Sunday, April 22, 2018

Southern Fried Wrestling Report from Monroe on April 21

From SFCW:

Southern Fried Blaze of Glory in at Nowell Rec Center in Monroe with attendance of 250.

Tetchi Makuji beat Swole by ref stoppage in a couple minutes. Tetchi grabbed the mic and screamed for Xander Ramon.

Ike Cross defeated Johnny Nixx to retain the PHASE 1 trophy in a very good match. Cross over like crazy and Nixx is really starting to improve.

JB Enterprises (Jagged Edge & Brian Kane with Dr. Brock) beat 6:05 Crew (Chris Nelms & Justin Legend) when referee Drew Blood took off his ref shirt to reveal a 6:05 shirt but then turned on Nelms and Legend. Nelms was handcuffed to the ropes while JB Enterprises destroyed Legend's knee and he was carried out. Incredible heat.

Afer intermission, Nelms came to the ring and said he wanted all of JB Enterprises. which set up a gauntlet match for May 19 in Cornelia.

Seth Delay beat Jeremy Foster.

Approved (Bobby Moore & Kenji Brea) defeated Jacob Ashworth & Xander Ramon to retain the SFCW tag titles when Makuji attacked Ramon on the outside while Approved hit their finisher on Ashworth.

As Ramon was helped to the back, Nixx bumped into Ashworth as Nixx grabbed the mic to bitch about his loss. Thi led to a confrontation and match set up for May 19 in Cornelia.

Adrian Hawkins defeated Billy Buck to retain the SFCW Heavyweight Championship. Great match and great heat.

Post-match: Approved attacked Buck with Cross making the save. Moore challenged Cross for the PHASE 1 trophy on May 19. Cross accepted and said, "I'll see you soon, champ". Cross held up the trophy to a huge reaction as Hawkins showed fear.

In addition to the gauntlet match, May 19 at Landmark Arena in Cornelia has Markus Cross vs. Kenji Brea, Makuji vs. Ramon, Hawkins defends the heavyweight title vs. Slim J and the return of a former SFCW Heavyweight Champion.

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