Saturday, August 5, 2017

Renegade Championship Wrestling Results from Chatsworth on July 29

Wrestleversary XII: 12 year anniversary of RCW! 

-Mike Clay outlasted 19 others to win the Tom Chambers Memorial double ring battle royal! 

-The Next of Kin defeated The Cure to win the RCW Tag Team Championships! 

-The Battle between former Best Friends: 
Aiden Wright defeated Shawn Bell to retain the No Limits Championship! 

After the match, they both embraced. 

The Double Cage was put up at this point. 

-Jess Wade defeated Rick Hayes after 3 and a half months of a brutal tag team break up! 

-Paul Manson retained the RCW Heavyweight Championship against CJ Holloway! 

-Team Peewee (Shane Williams, Peewee, Ethan Cage, Red Adams, and Josh Vaughn) defeated Team Minchew (The Dakota Outlaws, Charles Allen, Landon Priest, and Alex Michaels)! 

After the match, GM Randy Windom climbed in the ring and fired Commissioner Josh Minchew. Meanwhile, Alex Michaels locked everyone inside the double cage structure except for Peewee.

Shawn Bell had made his way to ringside and was backing down Peewee, from behind Aiden Wright jumped him and realigned with two former partners, Alex Michaels and Shawn Bell forming a new group.  GM Randy Windom announced in two weeks (August 12th), Peewee will challenge Aiden for the No Limits title!

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