

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